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Why Wakeupnow got shut down and filed bankruptcy, its said to say as a former wake up now member, I was not impressed with how corporate knew this was going to happen why didn’t they try something different to continue the growth of the company. When a company like wakeupnow relies on investors, it tends to not last because of wrong decisions that can be made from corporate. Everything started after September 11, 2014 Wakeupnow events when they started to invest on having more physical products and not gaining enough retail customers the company decided to increase the price on membership from $99 to $124. Bad decision by corporate. Another problem we were seeing was the company was using too many affiliates in the company rather than creating their own products to not rely on other companies. As a former wakeupnow member I recommend any marketer whose looking for another opportunity to make sure the company you join has a product that separates business from customers and it pays well.

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Direct Sales Versus Network Marketing

Direct Sales Versus Network Marketing

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning the difference between direct sales versus network marketing. Many experience network marketers believes its the same thing when its not. The way the direct sales concept works is its offered directly to the consumer and the salesperson is paid higher for offering the product. Being in the direct sales industry companies sell higher ticket items rather than smaller. Also being in the direct sales business you get paid for your personal sales rather building a team where you can make residual income. The question is do you feel direct sales can be durable for you. I believe it depends with what company you are with and what your selling. If you go on vacation than you do not get paid depending on your companies compensation plan. The reason I say this its because there are lots of companies that pay only 100% commission.

Why You Need Residual Income?

Residual income can help you in everything life. Think about it this way lets say you are on vacation with your family and all of sudden its the end of the month and you log into your computer and see 5k into your bank account which is a monthly income from your team. How nice would that be for you? Residual income can be build long-term instead of short term. The way network marketing starts to build its through your warm market (friends and family) whereas in direct sales its built through strangers. Now the advantage that network marketers have over direct selling its they are able to create their own products and sell it to get paid higher commission.  Imagine being on a webinar and you have over 1,000 people and 500 people sign up to your opportunity.  I remember internet Guru David Woods mentioning his story of him being on a webinar receiving commission emails notification from the prospects on the webinar. Network marketing has created lots of millionaires the problem is many do not stay long enough because they are not making any money.  This is my advice to you if you are in the network marketing business make sure to stick to your company long enough to get results.  The more you build your skills the more value you can offer to the market place.  The best thing about network marketing is you are able to grow your income passively instead of receiving one-time payments.   Watch video below

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Network Marketing Formula Part 2

Network Marketing Formula Part 2

If you are reading this post its because you want to continue on learning about my network marketing formula on how to utilize your blog. Many of us who work from home do not have a blog and in the previous my previous blog on network marketing formula part 1, I show you where to go to create a free blog. If you are on a limited budget its recommended to start off using Furthermore, I am going to show you in this blog post how to share your content on social sites like Facebook. Now this is not the only strategy that I am going to show you as the days go by, I am going to show you other free strategies to build your business.

STOP Spamming And Use This Network Marketing Formula

One thing I have noticed every single time I log in to Facebook is spamming. Do you honestly think I am going to waste one hour posting on other groups repetitive status about my opportunity. NO! I used to do that and I almost got my account shut down not only that but I was not receiving no results and now that I have been using this network marketing formula, I have been able to recruit 3-5 people a week and also receive 10-20 leads daily which is great for anyone who has a home based business. Whats important to remember is this in this business you need leads and lots of leads you should not be relying on talking to one person a day. This is why a blog is so important because if you think about it lets say you send your prospects to your site via Facebook by using certain strategies that I implement you are going to see lots of results. I highly recommend not to post repetitive post over your groups because too many people are doing it and it can cause you to shut your Facebook down. I am going to be making another video to avoid any Facebook jail.

Strategies To Implement In Facebook

Make sure you take good notes of what I am about to tell you as you know many Facebookers have jobs and are not always on Facebook. The prime time is in the morning, evening, and night time. Make sure you update your status three times a day. Now when it comes to posting many of you as you are reading you might be asking what should I post?

First you post in the morning,evening, and night time whatever you wrote in your blog or if its a video.

Second if you have a video and a post on your blog, you can divide it into two parts.

Third if you have a quote or a picture make sure its a message to your readers, now with this strategy you are going to have to on top of the image put your opportunity link so you can send them to your site or opportunity website.

