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About Raymond Del Rosario

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Hey there, this is Raymond Del Rosario, I would like to thanks you for finding this page. If you found this page its because you are either a network marketer or looking for a home business. My main goal is to help network marketers find the missing key to their success.

My Story…..

In 2006 I was going to school to pursue a bachelors degree in political science to attend law school. Long story short I started working with a home care aid and security job working about 70 hours a week.  It was one day I felt like a slave but in the same time I felt good because I was helping people and in the same time gaining experience. The next thing you know I graduated in 2010 and got involved in my first network marketing company. When I got first introduced to this industry, the mindset I had was becoming rich quickly. It turned out I failed big time because I started buying product after product and got educated on how to really make money and help others become successful in this industry. After my downfall when I failed in my first company I got involved in door to door sales with no experience and with hard work I become very successful in it. As I was in network marketing and direct sales I had no balance in my life. After days of me working, I was always thinking my dad working 12 hour shifts for 34 years and by seeing him come home always tired, I felt their had to be a change here. My why was developed and that is to get my dad to retire before he turns 62 years old. Over the past few years I learned one thing and that is to work hard for your dreams and never give up.

My message to you….

Having a good time at WildWoods NJ

If you look at yourself in the mirror, I want you to know their is greatness inside you. Remember one thing and that is you have a missing link to success that you probably didn’t know but its their in you. Believe in what you want and you will find it sooner than what you think.

Also if you need more ways to market and training tips make sure you click on the top menu tab where it says YouTube to get the most updated training.

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Wish You Much Success!

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"I help network marketers how to find the missing link to success."

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