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How To Break The Bad Habit Of Not Succeeding

Breaking a bad habit can be very difficult to do for many people. If you are the type of person who might be thinking about looking for other better opportunities than you must read this post. In this post you are going to learn what happens to people who say they are going to do something and never do it. I had a co-worker who hated his sales job and the reason he hated it was because he was not making any money. Now I told him what I was doing to make sales and bring volume into the company. I told him to make phone calls daily to set up appointments with customers and he was always telling me he was going to do that. Now whenever he said he was going to do it, he never did it. Question you might ask yourself why doesn’t he do it? A couple of days ago I was watching a video on Tony Robbins and Frank Kern explaining on why people do not do whats beneficial to them. Tony Robbins talks about fear. People do not succeed its because of fear. This gentlemen that worked with me had fear in him and that is what didn’t allow him to succeed. I remember when he used to tell me how motivated he was to get started with the business and all of a sudden the excuses start to fall under him.

Bad Habits That Break You Down

My co-workers name is Ken and he was discussing with me how he was going to make phone calls just like me everyday for three hours and it was Monday 9:30 am and he was about to start his phone call but something happened in his mind that did not allow him to make that first dial. First excuse was its too early to make phone calls, all of a sudden he got on the computer and started surfing the net. After 11 am passed he was on his first three dials and nobody picked up and he said “I need to use the restroom.” When he gets out of the restroom, he begins to make phone calls to his wife and starts chatting for 30 minutes with her. Now its 12 pm and its lunch time so in his head he is thinking let me eat and than I’ll start making phone calls. Now its 1 pm and all of a sudden he is talking to me again listening to me make phone calls, I am explaining to him about how easy it is when you get your fifth appointment and as the days continue the easier its going to get. We are now in 2pm but no phone calls from Ken, now he wants to do some studying before he makes phone calls. He is saying to me that he needs to go over his script before he makes the first phone call. I am telling him the best way to learn it is by being natural on the phone instead of being robotic because people feel if you are being fake on the phone. Now its 4pm and Ken is still studying his script and I tell him “Ken how many dials have you done today” and he tells me “three” I asked him why and he tells me because” I need to learn it before I start talking to people.” The main problem Ken is having is fear of making mistakes and being rejected.

Bad Habits To Stay Away From

Whenever you feel like you are making excuses that are minor you need to do it. For example, Ken could of just made phone calls at 9:30 am but he chose not to because of his excuses of not being able to do the correct thing on the phone. I remember when I started making phone calls to sign distributors into my primary business and the first call was a rejection, I was so scared that I couldn’t go to the next one. This is what you need to ask yourself if I do not do this than I will never be free or make any money. Always motivate yourself and think about your why. I made a post a couple of days ago on success leaving clues and believe it or not but if you look at your current situation of not having success make sure you plan your day and commit to doing something you are supposed to do for success.


2.Stop Procrastinating
3.Stop Being Negative
4.Stop Wasting Time
5.Stop Being Unproductive

Many of us do not understand how to get away from these five steps I just mentioned. You must focus on being positive and every single time you run into these situation think about your WHY and Goals.

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