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Many business owners do not like to brand themselves online. Online presence is very important today if you are a direct sales marketer. You can take the advantage of branding yourself to grow your business online. The resources that is available today for online marketing and branding are amazing. Blogging is the best way to expose your business. Make sure you set up social media accounts and link it to your blog. If you look at some news reporters, for example, Sean Hannity has a Facebook account and also has a blog. He directs his fans to his blog. Now the question is are business owners promoting their business in a blog. Do you get enough viewers to read about what you are promoting? If yes, than its because you are writing great content. Interesting content will cause more and more visitors to read your information. Now if you are not making any money as a business owner and you have a blogged developed, there is something wrong. Make sure you get friends or family member to critique your blog. Find out from others what do they think about the information you are providing. Now another thing you can do is put yourself in the position of your visitors. Ask yourself questions about what would interest you on visiting your blog. Look for a mentor and learn what they are using to promote their business online. You have to design a life instead of a living. I hate seeing people struggle online, looking for ways to grow their business and not being able to grow. One thing to understand is this there is a transformation gap according to Jerry Clark which means “the quicker you get on with the business of designing a life instead of just making a living.” There are three ways that whenever you are blogging it can take you to become success in it. And that is through social media connections. You need to connect with people the same way you promote your business offline. Understand one thing every single time you ask one of your prospects if they have a computer at home most of the time is a yes. The use of the internet has been something every single person is now using. Its important to understand this, if we have billions of people using the internet daily looking for information. Doesn’t it make sense to go online and promote your information in your blog. Social media is the best way to connect and promote your business. Make sure you post your information in your wall so people can visit your blog. Get involved in groups and also comment on other people walls to build rapport. The second way to promote your business online is through keyword and SEO. If you use the correct keywords in your blog, you will gain more traffic into your website. Lastly build relationships with other bloggers. With a big community of people blogging today many would enjoy connecting with you to learn from each other. So its a good idea to mention your post in their blog. For more information on how you can build your business online, join me.

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