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MLM Success – Getting Started

MLM Success – Getting Started

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning about mlm success in getting started. Make sure you keep track of your achievements in everything you do moving forward. What tends to happen is many network marketers when they get started do not keep tabs of everything they done. I want you to keep something in mind and that is every small achievements you make celebrate them because even though you have not made money like you wanted you will succeed. Make sure you do not try to reinvent the wheel instead follow the system and improve your marketing. In this post I’m going to show you steps to getting started in your home business. Read the rest of this entry

MLM Tips – How To Improve Your Skills

MLM Tips – How To Improve Your Skills

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning how to improve your skills in your business.  Most of the videos that I have covered on MLM Tips has been very helpful for others but what we are finding out is many do not understand how to improve their skills.  Regardless of how you are marketing your business you need to learn how to work on your weakness.  Its like a baseball player when he is struggling with his hits he starts to work on his skills until it is mastered.  Most network marketers make the mistake of neglecting this by not re-engineering  their skills.  What that means is if you are doing a presentation to someone and the results are not what you are looking for than their might be something wrong with your presentation.  Are you going through something like this in your business right now?  Are you finding yourself stuck with no results?  If you are still reading this post is definitely for you. Read the rest of this entry

No Result So I Have To Quit!

No Result So I Have To Quit!

So let me get this straight you are getting started with a home business and all of a sudden you ain’t getting any signups because everyone is telling you ‘NO’. In this post you are going to going to learn why so many network marketers quit because of having no results. I will explain on a video below what to do to not fall into the trap of failure.  You are going to learn how to unlock your fear from your mind that has not allowed you to become successful in your business. Now I am going to be honest network marketing can be difficult for those that only rely on working online and believe all it takes is a push of a button and I will get amazing results. Read the rest of this entry

MLM Slump Stop Having A Bad Week

MLM Slump Stop Having A Bad Week

If you are rBad day calendar Stock Imageeading this post its either because you are going through an MLM Slump.  Most network marketers go through their ups and downs.  This happens even in direct sales so do not be upset if you are having a bad week.  Many who are having a bad week in MLM quit before they even try.  This is one of the main reasons why 97% of network marketers fail in this industry.  If you ask any leader about their success story you will discover how tough it was in the beginning for them and if they can do it you can also.  My goal in this post is to help you get around your bad weeks because I been their and I know how painful it is when you are trying to get results but all of a sudden their are none.

Step One On Stopping MLM Slump From Causing You A Bad Week

-Its important to motivate yourself by having some sort of audio or video that has inspired you.

You might be the one saying “how come I do not get results and everyone else is”  I’ll tell you why

its because that person might have fallen down flat in the ground with tears in their eyes and not surrendering.  In order to make it

big in this business you should not quit because failure you must persist your goals as much as anything.  Remember one thing through out the beginning of your journey you are going to learn lots of things as the days go by.  I recently created a video for you to watch which explains how to stop mlm slump.

Training Video On How To Stop MLM Slump

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Learn How Not To Take Rejections Personally

Learn How Not To Take Rejections Personally

When it comes to direct sales and network marketing its important to not take rejections personally. Rejection is number one reason why people are afraid to do face to face interaction with strangers. I can honestly tell you from experience if you learn how to overcome objections and master it you would discover sales increase. I been in the sales industry for more than four years right now and one thing I have learned is not to take rejections personally. Once you take rejections personally you are going to quit. It does not matter if its network marketing or direct sales, I can honestly tell you this the best way to overcome it is by getting used to objections from others. I ran through a situation a while ago when I was doing cold calling on business opportunity seekers and all of a sudden I ran into a gentleman whose been in network marketing for more than 20 years he told me “why are you doing cold calling, whoever showed you this is leading you to failure, let me show you the correct way to doing it and that is online marketing only.” Its funny to say but I replied to him back and told him I do online marketing as well I do not put all my baskets in only doing online marketing because failures can be much quicker.

