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Why EPX One80 Is The Perfect Fit For Your Business


If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning Why EPX One80 is the perfect fit for your business. If you are in the network marketing industry and have been in it for so many years might not have kept tracked of how much money you are spending on training and tools. For example, I have spent over ten thousand dollars over the last three years being in the network marketing industry. Have you ever been in a situation stuck because something did not work for you and than you spent on it and never got any results? Well guess what it is possible that today with the way things are going with the economy many of us try everything in our power to become successful. Right now with the use of EPX one80 you are going to be able to snap pictures of a receipt and never worry about losing what you spended on. Now you are able to go on vacation and claim it as a business expenses. How would you like to write off more than ever before and keep more instead of paying more yearly on taxes.

EPX One80 Claim More…

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to do in home meeting or presentations at other peoples homes and never got paid for it? I believe we all have been in a situation where we never tracked our mileage with a GPS. There is no longer going to be a paper mileage log anymore. Using EPX One80, you are able to use your phone as a GPS. Did you know by having a home based business you are able to go grocery shopping and use it as a business expense and the reason I say that is lets say you carry business cards and all of a sudden you met with someone in the supermarket, just because you gave him information about your business opportunity you are able to claim your mileage. See many of us do not know this information and that is why I chose EPX One80 because I benefit it can do to other people who have their own business.

Is EPX One80 Reliable

With all the information I gave you it might sound crazy but if you feel or think we are not friendly to the IRS than think again. I can tell you this everything EPX One80 offers has been proven to be IRS friendly. Everything being done with EPX One80 is IRS approved. I know you have heard of people who have been audited by the IRS because of not being able to have proof of their business expenses. Now with everything being stored for you in a cloud with bank level 256 bit encryption. Not only that but lets say your computer goes does or your phone goes down everything is backed up into different clouds so you do not have to worry about your information disappearing.

Is EPX One80 Valuable To You

Now if you ever spent thousands on books and audios guess what? Now you are going to have access to lots of educational training by former CPA, tax attorney and IRS trainer Sandy Botkin. Therefore, if you are thinking of joining EPX One80 start today….watch video  below

New EPX One80 Marketing System


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Is Your Success A Mystery

Is Your Success A Mystery

Many of us today today who are in a position of being stuck in life with struggles and failure do not believe in success.  Is your success a mystery? It is not a mystery we see it as a mystery because we do not believe in ourselves.  We all have a talent inside of us to do so much to progress in life.  Having success inside you can be discovered by doing one thing and that is looking at your current situation and find out are you happy with what you are doing.  Ask yourself these questions

Do I like my job?

Do I like the pay I am receiving?

Do I spend enough time with my family?

Can I buy everything I want?

Do I have full control of my life or do I have to depend on others?

and more….

Do You Still believe Is Your Success A Mystery

As you are still reading I can tell you this when I started looking for success when I was 15 years old, I was always reading magazines of other successful people and all I did day in and day out think about my current situation when I am in my 30’s or 40’s.  Guess what some of us do not have any goals at all to knowing what we want in life all we think about is staying with our job and never look ahead of us.  If you are looking for solutions to your problems make sure you write them down and think about 5 years from now do you believe you are going to be in the same situation.  I can tell you this if your mind tells you negative things about yourself than its going to happen.  You have to stick to the positive things inside you.  If you have a goal to quit your job in five years make sure you find out how and what do you attempt doing it.  I can tell you this from experience I have seen millionaires become in less than three years.  How is it that someone who is homeless becomes all of a sudden rich after three years of working from home?  Do you believe he had a job and he made it through?  NOPE, he took massive action and believed in his success years ahead.  He believed that in five years he was going to create lots of wealth.  With just one simple idea his life changed.  Now believe this, he did not take his idea and used it one day he worked very hard for the first 6 months and he knew with him doing this for long term success would not be a mystery.

Don’t Quit Before Trying

Do me a favor do not quit before trying something for a while.  I can tell you this from experience I have seen so many people with lots of potential in growth quit before they even see a penny in their bank account.  They are in the peak of turning one penny into thousands and all of a sudden they fall into the pit of not noticing their success. I will give you the best advice, if you are in a job and it requires you to do lots of different things that can be painful, ask yourself this question am I worth $8.25 hourly or am I worth more?  Now we all make mistakes and we do not know what the benefit of being successful is in life but if you really want to find out how you can become successful feel free click here….

