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Do You Still Have Fear Doing Offline Marketing?

Many Network Marketers fear offline marketing.  Reason’s why its because they are uncomfortable talking to people face to face.  One of the main reasons why many network marketers fail in their business is because they do not take massive action.  If you are not talking to enough people on a daily basis you have no business.  I have notice over the past few years more network marketers who are getting started in a business are leaning towards online marketing because its easier for them.  Guess what you are doing passive marketing and what I mean by passive marketing is you are hoping for prospects to find your information without having a direct connection with them.  Now I am not going to tell you that online marketing does not work, the problem with it is it takes time to see results.   In this post I am going to show you how to overcome the fear of doing offline marketing.

Take New Initiative With Offline Marketing

When you wake up in the morning how do you feel about your business?  Do you work it or not?  Do you think about the people you must talk to or not?  It might not be the case for you and because of that you need to take new Initiative in your business.  If you see your upline being successful his business, why can’t you be successful in your business?  I can tell you this some network marketers have more money than others and because of that you have a head start.  You might have enough money to do paid advertising and some that get started have no money for paid advertising.  If you take your business and feel that excitement towards it you are going to find out how great it is to make money and fire your boss.  We all had or have jobs when we get started in a network marketing business.  Our main goal is to quit our jobs to spend more time with the family, but that might not be the case with you.  Your WHY might be a different reason.    So whenever you start a business make sure you understand your why before taking action.  This is what you do to start your new initiative with doing offline marketing, you need to talk to people on a daily basis and ask a question that’s going to lead to a response  Watch video to learn more


If you finished watching the video I believe you learned how to not fear offline marketing. Offline marketing is one of the fastest ways to build your business and the reason why its because of that direct connection with your prospect.  If you do online marketing and you sign someone through it make sure you connect with that person within 24-48 hours that way you can help that person.  If the person you signup is not getting support they are going to quit your business.  The key is to always introduce your business to someone new.  If you sponsor 2 people a day and you have your team doing the same thing you are looking at 300,000 people in your team in one year.    Make sure you listen to audios on a daily basis to get your mind stronger.  Fear is a imagination its not real.

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EPX Immune | Learn What Works Today

EPX Immune-Learn What Works Today

If you are reading this post its because you are interesting in learning about epx immune. EPX immune is a new product that is exclusively by epx body. If you are not part of epx body I highly recommend you to click here to learn more about the company. If you are the type of person who is always getting sick and has a weak immune system you are going to learn why this product can benefit you. First thing first have you ever heard of something that can eliminate 300 bacteria out of your body? Probably and how much would it cost. Using the EPX Immune has protect you internally by preventing future diseases from transmitting to you. If you understand how people get sick than you would not be getting sick. But unfortunately germs and virus are spreading more and more yearly. We live in a contaminated world which is full of pollution in certain areas and more. Germs and virus are always going to be unseen and that is why so many people are getting sick.

EPX Immune-Can Save You Money

Have you ever been in the hospital for being sick or stayed home. I can tell you this every single person today gets sick because of germs and its kind of tough because whenever a person is not feeling well they tend to stay out of work for a couple of days. Now imagine your bodies immune system being stronger than ever and not getting sick? How about your children not getting sick how different would your life be. Absolutely different and for many of us who hate getting sick with the flu we rely on medications that sometimes does not work well for us. How would you like to save money on not visiting your doctor? We have found out that many people who do get sick stays home and not go to work and that is not a good thing. How about when your child has to stay home and miss school? It horrible to go through it. When people get sick it tends to cost the economy huge sums of money in lost working days.

Did You Know?

The average public transport seat is home to about 3 million bacteria of at least 70 different species. Therefore, protect your kids on the school bus.

Most people when they touch any surface often then touch their nose or hair or cheeks and this can transfer infection very easily.

Across the world approximetely 2 billion people are infected with dormant infectious disease which can be spread by coughing.

Here Is How EPX Body Immune Can Benefit You….

-EPX Body Immune can defend you from getting sick
-Reduce lots of symptoms that can harm you
-It can help you not have re-infections
-It can save huge saving for the economy
-This product can help other areas of the immune system
-It can increase your white cells which protects you from different diseases.
-Less Allergies
-Reduces Cholesterol
-If you have digestion problems it improves it as well
-If you suffer from arthritis it can help your tissue damage from developing
-Improves hair, skin, nails

EPX Body Immune is a natural, safe and effective product that would help your health. If you would like more information feel free to Visit Here

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Network Marketing Review-Understand How To Select A Company

Many newbies join a network marketing company without researching it. The reason I am writing this post its because I was chatting with a Facebook friend of mine who lives in India and he did not know why companies offer independent distributor and customer. Reading this post is going to show you about network marketing review in understanding how to select a company before joining.