Watch this Video I made for you…

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Network Marketing Review-Understand How To Select A Company

Many newbies join a network marketing company without researching it. The reason I am writing this post its because I was chatting with a Facebook friend of mine who lives in India and he did not know why companies offer independent distributor and customer. Reading this post is going to show you about network marketing review in understanding how to select a company before joining.

Research Before Joining A Network Marketing Business

Before joining a network marketing company make sure you visit which shows the growth about the companies and how long it has been around. Another place to go to is mlm watchdogs which explains the problems with a network marketing company. I can tell you this many companies get shut down because they do not have a product to offer to the general public. I also recommend typing on the search engine the companies name and also scam. I want to assure one thing before continuing this post, if you ever read anything from someone else who was in a network marketing company and has complains about it make sure you read the information correctly before making a decision. What happens today is 97 percent of network marketers fail in their primary business and some times it tends to not be the companies fault its the distributors faults for not doing what is properly required to build a business. This is my advice for you if you are in a network marketing company make sure whatever you do to promote your business do things that is out of your comfort zone and that is the best way to build your business.

Network Marketing Review-Product Universal

The question you need to ask yourself before signing up to a company is “what can this product do for me and do for everyone else?”  If the company you want to sign up does not have a product that you feel would benefit you than there is no need to signing up.  You need to believe in the product instead of just believing in the money.  What tends to happening is if you are driven by the money that the company offers you it tends to be not good because if you don’t feel or have the product in you than your prospect will never join you in your business.  If you are able to explain to the prospect about your experience and testimonial you are going to see lots of sign ups.  Your company should have persuasive tools that is going to bring people on board without a problem.  Understand one thing if your company does not have a persuasive product that is high in demand than you are never going to make any money.   You should make sure you can afford paying the auto ship.  There are companies that does not require auto ship.  But guess what to get in is very expensive and it tends to be to over pricey therefore the likely hood of you staying with the company not be long term because you might run out of money.  I will tell you this if you take your product and services and take it to a new level by offering it in the best way to your prospect you are going to have your auto ship paid out.

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Banners Broker Review For 2012

Banners Broker Review For 2012

If you are in the network marketing industry and you have never heard of Banners Broker review, as you are reading this post you are going to learn about this company. Banners Broker started in October 2010 by Kuldip Josun and Chris Smith. Becoming part of banners broker you are going to be an affiliate to advertise their business using the internet. Their is a huge earning involve with this company. If you go to the main site you will notice a slogan of the saying “Its impossible not to make money.” One of the two top earners are Simon Stepsys and Jens Holvoet who have made more than a million already with banners broker. The way it works is if you invest a certain amount with banners broker you are going to get it back by it doubling.

The amazing part of this company is it sells more than 40 million per month with more than 300,000 affiliates who promote banners broker. That’s amazing for a company to accomplish that in such a short time.

What Are Banners Brokers products?

The way banners broker works is they use their banners impressions to offer it to the highest customers who want to use paid advertisement. The way they function is through a blind network which is through advertisement  Banner impression means views on a website instead of clicks. The great thing about a blind network is it prevents advertising monopoly. For instance, if you take Facebook or YouTube  you would notice some marketers competing against each other so this means the ones that have more money would not abuse the ones that do not have any money.

According to wikipedia a blind advertising network offers companies good pricing to direct marketers in exchange for those marketers relinquishing control over where their ads will run.

When you get started with banners broker you must upload your own banner to promote it to your audience. Its included in the purchase so not only do you make money you also can promote your own website. You can start getting traffic to your site by using banners broker. When you sign up to banners broker you have 6 packages to choose from. There is a $15 monthly administration fee. I am going to provide you with the packages that banners broker provides.

Available packages:
■Banners Broker – Starter Pack $25: Includes 1,000 Banner Impressions
■Banners Broker – Basic Pack $55: Includes 5,000 Banner Impressions
■Banners Broker – Business Pack $145: Includes 13,000 Banner Impressions
■Banners Broker – Professional Pack $415: Includes 40,000 Banner Impressions
■Banners Broker – Enterprise Pack $1,225: Includes 121,000 Banner Impressions
■Banners Broker – Ultimate Panel Pack $3,655: Includes 365,000 Banner Impressions

Banner Broker Compensation Plan

Banners Broker is not an mlm company instead they are a direct selling company with a model that brings revenue into your bank account.