How To Beat The Economy Before It Beats You

If you are one of those Americans whose suffering tremendous debt with financial struggle than its time to beat the economy.  As you are reading this post you are going to learn three strategies that’s going to help you achieve success. Now before I proceed, if you are in a situation where you cannot find a job, pay your bills, and do not know what to do with yourself than you need to take a pen and paper and start creating positive things in your life. My question to you is it the economies fault why so many people are struggling today? I believe its our fault and the reason why its because we all do not have the same failures and success in our lives. People who are succeeding in this economy are thinking differently and taking more action for themselves.

Why are We In Failure With The Economy?

We set ourselves into failure whenever we look at how our bank accounts move. If you take a look at how people think about the economy most of us say this economy sucks and never think on how to find a solution to the problems. For instance, 98% of Americans believe the economy is the blame for how people are in debt. I am part of the 2% and the reason why its because if you think about a plan B always you are going to always be in the right place in life.

3 Strategies To Beating The Economy

1) People skills- You need to know how to deal with people. If you do not have people skills you are going to not know how to network with others. The more people you know the better things go for you. Let me give you an example, if you take a list of names and you put professional on it and you continue on building a relationship for years whats going to happen is opportunities open up for you. The benefit of knowing lots of people is if you lose your job the possibility of getting another job would be easier for you.

2)Personal Development- Many of us neglect one thing and that is learning more in life. The more you learn from other successful people the better you are going to be. For instance, if you suffer from low self esteem it might be because you never had someone look up to you and tell you that you are great person or anything. One thing I can advice you is read as much personal developing books as possible. Your mind changes and your thought process changes as well.

3)Professional Skills Make sure you learn as much things as possible. Learn new things daily, the reason I say this is because lets say you are good at retail jobs, try developing better communication skills. Guess what happens after that you move up in your job and also you get paid more.

Therefore lets stop blaming the economy for our failures. If you look at how the economy is in other countries you would be shocked at how much opportunities we have in the United States. If you would go and travel to a south american country you would discover one thing people try their best to survive by working hard. I asked one fellow from Ecuador how his life would change if he ever lived in the United States and he told me “I would be rich in less than 5 years, there is so much opportunities in your country. Therefore make sure you think about how your current situation is. Believe it or not but I have read tons of information about other successful people making it in life from the bottom to the top.

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The Three Biggest Problems In Health Care Today

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning what the five biggest problems in health care today are. Did you know today our health care system is killing more than 500 patients per day from mistakes, accidents and infections in hospitals. Its horrible today how so many people rely on doctors poisonous them with medications that can kill them in the long run. As you continue reading you are going to find ways that is going to prevent you from being infected and also from you relying on the health care system. The healthier you are the less you have to worry about going to the hospital.

Problem 1: Unnecessary Care

There are too much unnecessary care going on and what I mean by that is there is a big lost productivity and disability going on.

Problem 2: N0t being able to avoid harm to patients

This problem is very common in the health care system. For every one out of four patient receive harm during their stay in a hospital. Its a big problem today because what happens is if the hospital is full of people and you are a patient and you are still not a hundred percent ready to go home they would try their best to tell you to go home with out you being a hundred percent. The reason why they do that is because they want to put new people in the rooms.

Problem 3: Too Much Money Is Being Wasted Today

Have you ever been to a doctor and they give you all sorts of medications that are unnecessary to your health when their are better solutions to your problem? What happens today is medicines cost have gotten up. For instance not only the medicine cost but lets say you go to the emergency room and only want one check up what would happen is next thing you know you would probably receive a three thousand dollar bill or your insurance would pay for it. Believe it or not but their are so many unnecessary things going on in the hospitals that are causing our economy to worsen.