Research Before Joining A Network Marketing Business

Before joining a network marketing company make sure you visit mlmrankings.com which shows the growth about the companies and how long it has been around. Another place to go to is mlm watchdogs which explains the problems with a network marketing company. I can tell you this many companies get shut down because they do not have a product to offer to the general public. I also recommend typing on the search engine the companies name and also scam. I want to assure one thing before continuing this post, if you ever read anything from someone else who was in a network marketing company and has complains about it make sure you read the information correctly before making a decision. What happens today is 97 percent of network marketers fail in their primary business and some times it tends to not be the companies fault its the distributors faults for not doing what is properly required to build a business. This is my advice for you if you are in a network marketing company make sure whatever you do to promote your business do things that is out of your comfort zone and that is the best way to build your business.

Network Marketing Review-Product Universal

The question you need to ask yourself before signing up to a company is “what can this product do for me and do for everyone else?”  If the company you want to sign up does not have a product that you feel would benefit you than there is no need to signing up.  You need to believe in the product instead of just believing in the money.  What tends to happening is if you are driven by the money that the company offers you it tends to be not good because if you don’t feel or have the product in you than your prospect will never join you in your business.  If you are able to explain to the prospect about your experience and testimonial you are going to see lots of sign ups.  Your company should have persuasive tools that is going to bring people on board without a problem.  Understand one thing if your company does not have a persuasive product that is high in demand than you are never going to make any money.   You should make sure you can afford paying the auto ship.  There are companies that does not require auto ship.  But guess what to get in is very expensive and it tends to be to over pricey therefore the likely hood of you staying with the company not be long term because you might run out of money.  I will tell you this if you take your product and services and take it to a new level by offering it in the best way to your prospect you are going to have your auto ship paid out.

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Does College Guarantee A Job?

Does College Guarantee A Job?

The reason I am writing this post is because I was talking to a long time friend of mine who graduated from college with me four years ago and is looking for a job.  The question is does college guarantee a job?  Most of us who go to college want to have a guarantee job after graduating.  From my personal experience I have seen lots of friends of mine who are not working in the degree they went to school with.  For example, this long time friend of mine who went to school with me had a 3.6 GPA in all his classes.   Now as you are reading this post I don’t want you to think going to college is a bad idea as a matter of fact its a good idea because you are going to learn how to make better decisions in your life.  What I am saying is it will not guarantee you a job?

College Guarantee A Job Misconception?

If you ever thought of going four years of college is easy its not easy.  What happens is you have to work and also go to classes in the same time.  How hectic is it for some of us who go to college and after graduation we are stuck with a huge debt.  Several months ago I was talking to a lady name Emily and she went to school for international affairs and guess what she graduated and after she had a debt of $67,000 that had to be paid back.  Unbelievable to say but Emily was working at a retail store making $8.00 an hour.  Had to pay $800 a month which is crazy in my opinion.  College guaranteeing a job is a huge misconception today.  I believe the way things should be done is to have a plan B.

Learn To Have A Plan B When Attending College

The best way to have a Plan B is to start a business from home while attending college.  I believe if you work a home based business with as little as 2 hours a day you can literally turn $39 to $10,000 a month in residual income in less than 6 months.  The reason I recommend starting a business from home is because you are always going to have money coming into your bank account while attending college.  The best thing about working from home is you can set your own hours and spend time with your friends and family.  The worst  mistake you can do is invest $50,000 to $100,000 in a small business when you can start something for less than $40.  Not only that but you are going to also find other benefits that can help you save thousands of dollars in taxes yearly just for having a home based business. How would you like to get deductions on gas mileage, cell phones, education expenses, meals, car insurance, and even more… I can help you with everything I just mentioned with a simple system I have been using.  The most important thing here is for you to keep more money for yourself and in the same time for you to make more money.  Believe it or not I know there are so many people out there making thousands and thousands a  month helping other people make money from home.


