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5 Mistakes Made By Network Marketers

When I got into the network marketing industry I made so many mistakes in growing my business. One thing I can tell you that happens is many of us give up before we try and we continue to pursue our dreams we would gain it. I been in the network marketing industry for 3 years now and I feel like its been 10 years because of the learning experience I have gained. I been in situations where I wanted to quit because of the stupid mistake I committed  I was made fun of by friends that told me stop chasing dreams and all sort of stuff. In this post I will explain the 5 mistakes made By Network Marketers. 

1. Bad Leads

One of the worst things to do is go to someone who you know is very negative and does not have any goals set up for him/herself. For example when I started network marketing I was chasing my friends and family and I was left in NFL (No Friends Left) club. You might be wasting your time with the wrong people instead of spending more quality time with more quality leads. Now if you are in the position of going after your friends and family I want you to understand its good practice for you to learn how to prospect. You should always go to people who are not broke instead who are highly motivated to move up in the ladder.


One of the worst mistakes is spending on tools that tell you that you are going to make a million dollars because of it instead when you still have not done the proper training. I would advice you if you are new you should learn from Todd Falcone and Ray Higdon. Now if you want to spend on business cards, website that would be OK but do not spend on PPC (pay per click) only if you know how to do instead of throwing your money in the air. The most important thing you should do is try to recuperate your investment as soon as possible.

3.Not Having Proper Mindset

I believe the most important part of being part of a network marketing is mindset training. The reason why its because having the confidence that you always desire is going to lead you to greatness. My best advice is to start reading books and listening to audios inside your car. Write down a 100 goals and start reading them daily with affirmations.

4.Failing To Being Positive

Most of us feel negative about ourselves whenever we don’t achieve something. If you carry yourself with negative mindset you are going to fail all the time. You have to focus and understand one thing if you are always positive you are going to create dreams that you never thought you could off created. Its tough to say but whats important to consider today is thinking big and never backing up out of whatever reason. Always think you are on top and what I mean by that is lets say you are talking to someone about your business always act professionally.

5.Not Overcoming Fear

Fear is the number one reason why so many network marketers fail. I can tell you this when I was doing cold calling one time I was so afraid of picking up the phone that what I used to do was make excuses by talking to other people so I wouldn’t take action. As the days used to go by I always used to tell myself I was going to make phone calls but I would always not do it. I found out one thing that made me do it and that was my family and also the way life was leading me to a path. I took massive action and said to myself I must do it to become successful.

Therfore, these are the five mistakes network marketers make whenever they start a business. I believe in one thing if people who are living pay check to pay check learned about how to make money this country would not be in the position they are in now.


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