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How To Prevent 7 Money Mistakes

Many of us who handle money always make mistakes. If you look at your wallet their might of been a time when you made money mistakes. The reason I am writing this post is to help others prevent 7 money mistakes. Every morning before going to work you might not cook for yourself instead you spend it in a restaurant close by your job. You might be the one who doesn’t pay credit cards bills on time or any other bills. How would you like to save money to take a vacation once a year or have money coming to you in a residual basis. Now if you are paying your credit cards on time, cooking from your home and taking it to your job than you might be in a good financial stand. Now as you might have been noticing over the last few years the economy has gotten worse and many people still make money mistakes.


7 Money Mistake That Some People Do Today

1)If you are not saving for retirement than you are going to be screwed up. The reason I say this is because social security is not going to help you live on a daily basis. Make sure if you are making lets say $300-$400 weekly save $80 dollars a month.

2)No Game Plan on Getting Out Of Debt. You should have a game plan on how to deal with debt. If you have a credit card make sure you use it wisely and do not overspend in less you are a hundred percent sure you are going to pay them. For instance, if you use a credit card for gas that is a good thing. If you are the kind of person who is always saying I will pay my debt whenever I want it should not work that way. What you should do is not spend more than what you make in your job. If you are making more than $300 a week and you have left over $100 thats $400 a month that you have left over. Pay $100 a month and stick to it and believe it or not but once you are out of debt you are going to feel so good about yourself.

3)Student Loan Mistakes-If you have taken out a student loan and you are given lets say $65,000 you should ask them whats the interest rate and how long do you have to pay for that after you graduate. If you think about it if your interest is 6.8% make sure you find out how much is the monthly payment. I highly encourage you to do your research because what happens if you graduate and suddenly you cannot find a job.

4)Living paycheck to paycheck can drive you insane. If you are limited on your spending than you are going to always be unhappy. You must have a way out of paycheck to paycheck because if lets say your hours are cut than you are going to be in serious problems. For example, have you ever been in a situation where you do not have money to repair your car or pay medical bills? Obviously!! Make sure save as much as possible. If you are spending in restaurants make sure you add everything you are spending and cut back on it. Start cooking at home which is a big savings or search for a second job.

5)Not Caring About building credit-Not having any credit can cause you many problems. If you want to buy a house banks would not loan you any money. If you want to start a business you are not going to have any money either. If you have a credit card use 10% to 30%. Make sure you check your credit score 3 times a year.

6)Car Payment Mistakes- If you are going to buy a car and pay monthly payments on it make sure you can afford it. Do not accept payments that are more than $300 and up in-less you have money saved up and you are getting paid more than $2,000 a month. Get a fuel-efficient car that saves you gas.

7)Not Having A Will-Make sure you have a will regardless of age. The reason I say this is if you die you do not want the state to decide what goes to who.

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