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EPX Body Thrive Versus Monster Energy Drink

EPX Body Thrive Versus Monster Energy Drink

In today’s world we have noticed numerous information about how the function of energy drinks work in our body. Do you believe monster energy drink can cause death and hospitalizations or is it better to keep it natural with EPX thrive energy drink? The purpose of you reading this post is because you want to learn about EPX Body Thrive versus Monster energy drink. The truth of the matter is EPX Body Thrive is much healthy and better for your health. It does not contain any chemicals that can harm the body. Whereas, Monster according to Lawersandsettlement.com states that Monster, caused the death of a 14-year old girl. I am going to be honest I have known many people who have drank monster and are OK today. The problem is it contains lots of chemicals that can harm your body in the long run. It has been tracked over 8 years that their has been 18 hospitalizations due to monster energy drink. My biggest recommendation is try not to drink monster accessibly.

Monster Outcomes Versus EPX Body Thrive

Many of us do not know the monster outcome. When we look at caffeine, it can cause you to prevent sleep, make your blood pressure go up and many more. The ingredients to be careful are taurine and other ingredients added to it. If you are a coffee drinker and feel that monster is a better option for you think again because the truth is monster energy drink has a lot more caffeine inside them.

Caffeine can be a major problem in energy drinks especially when you see how much is in it. Here are some of the problems caffeine can cause to the physical body, and that is heart palpitations, rapid heart rate, nausea, vomiting, and chest pains. Another problem that Monster energy drinks contain is creatine which is an ingredient used to increase energy. The problem with creatine is it causes muscle cramps, dehydration which means you are going to have to drink lots of water, gastronintestinal distress, electrolyte imbalance.

What Is The Worst Thing That Can Happen?

We all think about the outcome of consuming monster energy drinks and the causes of serious injury and deaths.

-Heart damage in your body and to be honest we all need to take care of our heart day in and day out. Caffeine overdose is the major contributor to heart damage.

-Caffeine and Taurine-When you combine the both of them according to researchers from the University of Wisconsin it can increase blood pressure and seizures.

Take A Look At Thrive Energy Drink

Taking Thrive Energy Drink Can help you in many ways. Are you tired of running on empty and sacrificing your health just to stay awake? Life’s too short to wither away! Wake your brain and fuel your body with Thrive… a stimulating, power-punched energy drink blend that naturally boosts energy and mental focus.  If you want to learn why EPX Body Thrive is the healthiest energy drink read more..

Thrive energy drink

Even when you are thinking about spending $2.50 daily on energy drinks make sure you understand one thing when you take thrive energy drink you are not only saving money but you are consuming something that’s healthy for you.

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EPX Thrive Energy Versus Redbull

EPX Thrive Energy Versus Red Bull

Many of us who drink energy drinks on a daily bases but some of us  prefer the most popular one. If you are reading this post its because you want to see the difference between epx thrive energy versus red bull. To tell you the truth I prefer epx thrive energy drink and its because its more natural. According to Fiona Macrae researcher states that “just one can of Red Bull could raise the risk of heart attack or stroke, even in young people.” What drinking red bull causes your blood to thicken more which could result in blood clogs, strokes, and heart disease. In order for your blood circulation to be perfect you need it to be thin. I would not recommend anyone who has heart or circulatory problems to drink red bull because of the caffeine loaded. If you are one of those people who works a lot of hours and needs to stay awake I recommend leaning towards a more natural energy drink.

Why EPX Thrive Energy Drink Is Better Than Red Bull?

The reason I recommend Thrive energy drink its because its more natural the flavor is much better than red bull. Not only that but I will be showing you some testimonials from people who love thrive energy drink. The ingredients that it contains are very beneficial to your body.

Guarana-Berry- that is rich in natural occurring caffeine and increases alertness and energy.

L-Arginine-its an amino acid that promotes cardiovascular health and boosts the immune system.

Beta Alanine-Amino acid that increases aerobic endurance and decreases muscle fatigue.

L-Citrulline-Amino acid that reduces mental and physical fatigue and increases endurance.

Niacinamide-natural form of vitamin B3 that increases endurance and reduces feelings of stress.

Pyridoxine HCL: Natural form of vitamin B6 that promotes cardio health and the immune system.

Methylcobalamin-Natural form of vitamin B12 that plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

EPX Thrive Is Less Expensive

I also chose epx thrive energy drink because its less expensive than red bull. If you are the type of person who guys red bull every day you are spending about $2.50 per can x 30 days=$75 dollars you are spending on a monthly bases. If you would get Epx Thrive you have a money back guarantee and not only that but you are saving 35 dollars a month if you take epx thrive. Now I want to warn you this energy drink is not only to just consume it you can also promote it and get paid for it so lets say you refer others to it your product is free. Visit this website for more information on EPX Thrive energy drink

Watch These Two videos below

The first video is a testimonial of thrive energy.  His name is Jeff Radke, he used to drink two red bulls a day and now ever since he started taking thrive energy he is feeling more energetic and also he is saving more money on it.  He explains about the taste comparison to other energy drinks.

