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Do You Want To Become A Millionaire? Learn To Save $5 A Day

Millionaire with Saving $5 A DayIts crazy to say many of us who are struggling financially wish we were wealthy and live the dreams that we always want. I am writing this post to educate those that do not know how to save money and think its impossible to make become a millionaire. One thing I can tell you is this becoming a millionaire is not through luck all it takes its education and persistent of becoming a better person day in and day out. This is what you do you save $5 a day, $150 a month, $1800 a year, now 40 years doing that adds up. If you leave it in the bank accumulating interest you are going to hit the million dollars. Not many people implement this strategy. Now there are some that save $100 dollars for ten years and than invest it on something and from their that investment grows.

Are you Committed To Saving $5 A Day?

I remember one time I was putting a dollar in a big coffee can and all of a sudden I stop doing it because i lost track of it. Afterwards what I started to do was save money whenever I had money. The difficult part in doing is remembering to do this. I remember a training I did with a Sale trainer on goal setting and what he told me to do whenever I do not achieve my goal to rip a dollar and if I achieve it put the dollar inside the jar. Now the purpose of that training was to really being committed in accomplishing my goals. In order to committee saving $5 a day you have to keep track of it. If its possible make sure you go to the bank every Friday and remind yourself to save $5 a day. If you have to put it in your phone to remind you and also in a calendar.

Stay Consistent In Saving $5 A Day To Reach Millionaire Mark

The best way to be consistent is putting $150 a month just one time. If you are able to do this for years and years you are going to forget about it and all of a sudden thirty years from that time you are going to be able to use it for retirement or for your children s education. I want to highly encourage you if you are reading this stay committed in doing this its going to help you in every angle of your life.

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