Rejections Can Be Beneficial To You

As I was having this conversation with this so called guru on the phone, he was explaining to me online marketing is the best way to go. I can honestly tell you this if you are still reading this I made a blog post a while back about passive marketing versus active marketing. If you do not know the difference between both I am going to explain. Passive marketing means when you are relying only on no interaction with prospects by just waiting for them to sign up via video marketing and blog posting. Active marketing means when you are doing face to face interaction and contacting your prospects through the phone. With the experiences of being rejected so many times I found that active marketing works better when done properly. The reason why its because its free and you do not have to pay anything out of pocket. Not only that but lets say your company requires you to hand samples to people imagine you handing your prospects 100’s of samples monthly guess what you will be following up with them and the sales are going to come in. Whereas doing passive marketing can take time. When it comes to passive marketing you must learn lots of technical stuff and trust me it takes time to learn how to effectively market online. Therefore the best way to be a master recruiter make sure you start to handle rejections properly. Do not let your anger defeat you. Trust me if you are in the position of quitting do not. Reason why its because you are going to go to phase one and never see success. I honestly can tell you this one of the best way to master the art of recruiting by practicing it and do it every day. Once you do this daily when it comes to rejections its not going to be an issue.  You are going to feel better and everything you do is going to be in your favor.  Make sure you watch video below to learn more.

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How To Find Your Clue To Success

How To Find Your Clue To Success

Many of us who are in the network marketing industry do not know how to find a clue to success. If you are reading this post its because you might of been in a situation where you thought the clue to success was right in you but was not there. I had a distributor who was struggling because of fear. Her biggest worry was talking to people on the phone and I told her the more you do it the better you are going to get at it. Creating a habit of everything you feel uncomfortable doing that’s going to be beneficial is the best way to find your clue to success. Success leads tracks of foot steps when you feel it inside you. If you have a goal for example to by a new car and you visualize it daily than that means your subconscious mind is telling you to do something about it. I have seen distributors receive great advice but never took it serious by not understanding that one lesson is worth more than ten thousand words. Regardless of having issues with recruiting other people you need to understand the only way to make it is by expanding your comfortable zone.

Secret Steps To Finding Clues To Success

Did you know if you do everything other network marketers are doing online by promoting their business on Facebook, the likely hood of you getting results will be low. Why do you believe its low well lets say David Wood tells all his empower network members to post status on Facebook at 8 am guess what because everybody is doing it nobody is going to get results. You must do things that are difficult for distributors to do. For example, if you never made phones call before than make sure you start doing it because believe it or not this is something many network marketers are not doing because its something that requires effort and dedication in your part. One of the best ways to help your downline grow is by giving them a specific task that would not take time to do. For instance, make sure you tell them to write a list of 50 people they know so you can call them in their part. Believe it or not I created a video on YouTube teaching on grow your team like never before. After you call or their leads they are going to discover how easy it is to do it.

Now if you take a look at the beginning when I mentioned about the clues of success not being there now its their. You must make sure you teach your downline basics that are a step process of them discovering how easy it is. When it comes to completing tasks that you never thought before it takes minimum of 20-30 minutes to get started. If you fear talking on the phone make sure you call 30 phone calls daily. As you grow and get more comfortable increase it. You are going to begin to discover something you never thought before. That is success! Doing the things that are out of your comfort zone must be done on a repetitive bases. I remember when I first started doing videos on YouTube I had so much fear to do it and trust me I was super shy and didn’t know what to say and now when I speak on YouTube its so easy that I got so addicted to it that I can lead by example.

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How To Grow Your Business For The Long-Term

How To Grow Your Business For The Long-Term

Many network marketers think short-term instead of long term. As a result many fail because of the lottery mentality. When it comes to a regular 9-5 job that’s paying you well you might be thinking about long term instead of short-term. In this post I am going to be covering on how to not fail instead grow your business long term. I remember when I started marketing online I was wasting time getting on Facebook doing nothing and also opening my emails every our. When you are in this business you need to manage your time well. The number one thing to remember when it comes to running a business is you need to focus on high end activities.