Epx Body Thrive Energy Drink | Review Taste Test Testimonial


Second Video is about how I explain where the site is to get started and also the benefit of EPX Thrive Energy drink

Healthiest Energy Drink (Thrive)


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Learn The Secret To Succeeding In A Home Based Business?

Many of us who get started in a home based business do not know the secret in the start. Question is does your up-line and company know this information? If you learned it already than great? In order to succeed in your business you need to understand you need to take massive action in the first 90 days. Usually what happens today is when a newbie joins a network marketing business, it can be kind of hard in the beginning because of the new process of making money is not hourly instead its based on performance. Before I continue I want to make sure I tell you this tip, DO NOT QUIT!! The longer you stay with your company the more results you are going to see in the long run. What happens today is we quit before we try. Do not quit give it all you got and remember success is a process. If your thoughts are to make a hundred thousand dollars over night don’t get started it takes time for that to develop. Instead of going to school for 8 years and not make any money why not take your time to make residual income.

Being in the network marketing industry in the beginning your sponsor might tell you to run around to chase your friends and family and ask them to join your business and after that when you run out of your list usually what happens the distributor quits. Make sure you train yourself to not commit that mistake. I am going to share with you some of the best ways to learn how to tell others about your opportunity. This is my honest opinion when it comes to approaching your friends and family and also making phone calls, its all about how you pitch them.

I can tell you from experience, I used to be one of those lazy network marketers only relying on passive marketing instead of active marketing and didn’t make a cent. The moment you get started master every technique before approaching your friends and family. For example, if you learn the benefits of why your prospect should join you than you are going to have lot’s of success in your business. Do not go and pitch information only focus on how is it going to benefit your prospect.

Secret Tips To Putting Together The Benefits Of Joining Your Opportunity

First tip-I am going to continue on telling you a great tip what you can do is this if your company has three products to offer people make sure you create a word doc on your computer and write one page for each product.

Second tip-If your company has audios or videos on the product make sure you listen to them and only write down the benefits not the information about the product. What is the product going to do for you.

Third tip-When you write down the benefits for each product, lets say you have made a list of ten for each product. Make sure you take three of the most important benefits for each product and put it in one separate page.

Forth tip-After you are done making your list try creating a separate page instead of product now its about your opportunity. What are the benefits of joining your opportunity.

Fifth tip-when you are finish with all your list try to record yourself saying it. Guess why I say this its because its going to help you remember the benefits of your company.

If you would like to learn more about marketing feel free to click here.

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Why You Need To Become An Entrepreneur?

Why You Need To Become An Entrepreneur?

In many situations we do not see the benefits of why you need to become an entrepreneur. If you ever been asked to join an network marketing business and said no its because you might be thinking its a pyramid scheme or its just a waste of money. I can tell you this its not a waste of time its the best investment you would ever make becoming an entrepreneur. Questions you might say to yourself before becoming an entrepreneur by joining a network marketing business.

What can this company do for me?

How do I make money?

What am I going to do?

Is this is a scam?

The Positive Side Of Getting Started As An Entrepreneur?

I want to buy a nice house.
I want to quit my job.
I want to be debt free.
I want to make more money.
And more…

Depending on a job is never going to get you to your prosperous land, therefore make sure you understand the value of being your own boss not have anyone telling you what time to go home and when you are free. If you take a look at a job and see for yourself why its made its so other people on top of you become rich. I want you to understand one thing being your own boss can make you lots of money if you take massive action. The next questions are going to be for people who do not know the benefits of being an entrepreneur.

Did you know by being part of a network marketing business you are able to keep more money for yourself.

Have you ever been in a situation when you go to a restaurant and all of a sudden you spent about 30 dollars?
I guess yes.

As you continue reading you are going to learn as you become an entrepreneur  you are able to keep more money for yourself instead of giving everything away. Before I even explain, I want you to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you want to become successful?

1)Freedom is one of the most important reasons. If you are a person who works 70 hours a week, you might be in a position of not spending time with your family. I can tell you this if you are thinking of starting a home based business start today so you can see how beneficial this is for you.

2)Personal development your life is turned around once you leave your job and all of a sudden you are making six figures in 90 days. Instead of flipping burgers, sweeping floors, making the same amount weekly you have the ability to be someone you never thought of being. Success is in us all, we just do not see it sometimes.