How To Prevent From Being Part Of the Health Care Problem Today

Many of us who rely on doctors to help us out we should worry about learning the solutions to your health. I have been able to stay healthy for many years and what I have done is take care of myself. For example there is this company called EPX Body which provides many remedies for someone who suffers from heart problems, high blood pressure, blood problems, diabetes, and many more…

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Is Network Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Network Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

Many of us when we pitch someone else about network marketing, you might of gotten responses of “is it a pyramid scheme? Whats crazy to say is many people who are working in the job industry do not know they are part of a pyramid scheme as well. I can tell you this by you reading this post you are going to learn what is a real pyramid scheme. There are very good news network marketing companies who offer a product and service are not a pyramid scheme. The only way a company can be a pyramid scheme its only if there is no product involve and the only way for you to make money with them is by bring other people in without offering any product. Today if you visit mlmrankings.com and click on the tab where it says companies that dropped out it might of been because the FTC might of shut them down or maybe they were not making any money.

Are Pyramid Scheme scaring people away from network marketing?

When you ask someone about starting a business opportunity and they see the compensation plan, what might scare them is how levels are made and how the person on top is making more money than the person in the bottom. Lets start by saying this jobs today are worst because you can be in a job for 30 years and still make the same amount without any growth at all. Not only the growth sucks in a job but the person higher than you has leverage over you and you are never able to gain leverage. Check out the diagram below

The reality is if we shut down anything that relates to pyramid than the economy would not go anywhere. We need experts and teachers and CEO. The problem is we see network marketing as a easy money scheme. Network marketing is not an easy business to start first you have to train yourself to be motivated and learn about why residual income would be beneficial for you.

“A pyramid scheme can be defined as a fraudulent money-making scheme that is based on a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme without a legitimate product or service being delivered. Eventually the number of new recruits fails to sustain the payment structure and the scheme collapses with most people losing the money they paid in.”

Network Marketing Benefits

Becoming part of a network marketing business you are able to get paid like professions do. Not only that instead of going to college for years and not get paid for it you can make a fortune becoming part of a home based business. The distribution model that network marketing companies have are to help the economy grow. If a distributor takes a product and sells it to someone else he/she would receive a commission for their effort. Main benefits are leverage and residual income. If you are a person who works 70 hours a week and only gets paid for the hours you put into a job than you are losing out the opportunity of only working 20 hours a week to replace your current income.

I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”
– John Paul Getty (American Billionaire)

Therefore network marketing is not a pyramid scheme. Whenever you go to your job look at your current situation and ask your boss how much money is he getting paid for his efforts and after you find out ask “how much is the owner making?” You are going to learn they are making more money than you are and they probably been working with you less years and they make more money of you. Make sure you look at the hours you work and the effort you are putting in your job. Think ten years ahead and think about how your current situation is going to be. Not only that but what would happen if your job lets you go and finds someone else that is willing to get paid less than you are? Think about the problems you might gain if you lose your job.

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New EPX One80 Marketing System

New EPX One80 Marketing System

If you are reading this post its because you are interesting in learning about EPX One80 which is a product that everyone needs today. Question you might be asking yourself what is EPX One80? EPX One80 is a new virtual product from EPX Body thats not a health product at all.

“EPX Body is a health, wellness and weight-loss company that pays people to lose weight directly, along with offering a powerful income opportunity for those who would like to make more money promoting it. (Read the Full EPX Body Testimonial Review)

EPX One80 What Is It?

EPX One80 is a virtual product that contains marketing tools and training that would help any network marketer, small business owner, independent contractor, including doctors, dentists, attorneys, and realtors learn how to become more successful. EPX One80 has 4 major traits that would help anyone grow their business. The four traits are business training, tools, accountability, action.

1. Business Training

One of the first steps is the business training which is something everyone needs to learn. What you are going to learn how to grow your business and how to gain a more customer base rather than not.

2. Tools

EPX One80 comes with a whole set of marketing tools that can assist you with everything you need to build your business. The marketing tools you are going to receive is autoresponders with follow up messages, coaching, social media strategies, lead capture pages, mobile capture pages, tracking, contact managements and much more. Once you discover what this can do for you there is no excuses for you not to build your business.


