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Do You Believe Network Marketing Is Hard?

Many network marketers who quit believe if they do not make money its because the company sucks and its too hard. I look at it this way if you are part of a company and you feel that you have the potential of making six figures, why quit if others do it why can’t you do it. Now I will tell you this, in order to become successful with your network marketing company you must believe in the product in order to see success. Have you ever been in a position of working hours and hours every day and no results in your business? Probably yes! Are the efforts that you are putting into your business opportunity worth risking for six months or is it worth working for a JOB?  There is one simple truth about network marketing and that if you work with the right mindset you can succeed in this business.

Network Marketing Made Easy

You must make it easy and fun in order to see results in your primary business. Many network marketers make it difficult for themselves by just thinking of the sale rather than helping other people become successful. You need to add value to what you do as a business owner. For example, when I started this business I was just thinking about making sales and not thinking about helping other people. I was getting rejections back and forth without anybody joining my business. I was working hard, training, doing everything I need to for my business to grow. And now finally it has clicked to me on how to get more sign ups and build a big organization. One major tip for you to use is make sure you master every single way of marketing that way if you have a team member who is getting started you show him all the different options available. For example, you might run into someone who is interested in paid advertising rather than free advertising and if you understand the difference between both marketing strategies, you would be able to help your team mates better.

Make Sure Its Easy Or Else They Leave

In the network marketing industry there is a high turn over rate and its because marketers find it difficult to make money. Network marketing is a business to learn how to take risks. What I mean by this if you never done any cold calling and you are given the tools and training available to do it why not do it? Believe it or not but most network marketers fail because they do not like to do anything that’s uncomfortable. Make sure everything you do in your business is uncomfortable and you will notice as you do it every day you are going to get use to it. The best way to make it work for you is by talking to people online or offline and doing it smart. Build your skill set and once you practice you are going to be a master prospector.

On a daily basis you need to ask yourself “am I being productive with my business.” Many network marketers are not productive with their business. In the beginning when they join they are highly motivated and all of a sudden after a couple of weeks of not recruiting anybody they tend to fall off the pit. I hate it with all my guts when I see network marketers quit before they try. Why not stick to doing it long term instead of over night? I was in your position and I did the same to. When I started network marketing I thought it was an overnight success and it was not like that. It took me three years to realize its all about building a skill set and gaining experience. I am going to tell you the number one secret and that is consistency. If you are able to be consistent you are going to make it in this business. Network marketing is going to be so easy like you never thought before.

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