Does Online Social Media benefit your business or does it kill your business?

Whenever you turn on a computer and browse online, you find some type of Online Social Media website. There is always going to be a message being sent to millions of people. You could even write a message or an article about a celebrity and all of a sudden you might get many viewers. Instead of you waiting for responses or a message to be exposed, you are getting more viewers than in person. Does Online Social Media benefit your business or does it kill your business? In the 1980s and 90s, Social Media online was not popular at all. More people were reading magazines, looking for information through Google and also the newspaper. Now when you want any information about any business topic or anything that has to do with information, product, or services, all you need to do is type it on Google, Yahoo, and other sites. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other Online Social Media sites has made a big impact towards communication and also infomercials. Business owners for instance are benefiting on advertising and promoting their business with less expense. For instance, if you have a home based business with a network marketing company, marketing was more offline during the 1980s and 90s. When you look at this present moment, marketers are promoting their business online more than ever.

Online Social Media: Facebook,Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook and more…..

Facebook and Twitter has made a big impact on helping top network marketers make millions in less than a year. Now when you consider looking back on how the world used to advertise, business owners used to spend thousands of dollars on media advertised to gain customers to view their ads and buy their products or services. Now the new media model is about building relationships with people and sharing information with trust about your company. For instance, if you have a website and you are selling a product, you would get more people to buy from you in minutes of the day. In this moment its much easier to expose your product with videos, articles, and images through the most popular Online Social Media sites which many businesses are using today. Don’t get me wrong there are some business owners who don’t like using Online Social Media because they feel it’s not beneficial to them. I remember when MySpace started it was perceived to be only for teenagers and college kids. And suddenly Facebook started and it was viewed as for more college kids rather than teenagers. After a while Facebook started to grow rapidly, there are 500 million users on Facebook worldwide. Imagine what it will be in the next 5 years?
According to Statistics, Stats and Facts for 2011 are starting to roll out, and here is the first info graphic to wrap them all up thanks to Online Schools. With over 500 million users, Facebook is now used by 1 in every 13 people on earth, with over 250 million of them (over 50%) who log in every day. The average user still has about 130 friends, but that should expand in 2011.
48% of 18-34 year olds check Facebook when they wake up, with 28% doing so before even getting out of bed. The 35+ demographic is growing rapidly, now with over 30% of the entire Facebook user base. The core 18-24 year old segment is now growing the fastest at 74% year on year. Almost 72% of all US internet users are on now Facebook, while 70% of the entire user base is located outside of the US.
Over 700 Billion minutes a month are spent on Facebook, 20 million applications are installed per day and over 250 million people interact with Facebook from outside the official website on a monthly basis, across 2 million websites. Over 200 million people access Facebook via their mobile phone. 48% of young people said they now get their news through Facebook. Meanwhile, in just 20 minutes on Facebook over 1 million links are shared, 2 million friend requests are accepted and almost 3 million messages are sent.
Online Social Media Relationships

Therefore, with all of these statistics on these Online Social Media, business owners have the benefit of saving more money on ads. They could advertise and promote their business through blogging and building relationships with people. Now just to show an example on how one of the top Online Social Media is working for business owners, I was researching and looking for a restaurant that I wanted to take my wife and when I typed it in Google, the restaurant had a Facebook image. This tells me on how many businesses are creating fan pages to advertise their products. Even Macy’s and JC Penny has their own Fanpages. If you would like to learn on how to advertise and promote your business online join me.
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