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How To Get Away From Time Wasters To Be More Productive

Time WastersIf you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning on how to get away from time wasters to be more productive. As we know the internet was designed to keep us engaged as long as possible. Regardless of you using your phone, computer, or even tablets you are using the internet everywhere. Technology is great but it can hurt us in some way. In this post you are going to learn the problem and the solution to time wasters.

Wow So Many Time Wasters

Email Overload can be very harmful to your productivity. Think about it this way ask yourself how many times a day do you check your email. Most likely it might be more than 5 times daily. Checking your email constantly daily causes alot of distraction. And I have to be honest their are so many junk emails that have no value.

Solution: What I did was I took all the junk emails and typed it up on my search bar and unsubscribed from it. Believe it or not you will noticed if you do this 15-20 minutes daily for a week you will get less emails. This will help you save more time in the long run.

Slow Computer can be a big problem for many marketers today. Especially if you are uploading and downloading online. This can cause a series of frustration for you. Trust me I know how it feels to go through this problem.

Solution: Make sure you remove adware and malware from your computer. Its best to use computer programs to remove viruses, malware, and adware with no techno no how. Now if your computer is too old than change it and buy another one. I would recommend going online and buying refurbish computers which are alot cheaper. If you are hesistate or do not want to spend think about it this way if your problem with the slowness of your computer is over than you are going to be more productive.

Online shopping is big problem and the reason why it can take a buyer from buying more and more. For instance, a person who is online shopping on Ebay already knows what they are going to buy and all of a sudden other related items start to pop up and guess what they buy more.

Solution : whenever you are online shopping make sure you focus on the item you want to buy only and forget about the other items. Don’t pay any mind to it because if you do than you are going to fall in the trap.

Once you implement these strategies you are going to noticed a big difference in how to be more productive in your business.

Did this post help you? If so make sure you implement how to get away from time wasters to be more productive and share it with your team so they can also get results. 

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