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Banners Broker Review For 2012

If you are in the network marketing industry and you have never heard of Banners Broker review, as you are reading this post you are going to learn about this company. Banners Broker started in October 2010 by Kuldip Josun and Chris Smith. Becoming part of banners broker you are going to be an affiliate to advertise their business using the internet. Their is a huge earning involve with this company. If you go to the main site you will notice a slogan of the saying “Its impossible not to make money.” One of the two top earners are Simon Stepsys and Jens Holvoet who have made more than a million already with banners broker. The way it works is if you invest a certain amount with banners broker you are going to get it back by it doubling.

The amazing part of this company is it sells more than 40 million per month with more than 300,000 affiliates who promote banners broker. That’s amazing for a company to accomplish that in such a short time.

What Are Banners Brokers products?

The way banners broker works is they use their banners impressions to offer it to the highest customers who want to use paid advertisement. The way they function is through a blind network which is through advertisement  Banner impression means views on a website instead of clicks. The great thing about a blind network is it prevents advertising monopoly. For instance, if you take Facebook or YouTube  you would notice some marketers competing against each other so this means the ones that have more money would not abuse the ones that do not have any money.

According to wikipedia a blind advertising network offers companies good pricing to direct marketers in exchange for those marketers relinquishing control over where their ads will run.

When you get started with banners broker you must upload your own banner to promote it to your audience. Its included in the purchase so not only do you make money you also can promote your own website. You can start getting traffic to your site by using banners broker. When you sign up to banners broker you have 6 packages to choose from. There is a $15 monthly administration fee. I am going to provide you with the packages that banners broker provides.

Available packages:
■Banners Broker – Starter Pack $25: Includes 1,000 Banner Impressions
■Banners Broker – Basic Pack $55: Includes 5,000 Banner Impressions
■Banners Broker – Business Pack $145: Includes 13,000 Banner Impressions
■Banners Broker – Professional Pack $415: Includes 40,000 Banner Impressions
■Banners Broker – Enterprise Pack $1,225: Includes 121,000 Banner Impressions
■Banners Broker – Ultimate Panel Pack $3,655: Includes 365,000 Banner Impressions

Banner Broker Compensation Plan

Banners Broker is not an mlm company instead they are a direct selling company with a model that brings revenue into your bank account.

According to Banners Broker affiliates:

After reaching the traffic cap panel, Banners Broker gives twice a 1,000 banner impressions. Simply put: your $10 panel turned into 2 new panels of $10, giving you a payout of $20. 50% is being paid out in cash (if you put your complimentary 2 panel re-purchase settings at 50%) and you will receive the other 50% in the value of new panels.

Eventually you will make $20 in cash + 2 yellow re-purchased panels that you can start up again and which will generate $20 of revenue again.

How Does Banners Broker Earn Their Business

Most of us might be saying how does banners broker make money is it through the banners or through the members who are paying $15 a month. Now one thing you have not notice they also make money on the premium package which would be $100 a month membership once you purchased more than two traffic packs to give your panels traffic.

Therefore if you want to learn more about joining banners broker feel free to click here.

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