A Few Examples Of High End Activities

-Create a blog
-Writing daily
-Learn how to use autoresponder
-Writing sales copy
-Do videos daily
-Connect with people daily
-and more

As you are learning all of this you share it with your list or the people you connect with. Like Jim Rohn states, “learn, practice, and teach others and you will find success.” Make sure you are always building a good relationship with your connections that way you are building a list. Now I will tell you this as you might of read the above task you might notice they all take time to develop because its a skill set to learn. The main thing you should do is learn one task at a time for example, if you want to learn email marketing what you should do is create a folder in your email accounts and name it email marketing. Once you do this you are going to go and search for successful businesses or people that are doing well and make sure you subscribe to their list to receive emails from them. Read their emails and study it and you will discover their is a power behind email marketing that creates long-term relationship with your customers.

Low End Activities

Low end activities means when you are doing things that are low productive but can lead to results. For example, connecting with people on facebook, twitter, and in other social sites.

-wasting too much time doing technical s things in your blog.
-Checking your emails every hour
-Buying courses after courses without implementing it your self.
-Talking on the phone with people that are not going to lead you to anything

Mistakes Not To Do When Growing A Business

If you are the type of person who loves your company make sure you create your own autoresponder the reason why its because if that company shuts down all your contacts are gone and you are without any list. The list you are building can be used for many ways and that is to offer whatever you are offering. I was talking to a gentlemen whose been in the industry for a long time and he uses lots of old school marketing. I told him about list building, he disagrees with it. I told him this is the best way to take your list to offer them whatever you want. If this your company shuts down you are going to have no list and that is what I was pointing out. Therefore, make sure you are building a list as you are in this industry.

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Three Ways To Build Self Confidence

Three Ways To Build Self Confidence

One of the main reasons people do not succeed in life its because they have a low self esteem. Have you ever been in a situation of being stuck inside you of not doing something because of your low self-esteem? Yes! Building your self esteem might take some work in your part and that is by becoming persistent in what you are attending in doing. I will now show you two ways to take out the negativity in you that’s not allowing you to become successful.

1.Self-Awareness Increase

Believe it or not but their is something in the back of your mind that tells you not to do something to keep you down. That little voice that you listen to is the cause of your failure. You might of been in this situation where you mind tells you that you are not good enough, not good looking, or smart enough. We as human beings do not see this or understand the words that our mind tells us to do. Once you understand how to take the negativity away from your mind you are going to be surprise at what you are going to discover within yourself. One of the best ways to increase your self-awareness is by writing a journal about your thoughts.

2.What Do You Dislike About Yourself

In your journal make sure you write down what you dislike about yourself. This can be written in a journal, word document, or even a piece of paper. Make sure when you are creating this list to add anything you do not like about life. As you are doing this task make sure you are asking yourself questions like do you accept yourself with what you dislike about yourself?

3.Reason Why You are always Going To Be Great

Usually when it comes to building your self-esteem it takes time and effort in your part. If you are able to socialize with other people and learn how others deal with their self-esteem that would be very powerful to discover. Now what you are going to do is write all the reason why you are great. This is something you need to read out loud so it can go deeply into your subconscious mind.  I just created a video for you to digest and learn so you can understand what I am explaining in this post.  Normally what tends to happen is failure happens because of fear and not being able to understand how to overcome fear.  I believe that self confidence can be increased if you learn more about self development.  Start to read as much as you can and watch videos on things that would help you get more confident in whatever you are doing in life.  Watch video below


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How To Make Personal Development Fun And Enjoyable?

Personal Development can be a very fun topic to get into. If you learn how to implement what you learn and teach others you are going to see huge results in your business or whatever you are trying to accomplish. When you are long enough doing personal development you are going to build yourself as a stronger being. Now in this post I am going to teach you ways to make sure your personal development fun and enjoyable. Over the past few years I have been following self improvement training’s from all different motivational speakers and what I find is this, all of them have struggle in their life.

