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How To Think Outside Of The Box

If you have a job and do not like it than this is a post I recommend you read. I am writing this post because I have been doing research over the past three months with people who are working in a job. Most of them do not think outside of the box instead they think about today instead of 5-10 years from now. The position of being an entrepreneur is not about losing money its about being your own boss and building equity in your favor. Did you know Mondays are the most stressful days for most people. Monday’s is the day most deaths occur and the reason why its because of stress. Stress takes you to a whole other realm in your life where you never thought of being 10-20 years ago. The reason so many of us are stressed it’s mainly because of the economy and how our jobs do not allow us to build ourselves instead of living paycheck to paycheck until you turn 65. This is why so many people who do not
believe in being an entrepreneur tends to not believe in financial freedom.

How To Turn Financial Freedom When Thinking Outside The Box

If you are in a position of thinking outside of the box than you are certainly are going to gain financial freedom. Financial freedom can lead you to places that you never thought of before. The idea thinking outside of the box is for all your psychological problems to be eliminated. How do you think you would feel if you are able to eliminate your financial problems with just getting involved in a home based business you are going to have a guaranteed income stream that’s going to allow you to go to the places that you never thought before. I read a book called “Out of the Box for Life: Being Free Is Just A Choice” by Warren Berland, and he explains how to get out of the wall of being in prison with your life.

In the chapter “Getting Out of the Box,” Berland indicated lots of different stories of how certain people overcame their own boxed life.

Berland States “Any and all limiting beliefs are a sign of being in the box. When we experience these beliefs, we feel trapped in an image of ourselves as unworthy and unable to do anything about our situation. But in truth, we are simply looking at ourselves, as well as others, through a dark lens that colors everything we see, think, and feel. There is truly no way out of this difficulty until we realize what we are doing. Once we do, we can correct our mistaken perceptions and respond more appropriately to any situation.

These are the steps to changing your way of thinking

Step 1: Understand that you are in a box
-Whatever its getting you stuck with pain inside you try to write it down.

Step 2: Set your problems aside
-Make sure when you are done writing it down. Start to focus on the problem and start to think about your dreams and what you want to be in life instead of being negative.

Step 3: Question yourself by answering them
-If I was outside of the box how would my life be?

After you are done with all these steps start to say whatever its positive out loud in the present tense and have detail of it. The moment you believe in what you want to accomplish, success is not going to be a secret.

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