According to Banners Broker affiliates:

After reaching the traffic cap panel, Banners Broker gives twice a 1,000 banner impressions. Simply put: your $10 panel turned into 2 new panels of $10, giving you a payout of $20. 50% is being paid out in cash (if you put your complimentary 2 panel re-purchase settings at 50%) and you will receive the other 50% in the value of new panels.

Eventually you will make $20 in cash + 2 yellow re-purchased panels that you can start up again and which will generate $20 of revenue again.

How Does Banners Broker Earn Their Business

Most of us might be saying how does banners broker make money is it through the banners or through the members who are paying $15 a month. Now one thing you have not notice they also make money on the premium package which would be $100 a month membership once you purchased more than two traffic packs to give your panels traffic.

Therefore if you want to learn more about joining banners broker feel free to click here.

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MLM Help | Why MLM In Economic Recession (Part 2)

Many of us question ourselves how can we get out of the economic recession? Can there be a mlm help for us to go and lean through. Well as I am writing this part 2 on economic recession you are going to find out the benefits of mlm help and how you can gain financial success. If you look at all the ways people are trying to make money during this economic recession we still see people make millions. I can tell you from experience network marketing is the way to go to gain financial success. The benefits of being in a network marketing company is tax freedom. What I mean by that is if you have a business account at the bank and whatever your expenses are it can be deducted.

More Benefits On Why MLM Is The Way To Be During This Economic Recession

Being self-employed by making large amounts of income with no stress on the table is the way to go. As you are reading this post and still feel skeptical about network marketing than think about the time and freedom you would be able to have if you really were part of it and successful. Being able to become a leader and have people follow you is one of the best ways to become the person you always wanted to be. Dreams can be made with hard work and confidence.

Can You Be Saved From The Economic Recession

When you look at the way jobs are structured its getting more and more difficult for people to make a living today. I can tell you this why not join an MLM or Network Marketing company and make the money you deserve. Make sure before you join an mlm company do your research. What I highly advice you to do is go to MLM and check out all the companies their when their is growth than its a good company. Not only that but make sure the product that is being sold is to the masses instead for certain people. The second thing you must do is learn as much as you can on how to market before you think about making six figure. The first three months is going to be a learning curve. The more hours you put in it the more money you are going to make. There is going to be an economic wave in regards of more and more people joining an mlm company and its because of the way people are making their dreams come true by making money from the comfort of their home.

Read MLM Help | Why MLM In Economic Recession (Part 1)

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Why Are People Joining Banners Broker-Banners Broker Review

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in finding out why are network marketers joining Banners Broker. There are numerous benefits of joining banners broker as we speak.

1. You are going to be part of a company where many have made millions of dollars already. The growth potential this company has with online advertising its going to grow more and more in the next upcoming months. In joining banners broker you are going to be part of a growing industry where it is impossible not to make money.

2. You will not fail to make money back. Whatever you invest you are going to gain back. There is nothing you are going to lose with being part of banners broker. The way it works is you buy a package which has panels. The panels are advertising spaces and when you buy these panels you have to wait a couple of weeks until impressions are completed. Your money will keep doubling every week. You will be seeing gains daily as you look at your panels grow.

3.The beauty of joining banners broker is you can sign up for free which allows you to see how the back office works. It only takes five minutes to sign up. The best thing about it is if you have a full time job and time is an issue this is for you. There is no recruiting required and all you need to do is buy panels and let it grow that’s all.

4.You can replace your job with joining banners broker. For instance, I have a picture of what I made in 105 days. Now if you don’t want to have this as a job you can obviously use the money to buy a car.

5.You have the option to help your friends and family in becoming part of banners broker. The beauty of it is once you see your results coming in, you are going to refer others into it.

6.If you are interested in joining banners broker, I highly encourage you to become part of my team so I can coach you and walk you through the process of how to make money with banners broker. How would you like to get results in less than 90 days?

banners-broker review


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Learn How To Web Host, Link, And Insert Videos To Your Blog

When I got into the network marketing industry I had to learn how to host, link, and insert videos to my blog in order to build my team.   Web hosting is so important to your blog.  I highly recommend you to read books and go to YouTube to learn about hosting.  When I started I paid someone to create my website for $300.  Now the beauty of creating a website its not as complicated as it used to be.  Web Hosting is very important for you blog because it connects your website with the internet.  Next I will show you a video which explains where to go to get your hosting done.