One of my favorite entrepreneurial quotes by Napoleon Hill is:

“If you’re not learning while you’re earning, you’re cheating yourself out of the better portion of your compensation.”

3)Time- I believe time does not have a price. We all have time to go party and work but never have time to think about the next five years. If you are looking for a way to spend more time with your family become an entrepreneur and not a slave at a job.
Therefore, make a difference in yourself and learn to release your biggest fear to become successful. When you get started in a home based business you need to learn how to make money as well as to keep money. I am not saying not to spend but their is something that I am using that’s helping me grow my business as well helping me save money.

Therefore, start a home based business and learn some great strategies to becoming an entrepreneur.  I suggest you clicking the link below …

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Tax Benefits Of Starting A Home Based Business

One of the biggest problems today for many people is dealing with taxes. What many people do not know about tax benefits of starting a home based business is you are able to cut your taxes by thousands of dollars every year. I can tell you this many home based business owners do not know this but whenever they go to attend an event they can write off their event and use it for tax purpose. I am going to provide you a tool that is helping lots of people become tax educated with a home based business. Now tax benefits do not necessarily mean you have to be a home based business owner you can also have a small business to get these tax benefits.

Why Are So Many People Starting A Home Based Business?

Over the past few years starting a home based business has been on the rise. The reason for that is if you work from home you are able to spend more time with your children and also doing more things for yourself. If you think about it this way their are hundreds of benefits of being part of a home based business. If you are thinking about the benefits of being financially free than think twice because its happening to many successful business owners. First thing before joining a business you need to understand one thing their certain things you need to know before starting a home based business correctly and that is education and proper training. I have discovered that if you start a home based business without no education and just get started what normally happens is you might be spending over thousand dollars on tools and training. I have discovered a tool that would only cost you $20 dollars a month and it includes everything you need to build your business the right way from marketing in the internet to talking to people about your opportunity.  For more information Click here..

Tax Benefits Undiscovered By Home Based Business Owners

1)Home Office Deduction


3)Gas mileage


And more…

Start A Home Based Business Today With EPX One80

If you start your home based business you are going to have tons of benefits in your hand. More freedom, tax advantage, and being able to spend more time with your family. Think about it this way if you take your time and look at how much hours a week you are working with your current job you are going to discovered that you are getting paid what the job tells you are worth. If you work from home depending on the time you put into it is the amount of money you are going to be making in your business. Feel Free to learn more information by click here

If you have always wanted to be the boss but never had the opportunity now is your chance. For less than $20/ month, I’m confident any business owner, manager, affiliate, or employee that takes a close look at this product package will either make or save at least 10 times your monthly cost within 90 days or we will refund your money. All we ask is that you give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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The New Era In Business | Epx One80 Review

The New Era In Business | Epx One80 Review

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning about EPX One80 review. There is a new era in business now and I can tell you this if you are thinking about succeeding in your business than believe it or not you can succeed more than you are and have been. As you might have noticed many network marketers today spend more money than they should on marketing and never get that money back well guess what happens in the end you quit or do not know what to do next. One big problem today with many business owners is they are not educated when it comes to tax incentives and what benefits they are eligible for. I honestly can tell you this I was in the same situation until I learned everything as possible from listening to the training’s in Epx One80. In today’s marketplace there are so many different ways to become successful in your business. Using EPX One80 you are going to learn how to turn your success around with tools, training’s and lots of education that’s going to help you build your business.

You Need EPX One80

One of the missing things most business owners have is learning about the power of leverage. If you understand leverage you are going to be able to find financial freedom in your life and for your business. If you have a small business today and been working 15 years with it and never had a vacation or done anything else but work in your business than something is wrong. Not only are you going to receive the training and education with EPX One80, you are also going to receive the proper tools needed to build your business. The amount you need to invest is only $20 a month which can lead to $10,000 a month in residual income. If $20 sounds to much than you should not be reading this post because you might not find it valuable. You are going to be able to make money with this product as well by helping other business owners just like yourself do the same thing.

What Are Your Thoughts About EPX One80?

If your thoughts of joining EPX One80 is positive than join. I can tell you this if you ever thought about start a home based business than this is the right place to be because their are so many courses out their that are so over priced that will empty your bank account in seconds. You need to have a PLAN B and that is to start a home based business and take massive action to gain financial freedom. If you go into the 90 day challenge for less than $20 a month, I am going to help you achieve your success with all the tools that you are going to have in it. Feel Free to visit this EPX One80 Site


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