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How To Prevent 7 Money Mistakes

How To Prevent 7 Money Mistakes

Many of us who handle money always make mistakes. If you look at your wallet their might of been a time when you made money mistakes. The reason I am writing this post is to help others prevent 7 money mistakes. Every morning before going to work you might not cook for yourself instead you spend it in a restaurant close by your job. You might be the one who doesn’t pay credit cards bills on time or any other bills. How would you like to save money to take a vacation once a year or have money coming to you in a residual basis. Now if you are paying your credit cards on time, cooking from your home and taking it to your job than you might be in a good financial stand. Now as you might have been noticing over the last few years the economy has gotten worse and many people still make money mistakes.


7 Money Mistake That Some People Do Today

1)If you are not saving for retirement than you are going to be screwed up. The reason I say this is because social security is not going to help you live on a daily basis. Make sure if you are making lets say $300-$400 weekly save $80 dollars a month.

2)No Game Plan on Getting Out Of Debt. You should have a game plan on how to deal with debt. If you have a credit card make sure you use it wisely and do not overspend in less you are a hundred percent sure you are going to pay them. For instance, if you use a credit card for gas that is a good thing. If you are the kind of person who is always saying I will pay my debt whenever I want it should not work that way. What you should do is not spend more than what you make in your job. If you are making more than $300 a week and you have left over $100 thats $400 a month that you have left over. Pay $100 a month and stick to it and believe it or not but once you are out of debt you are going to feel so good about yourself.

3)Student Loan Mistakes-If you have taken out a student loan and you are given lets say $65,000 you should ask them whats the interest rate and how long do you have to pay for that after you graduate. If you think about it if your interest is 6.8% make sure you find out how much is the monthly payment. I highly encourage you to do your research because what happens if you graduate and suddenly you cannot find a job.

4)Living paycheck to paycheck can drive you insane. If you are limited on your spending than you are going to always be unhappy. You must have a way out of paycheck to paycheck because if lets say your hours are cut than you are going to be in serious problems. For example, have you ever been in a situation where you do not have money to repair your car or pay medical bills? Obviously!! Make sure save as much as possible. If you are spending in restaurants make sure you add everything you are spending and cut back on it. Start cooking at home which is a big savings or search for a second job.

5)Not Caring About building credit-Not having any credit can cause you many problems. If you want to buy a house banks would not loan you any money. If you want to start a business you are not going to have any money either. If you have a credit card use 10% to 30%. Make sure you check your credit score 3 times a year.

6)Car Payment Mistakes- If you are going to buy a car and pay monthly payments on it make sure you can afford it. Do not accept payments that are more than $300 and up in-less you have money saved up and you are getting paid more than $2,000 a month. Get a fuel-efficient car that saves you gas.

7)Not Having A Will-Make sure you have a will regardless of age. The reason I say this is if you die you do not want the state to decide what goes to who.

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5 Mistakes Made By Network Marketers

5 Mistakes Made By Network Marketers

When I got into the network marketing industry I made so many mistakes in growing my business. One thing I can tell you that happens is many of us give up before we try and we continue to pursue our dreams we would gain it. I been in the network marketing industry for 3 years now and I feel like its been 10 years because of the learning experience I have gained. I been in situations where I wanted to quit because of the stupid mistake I committed  I was made fun of by friends that told me stop chasing dreams and all sort of stuff. In this post I will explain the 5 mistakes made By Network Marketers. 

1. Bad Leads

One of the worst things to do is go to someone who you know is very negative and does not have any goals set up for him/herself. For example when I started network marketing I was chasing my friends and family and I was left in NFL (No Friends Left) club. You might be wasting your time with the wrong people instead of spending more quality time with more quality leads. Now if you are in the position of going after your friends and family I want you to understand its good practice for you to learn how to prospect. You should always go to people who are not broke instead who are highly motivated to move up in the ladder.


One of the worst mistakes is spending on tools that tell you that you are going to make a million dollars because of it instead when you still have not done the proper training. I would advice you if you are new you should learn from Todd Falcone and Ray Higdon. Now if you want to spend on business cards, website that would be OK but do not spend on PPC (pay per click) only if you know how to do instead of throwing your money in the air. The most important thing you should do is try to recuperate your investment as soon as possible.

3.Not Having Proper Mindset

I believe the most important part of being part of a network marketing is mindset training. The reason why its because having the confidence that you always desire is going to lead you to greatness. My best advice is to start reading books and listening to audios inside your car. Write down a 100 goals and start reading them daily with affirmations.

4.Failing To Being Positive

Most of us feel negative about ourselves whenever we don’t achieve something. If you carry yourself with negative mindset you are going to fail all the time. You have to focus and understand one thing if you are always positive you are going to create dreams that you never thought you could off created. Its tough to say but whats important to consider today is thinking big and never backing up out of whatever reason. Always think you are on top and what I mean by that is lets say you are talking to someone about your business always act professionally.

5.Not Overcoming Fear

Fear is the number one reason why so many network marketers fail. I can tell you this when I was doing cold calling one time I was so afraid of picking up the phone that what I used to do was make excuses by talking to other people so I wouldn’t take action. As the days used to go by I always used to tell myself I was going to make phone calls but I would always not do it. I found out one thing that made me do it and that was my family and also the way life was leading me to a path. I took massive action and said to myself I must do it to become successful.

Therfore, these are the five mistakes network marketers make whenever they start a business. I believe in one thing if people who are living pay check to pay check learned about how to make money this country would not be in the position they are in now.


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How To Generate 25 Leads A Day Using Offline Marketing

Last night I went to a network marketing meeting and I ran to a friend who I started three years ago, he asked me how can he generate leads everyday using offline marketing. I told him there is a way that you can generate 25 leads a day using offline marketing. Now lets be honest networking with others in a meeting is alot better than using the phones to recruit people into your business. The reason meetings are better is because you get to help each other with ideas.

Prevent These Mistakes Using Offline Marketing

Most network marketers who get started in a business, are told to talk to their friends, family and co-workers, the problem is they are not taught anything about target market. If you focus on talking to big thinkers instead of small thinkers you are going to generate 25 leads a day using offline marketing. What I always liked about being in the free enterprise industry is the way we develop ourselves. Most of us grow up and just stay in one place for the rest of their lives. We get a job and just keep working there until we retired. Guess what do you think the way things are going today with the economy that retirement pensions are going to get better absolutely not. Your best choice is to have a Plan B and start building a business from the comfort of your home. Whenever you are prospecting to others always remember to write down your mistakes and also the objections you are getting from people. One of the most common objections that you will get when trying to generate 25 leads is:

“I dont have the money.”
“I dont have the time.”
“Is this a another of those pyramid scheme.”
“Are you selling me anything.”

Important Tip to remember about generating 25 leads if you hand out business cards to 30 people a day, I guarantee you are going to have success in your business. How about this if you cold call 100 people a day? Now lets say you cold call for 7 days and all of a sudden you are not getting any responses, whats going to happen is the more you do it the more results you are going to see.

Mistake Number 2 Using Offline Marketing

Do not try to do presentations from your home because if you invite people to the presentations its not going to be a good thing. The best way to invite others is through events. If you have a business and you want your friends and family or even prospects to sign up in your business you need to hand them information that’s going to lead to curiosity.

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