Learn Where To Go For Web Hosting

Why Link Building Is Important For Your Blog

Next its inserting links into your blog which is very important.  Many network marketers who start a home based business do not have a clue on how to host their website nor link their sites.  I can tell you from experience, linking is very important when it comes to exposure and making money.  Link building is so critical to your business when it comes to getting visitors to your site.  I will show you more advance training’s about different ways to link build. Whenever you are link building make sure you add a keyword whenever you are about to create a link.

Why Is Inserting Videos Important For Your Blog

Over the past few years I have seen more and more people building their business through inserting videos into their blogs.  The first thing you need to do before you insert a video is look for an html code that way you can paste it onto your blog.  I recently made a home based business training series 3 which explains how to use links and videos.  Watch video Below

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Learn How To Get Your Phone Service For Free With Solavei

Many of us today are getting overcharged using our cell phones. I can tell you from experience before I joined Solavei, I was paying a $130 with AT&T. I did not have UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT, and WEB, I had limits. I was locked into a TWO YEAR CONTRACT. It really sucked for me because not only was I getting overcharged, but I was trying to save money in some way. So a friend introduced me to Solavei a Social Commerce company that allows you to get your cell phone for free and also make money. Now don’t get me wrong some people are comfortable paying $111 a month on their mobile service and some are not. I have spoken to numerous amounts of people about this situation in regards of the overcharges with their current provider and most of them wish to have their cell phone service for free. If you join Solavei today you are going to pay only $49 a month for UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT, and WEB .

Phone Service For Free With Solavei

Solavei did a pre launch in July 2012 and they started something called the lane where individuals would sign up and become part of a lane until it would officially launch. The launch officially started September 21, 2012. To go further in explaining why I joined solavei, I really felt financial freedom was a need for me. I got tired of working for someone else, not being able to spend time with my family, not being able to go on vacations wherever I want, I just got tired. So I began to share Solavei through social media and word of mouth using offline marketing strategies. I can tell you this before you join make sure you have a vision in mind and write your goals down that way you are able to aim towards it. Once you start you are only going to pay $49 per month unlimited Talk, Data, Text and save money monthly. Now you necessarily don’t have to recruit others if you don’t want you can just pay your monthly payments. But in order for you to become financially free you need to tell others about the Solavei Opportunity.  Solavei has changed my life watch video to learn more about Solavei.

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3 Reasons Solavei Is A Great Business Opportunity

How many times have you came across a network marketing company? There is a good chance of a lot of hype in the beginning. For instance, with fast start bonus, chasing your friends and family, and more. The reason I wrote this post is to show you the 3 reasons solavei is a great business opportunity. I also want to explain what to look at a company before joining.

A Great Business Opportunity Now With Solavei

Make sure you look at your ROI (Return On Investment). Many of us when we sign up with a business do not see how much money we spend in the beginning. Whenever you join a business you should look at if you are going to get your returns fast. You should make sure you turn your investment into a profit and not a lost of money.

One of the reason solavei is a great business opportunity its because you can start signing people up. I don’t want you to think network marketing is easy its not it takes work and dedication to become successful. If you recently joined Solavei you should have a goal to enroll ten people and help your down-line do the same thing. The reason why I tell you to enroll as many people as possible its so you can get your cell phone for free and also make your investment back. The key is to contact as many people as you can and tell them the benefit of Solavei. Many will not understand because in their mind it might seem like a pyramid scheme. But I will guarantee you this once you become successful with solavei you are going to see a huge turn around on those people who rejected you.

Make Sure The Business Opportunity Is A Low Cost

When I got into the network marketing industry three years ago, I remember I started of with $500. I can tell you this if the price is high to start than its going to be difficult for you to enroll others. The benefit of Solavei its a low start up cost. In joining Solavei you only pay $49 Dollars a month for Unlimited Talk, Text, and 4G Data. Not only that there are lots of people that love Solavei because you are able to promote your business and make money on top of that. What company pays you to promote something and on top of that its something you are paying for in this moment.

Solavei Offers Training

Marketing training is very important in a business. Most people today who join a network marketing company do not look at the training that the company provides. If they do offer the training they are going to try to sell you another product to train. The great thing about Solavei it offers training that you are not going to learn from other companies. Now if you join my team I will provide you with special training that I have been able to learn over the years. I will call you personally and help you build this Solavei business.

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