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5 Ways To Not Let Time-Killers Ruin Your Dreams


Stop Wasting Time And Concentrate On Your Career

As I am writing this article I am sitting down in my living room thinking about the vacations I am going to be taking 2013. Yesterday I was talking to my wife about where she wants to go for 2013 and she gave me a list. I took that list and put it in my wallet. I wrote this article to help you reach your goals for 2013. Many of us end up losing out our dreams because of time killers and I will be providing you with 5 ways to not let it happen. I have spoken to so many people who start a home based business and in the beginning their  all motivated talking to their friends and family and all of a sudden after 3 months they quit or just do not do what they are supposed to. During the first three months the number one excuse
I hear is I do not have time to work my business because I am working a full time job.

5 Ways To Not Let Time-Killers Stop You From Accomplishing Your Goals

Now pay close attention to this if you decided to join a network marketing company its because you want to gain financial freedom. You might be in a situation where you hate your job. It might be that you just want to vacation while making money in your sleep. Every single person who joins a network marketing company has their own WHY. In regards of of newbies in network marketing whenever they do not do well in their business its because they do not know how to manage their time or they just might be lazy. I will provide you with information to not let time killers destroy your goals.

Listen To This Time Killer Story

I ran into a situation where I had a team of 15 in a business that I was part of a couple of years ago and what I was running into was time killers. Network marketers that do not know how to use their time wisely they tend to feel comfortable working 40 hours a week, go to lunch break at the time their boss tells them to, and living paycheck to paycheck like most people do today. When I say not being able to use their time wisely I mean watching a lot of TV, sports games, reality shows, and more. Not only are their TV watchers but they also go online and use Facebook, Twitter, and watch videos on YouTube for the amount of time that they can be working their primary business. I have to admit I was in a situation in the past that I could not put any time in my business. And the one thing that shifted my mind was the time when I got fired from my job because they did not want to give me time off. The moment I started struggling for jobs and not being able to find a job in 7 months, I decided to get into the network marketing industry and from there my mind shifted. As usual we all use cell phones and the number one thing that we do is look at our phones and talk to friends and family. I am going to provide you with some tips to avoid Time Killers from ruining your business.

1) Celebrity Gossip
2) Pornography
3) Watching Too much T.V.
4) playing Video Games
5) Surfing On the Net

Solution To Stop Time Killers

1)Plan Your Day – Make sure you write down your daily activity whenever you wake up in the morning. I tend to write my daily activity before I go to bed. Write down a list of 10 important things you want to get done. If you are able to write down your plan for the day you are going to see how easy its going to be to build your business.

2)Stop Watching Too Much T.V. – As we all know we all like to watch T.V. but in all honesty its one of the main reasons why many network marketers do not succeed because of not being able to work on their business. Limit your time of less than 60 minutes daily that way you can have more time to do other things that are productive.

3)Build Personal Development During Free Time – Many of us do not have any mindset training and one the most important things to do is work in yourself by reading personal development books such as Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn and more. If you do not like to read than listen to audios in your car when you are going to work.

4)Exercise 3 Days A Week – This also includes working in yourself. If you workout you are going to feel more energetic and more creative. If you workout its going to bring down your stress.

5)Avoid using the internet For Entertainment – This is the same as watching T.V. there are so many useless information online that is not productive. Make sure if you use the internet use it for research about things you are learning about instead of things that its not going to make you a better person.

5 Ways To Not Let Time-Killers Ruin Your Dreams

5 Ways To Not Let Time-Killers Ruin Your Dreams

5 Ways To Not Let Time-Killers Ruin Your Dreams

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