One of the biggest problems today is people are not tax eductated. When you start using EPX One80 you are going to learn how to keep thousands of dollars a year. Not only are you going to learn how to keep more money but also you are going to be surprise with the type of education you are going to receive from this product. Being part of EPX One80 you are going to receive award winning Taxbot desktop software and mobile app. Learning how to manage your money its critical when it comes to spending. Most people today leave thousands of dollars on the table and that is because of not being able to know how to deal with taxes. Taxbot is going to teach you how to manage your money and learn what to do to keep money for you. Taxbot includes amazing features that you are able to take snapshot from receipts and enter little info for your records. Not only that but you are able to keep track of mileage with GPS for any business or travel expenses and there is more to it. Using Taxbot can be connected to your bank account and credit card cards for deductions.


Taking action is the only way to succeed. If you do not take action you will never see results in your business. EPX One80 is going to prepare you with ways to taking action the right way with strategies many successful people claim to do. For only $20 a month you are able to receive everything that I mentioned. For more information click the Below



Are we working too hard with our jobs.  I have found out so many people today that are working more than one job just to pay their bills.  What many do not know about being in the job field is why in the heck do people rely on increases on hourly when the prices of gas and food keep going up.  It doesn’t make any different if our hourly wage goes up because we are still going to be in the same position.  In this post I will show you ways to prevent yourself working too hard instead make your life easier for yourself.

Odds are that you feel like this guy too. Big gains in productivity are a sign that workers are stretched too thin. Companies need to start hiring more.

In viewing the image on top if you want to read the completely article about working too hard click here 


First thing first if you are working two jobs right now and you have a family to support I completely understand that.  The problem with working two jobs it can burn you out with time.  For instance, if you are working a day job and an evening job 7 days a week and lets say you make with both jobs a combine weekly based of $500 dollars a week, you are looking in making $2,000 monthly, yearly thats $24,000.  Do you think its right for you to go through this process for 10-20 years without moving forward with your life.  I can tell you this I have done a survey for six months and I have asked hundreds of families whats the most difficult part of a relationship and its finance.   Being financially down can break you up with your wife and kids.  For instance, you are not spending enough time with your family because of the two jobs you are with.  Believe it or not but their are ways around that.  And the previous posts I have written check this PLAN B FORMULA.  Create a free account and check out the back office if you need more information feel free to email me personally at Raymonddlrsr@gmail.com.  Make sure to put your phone number in the email and I promise to get back to you in less than 48 hours that way we can discuss on how to stop working too hard.


I suggest you to start using a plan B like I have mentioned in the previous posts.  Don’t get burned out by working a job that’s going to pay you less than you are worth.  Lets say you are working 80 hours a week for 10 years that would kill you internally.  I believe in free enterprise.  Many people with job mentality do not understand how to get financially free.   There are school that do not teach the concept of how to become financially free instead they teach you on how to become a slave of someone else and make them rich instead of making you rich.  Stop Working To hard become a free member by clicking here

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EPX BODY Daily Sea Veg

EPX BODY Daily Sea Veg

Sea VegIf you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning why so many people are taking EPX Body Daily Sea Veg? What important to understand in this reading is you are about to learn information that you might of never heard of before. What is Daily Sea Veg? Its a vegetable sea weed supplement containing over 12 different nutritional organic sea plants that are vital to your body. Most of us who watch television listen to propaganda most of the time and follow what the media informs us to do. What we are missing today is doing individual research before taking something. Sea Veg comes from green, red, and brown sea plants which you would not find in no other health products. If you visit Seaveg.com 

You will notice 100’s of testimonials from 2005 to now.

Name: SosoDate: 05/08/06


I have been on Sea Veg for a week and it is seriously helping w/my acid reflux. My stomach has been under control from the fist day I started. Will keep you posted of anything else I notice after taking it a little longer. Soso

Arthritis, Joint Pain

Thanks for inviting me to give my testimonial about your product. I have not been disappointed and you will not be disappointing with what I have to say about my experience with Sea Veg. I do not plan to ever be without it. I take it first thing every morning and could not do what I do without it.

My blood work went from constant concerns to really good. I am maintaining a pace most 20 something’s only dream of. My joint pain is inexorably receding. My recent treadmill test left my doctor shaking my hand. Maybe it was because at 56 years old I had the strength and stamina, despite rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, to ride my bicycle to my summer school job to the tune of 20 miles round trip per day. My surgeon wants to replace my other knee, but the cartilage in that joint just will not go away completely and compel me to seek surgical relief.


