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8 Reasons Why Network Marketing Is Preferable Than Any Job

Imagine you being in a job and all of a sudden you come home and tell your wife that you have received a ONE DAY NOTICE of being let go. How horrible is that for someone who comes to work and has bills to pay and all of a sudden no money to survive. The reason why I am telling you this is because I have seen over the years friends and family lose their job over nuance. I have seen friends of mine graduate from college and not being able to find jobs. How horrible is that to say? The best solution to not getting into a situation where you lose your job is Network marketing. I highly recommend and never put down any network marketing company because what it does is it helps you make money and gain financial freedom.

Now lets go to the 8 Reasons Why Network Marketing Is Way Better Than Any Job

1)Low Investment-Many people today pay thousands and thousands of dollars to get a good education and not be able to find a job. Also to start a small business many people prefer to pay 50-100 thousand dollars to start and than end up going out of business. Being part of the network marketing industry you are able to leverage and become part of a business with less than a $800.

2)Fire Your Boss-The best part is being your own boss and not having a 9-5 job. Being free and making your own paycheck weekly is the best thing to become part of.

3)Providing Service-You are going to sell or provide a service to the general public that is going to be beneficial to them. With a Job you are working paycheck to paycheck without taking care of the customer. Network Marketing company allows you to help customers better and also enroll them into making money as well.

4)Tax Savings-Starting a home based business can be very beneficial for you when it comes to taxes. Many small business pay very high taxes and end up closing down.

5)No Restrictions or Regulations- No clocking in or clocking out, waiting for your boss to tell you when to go on break and when you could go on a bathroom break. You are able to set your own time and make money.

6)Diversity-Network Marketing does not discriminate against anybody. The best part is you have the ability to make more money than a doctor if you put all your heart into it.

7)Training/Support-If you pay 50-100 to start a small business there is no training in how to run that business. With network marketing you are part of a team. Everybody helps everyone else make money and motivate each other.

8)Income Available- You are able to make immediate income both full time and part time. If you are long enough in this industry you can retire at a young age.


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