Lets Stop Making Excuses And Lets Make This Fun

Lets use Dani Johnson for example, she was broke, homeless, cocktail waitress who took massive action which allowed her to earn 7 figures at the age of 21 years old. Another example is Tony Robbins, he was so broke that he had to watch dishes while taking a shower. Now I am just giving you some examples of successful motivational speakers on how they been in worse situations than we are. Now my questions to you is this WHY aren’t you having fun with personal development? We can all make it and learn how to become better with ourselves. I am about to share with you some of the ways to make personal personal development fun and enjoyable.

1.Make sure you reward yourself whenever you are exceeding your goals. Many network marketers make the mistake of not rewarding themselves and that is not good. Remember one thing the more you work at your goal the more success you are going to have. Make sure he small progress are rewarded as well and the reason I say this its because while doing this you are going to motivate yourself more to doing better. What kind of things might be rewarding for you are games, movies, going out with the family, and relaxing. Now I will tell you certain rewards to stay away from and that is drinking, smoking, and doing drugs.

2.Doing it together with others can amazingly make your personal development fun. Imagine listening to Dani Johnson’s audios while others are listening to it in the same time and than afterwards talking about it in the end of the call? How great would that be for you?

3.Study personal development and implement it. What I mean by this is if you learn something teach it to others so you can see how it works. The great thing about this its going to help you become a better person. If you are reading books or listening to audios make sure you take notes and implement it before teaching it. I believe in one thing and that is if you are able to add one idea daily you are going to become a better person. The reason why I say this its because results make you more happier. Seeing your bank account grow, being able to spend more time with your family, having a healthier lifestyle can make you feel better about yourself.

4. Read, listen to audios, or watch videos

What I tend to do is when I am driving I listen to personal development audios. Before going to bed read 30 minutes a day. During the day before going to work watch a personal development video on YouTube. If you implement this you are going to add more than one idea daily.

If you learned something in this post share it with your friends and your team and connect with me on Facebook.

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3 Words That Are Killing Your Business Opportunity

If you are feeling guilty of not succeeding in your business opportunity than this post its for you. I honestly can tell you this words are very powerful when we mention it to ourselves. Think about it this way, whenever you wake up in the morning and you tell yourself “damn I have to go to this stupid job that I hate” what tends to happen their is your mind is in a negative mood which leads to stress. In this post I am going to show you why so many network marketers and business developer kill their business with the use of three words.

Eliminate The Three Words That Can Lead To Failure

The best way to see success is by changing your vocabulary. Vocabulary changes can be done by listening motivational speakers and listening to the way they speak. The words are “as soon as” which leads to an answer with no results. I heard this so many times from network marketers telling me as soon as they finish the training they are going to start prospecting belly to belly. How about this “as soon as” I finish school I will find a better job. Procrastination is all around us when we think about it. If we do not take the initiative in the beginning of whatever we want in life, we will never have success. Success is all we want in life but the problem we are seeing is not many know how to accomplish it.

Why These Three Words Kill Your Business

The problem we are seeing is many never reach the finishing line and because of that they are never seeing any success. For example, how many college student go to college and never finish college, you want to know why its because of excuses. They say to themselves “as soon as” I save some money I will go back to college. The best way to get rid of this word is by disarming this habit. This word leads to lots of negativity. (Watch video)

This is how this word leads to negativity

-As soon as, I get over this headache!
-As soon as, I get through my divorce!
-As soon as I make more money I will start a business!
-As soon as I get another job!

These are the two things you need to do to get rid of these words.

1. Make sure you change your vocabulary and make positive affirmations.

2.Make sure you learn one vocabulary daily and use it.

Thanks for reading this post if you find any value with what you read feel free to comment and share with your team.

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