Don M, 50 – Phoenix, AZ

Name: Jenn

Date: 10/27/05


I’ve been taking Sea Veg for about 5 weeks now and it is EXCELLENT! I have more energy and better sense of well-being. Also, I am running now like I’ve never run before- longer, faster, and stronger! Also when I started I had knee problems, and Sea Veg completely sped up the healing. I now have NO joint pain!  Jenn

Watch Video below and learn why so many people are taking EPX Body Daily Sea Veg


Benefits Of EPX Body Daily Sea Veg

If you eat sea plants daily you are going to become more healthier. Sea Vegetables are known to detoxify your body, with great sources of organic nutrients.

Promotes Healthier Skin

Helps relieve stomoch Disorders

Known to stabilize blood sugar

Believed to help lower cholesterol

Helps support liver functionality

May inhibit blood clotting

Inhibits uptake of heavy metals

Helps fight allergies

Helps fight free radicals

Used to assist in weight loss

Used to remove toxins and heavy metals

If you like what you read feel free to Share with friends a and family…….

Sea Veg          EPX Body Sea Veg

Raymond Del Rosario





EPX Body Thrive The Healthiest Energy Drink

EPX Body Thrive The Healthiest Energy Drink

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in finding why Thrive is one of the healthiest energy drink in the market.  Many of us like to have energy on a daily basis and what tends to happen is we end up getting tired.   If we would understand how our body functions we would not be in the situation of taking bad energy drinks.  The industry of energy drinks has been endorsed by numerous celebrities and because of that many people buy these drinks.  What if we would listen to instead of celebrities opinion how about the people.

Healthiest Energy Drink (Thrive)

Start to kick away red bull and 5 hour energy drink out of your life.  If you are always sacrificing your health and spending hundreds of dollars a month on energy drink, you have to look into other solutions.  If you have a healthier brain and body you are going to be able to live longer and be more active.  Thrive is a brand new energy drink that stimulates your body with energy on a naturally boost punch and mental focus.  

Some of the ingredients on Thrive is amino acids, natural vitamins, such as B, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine, and Guarana.


Watch Video Below to Learn more about Thrive


I want you to think for a minute and understand one thing by drinking Thrive energy you are going to be able to not only feel healthier but also make money on top of that.  All you need to do is share with other people your results. Thank you for visiting my blog make sure you leave a comment below and share with your friends.



EPX Body Cardio Product-Fight Heart Disease

EPX Body Cardio Product-Fight Heart Disease


EPX Body

If you are reading this post its because you are interesting in learning how to fight heart disease. What I have read in many articles is there are more than 80 million Americans who suffer from heart disease. Thats 1 out of 3 adults that suffer through it. If you are thinking about a remedy to fight heart disease than Epx Body Cardio is the solution for you. This product is designed to prevent heart disease. Currently today there are more scientists and doctors noticing the benefits of L-Arginine intake. What does L-Arginine? Its a vital amino acid which prevents cardiovascular disease. The benefit of using cardio is it can prevent heart attacks and strokes. Every 20 seconds their is someone having a heart attack. The only way to prevent this from happening is by finding solutions.

What Can EPX Body Cardio Do To Fight Heart Disease?

Based on scientific research and clinical studies, the benefits of Arginine include:

Improves cardiovascular health and reduces stress on the heart

Decrease symptoms and improve quality life of people with coronary artery disease

Helps regulate blood pressure and improves circulation

Inhibits plaque in blood vessels and lowers cholesterol

Improves diabetes and reverses related damage

Speeds recovery time after surgery and decreases infections

Builds lean muscle and improves muscle performance

Promotes healthy sexual function, libido, and performance

Slows the aging process and helps prevent related diseases

Improves memory and enhances cognitive functions

Boosts the immune system and overall health

Facilitates weight loss and alleviates obesity

Preserves bone density and improves osteoporosis

Improves outcome of cancer treatment

Prevents and heals hemorrhoids, painful urination, and IBS

Alleviates cirrhosis and helps to detoxify the liver

Helps offset lung damage caused by smoking

Increases energy levels to a more youthful state

EPX Product

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