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How To Grow Your Business For The Long-Term

How To Grow Your Business For The Long-Term

Many network marketers think short-term instead of long term. As a result many fail because of the lottery mentality. When it comes to a regular 9-5 job that’s paying you well you might be thinking about long term instead of short-term. In this post I am going to be covering on how to not fail instead grow your business long term. I remember when I started marketing online I was wasting time getting on Facebook doing nothing and also opening my emails every our. When you are in this business you need to manage your time well. The number one thing to remember when it comes to running a business is you need to focus on high end activities.

A Few Examples Of High End Activities

-Create a blog
-Writing daily
-Learn how to use autoresponder
-Writing sales copy
-Do videos daily
-Connect with people daily
-and more

As you are learning all of this you share it with your list or the people you connect with. Like Jim Rohn states, “learn, practice, and teach others and you will find success.” Make sure you are always building a good relationship with your connections that way you are building a list. Now I will tell you this as you might of read the above task you might notice they all take time to develop because its a skill set to learn. The main thing you should do is learn one task at a time for example, if you want to learn email marketing what you should do is create a folder in your email accounts and name it email marketing. Once you do this you are going to go and search for successful businesses or people that are doing well and make sure you subscribe to their list to receive emails from them. Read their emails and study it and you will discover their is a power behind email marketing that creates long-term relationship with your customers.

Low End Activities

Low end activities means when you are doing things that are low productive but can lead to results. For example, connecting with people on facebook, twitter, and in other social sites.

-wasting too much time doing technical s things in your blog.
-Checking your emails every hour
-Buying courses after courses without implementing it your self.
-Talking on the phone with people that are not going to lead you to anything

Mistakes Not To Do When Growing A Business

If you are the type of person who loves your company make sure you create your own autoresponder the reason why its because if that company shuts down all your contacts are gone and you are without any list. The list you are building can be used for many ways and that is to offer whatever you are offering. I was talking to a gentlemen whose been in the industry for a long time and he uses lots of old school marketing. I told him about list building, he disagrees with it. I told him this is the best way to take your list to offer them whatever you want. If this your company shuts down you are going to have no list and that is what I was pointing out. Therefore, make sure you are building a list as you are in this industry.

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Three Big Money Mistakes You Might Be Doing

Three Big Money Mistakes You Might Be Doing

In this post I am going to show you the three big money mistakes you might be doing in your business or lifestyle. I am going to provide you the solution to those problems so you can live a wealthier lifestyle. It might be possible you might be having chronic problems with your spending and at the end of the month you might have not enough money to pay your bills which leads you to go a ask friends and family to lend you some money. I believe this is not a smart move because if people see you going through this situation they are going to find you irresponsible. This might be possible for many people. According to Karol Ward a New York psychotherapist whose earned helped many six figures income earners make better decisions with their money has stated “how you feel is how you deal…with money.”

1.Overspending-If you are the type of person who likes to overspend than you are going to lose lots of money over a lifetime. According to Ms. Wards states that most woman’s when they would get out of work in the evening would go and shop at stores for new clothing. Now one thing Ms. Ward discovered was overspending is related to management of emotional pain. One of the difference this happens is because when someone wants to live a similar lifestyle to their co-workers or neighbors while not understanding that every single person today has a different financial status. You might be asking yourself this question what is the solution to overspending. According to Marty Martin, a financial psychologist in Chicago states “Collect yourself by distracting yourself by meditating, praying, engaging in some physical activity or doing something other than making a money decision,” he says.

2.Financial Enabling-this means when a parents gets trap in helping their adult child through their financial problems. As a parent we hate to say no to our adult sons or daughters when they ask for money. The main problem is when we give them money it might be for unreasonable situations. For example, I met a 75 year-old woman who was giving money to her 52 year-old son, which was a total of $150,000 in 5 years which led to nothing just because the mother did not know how to say no to him. This woman by the name of Delores never understand this phrase by Mr. Klontz, “Money for doing nothing creates more doing nothing.” The best way to avoid this problem is not to spoil your children when they are young until they are an adult. Make sure you teach them to be responsible no matter how wealthy you are because if you don’t than its going to hurt you in the long run. Now I want to mention something here I am not trying to make you abandon your kids or anything what I am saying is make sure until they are employed let them become more responsible because if you do not do this you are going to experience tough moments in the long run.

3.Denying A Plan B-When you look at someone who is working in a regular job and you ask them “hows your financial situation they would tell you its horrible.” Trying to provide them a solution might get them upset and tell you they are going to wait until they are the age 65 to retire and the truth is they are not accepting the truth. Denying the future circumstances can ruin a lifestyle for someone. Imagine you are working 30 years at a job and all of a sudden by the time you reach 65 their is no pension or social security than what are you doing to do? According to financial planner Peg Eddy states “”Amazingly, some folks think there is a ‘money fairy’ that will bail them out when they reach 65 and they only have Social Security to depend on.” My best recommendation is to have a plan B to be able to help yourself and your family. I made a video on having a Plan B that I would like you to watch.

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Direct Sales Versus Network Marketing

Direct Sales Versus Network Marketing

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning the difference between direct sales versus network marketing. Many experience network marketers believes its the same thing when its not. The way the direct sales concept works is its offered directly to the consumer and the salesperson is paid higher for offering the product. Being in the direct sales industry companies sell higher ticket items rather than smaller. Also being in the direct sales business you get paid for your personal sales rather building a team where you can make residual income. The question is do you feel direct sales can be durable for you. I believe it depends with what company you are with and what your selling. If you go on vacation than you do not get paid depending on your companies compensation plan. The reason I say this its because there are lots of companies that pay only 100% commission.

Why You Need Residual Income?

Residual income can help you in everything life. Think about it this way lets say you are on vacation with your family and all of sudden its the end of the month and you log into your computer and see 5k into your bank account which is a monthly income from your team. How nice would that be for you? Residual income can be build long-term instead of short term. The way network marketing starts to build its through your warm market (friends and family) whereas in direct sales its built through strangers. Now the advantage that network marketers have over direct selling its they are able to create their own products and sell it to get paid higher commission.  Imagine being on a webinar and you have over 1,000 people and 500 people sign up to your opportunity.  I remember internet Guru David Woods mentioning his story of him being on a webinar receiving commission emails notification from the prospects on the webinar. Network marketing has created lots of millionaires the problem is many do not stay long enough because they are not making any money.  This is my advice to you if you are in the network marketing business make sure to stick to your company long enough to get results.  The more you build your skills the more value you can offer to the market place.  The best thing about network marketing is you are able to grow your income passively instead of receiving one-time payments.   Watch video below

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How To Create Relationships To Increase Sales

Whenever you look at a salesperson, usually you feel weird and do not want to be around them because you do not want to be sold. In this post I am going to be discussing on how to create relationships to increase sales. Today in the sales industry we are lacking creating a relationship and by this happening to us, sales are never going to be made. I had a friend tell me, he did not know what type of home based business to start and I told him to learn on how to build relationships. Like they say the more people you know the better opportunity you are going to have. If you are into sales right now than you have an advantage over others and the reason I say this its because you are able to learn how to build trust quickly. The power of building trust with others its amazing especially on the results you are going to get. Sales allows you to learn how to build rapport. In this post I am going to show you ways to build rapport with others.

The Two Ways To Building Trust

Successful people have skills of building relationships with others. This is why many successful people are able to find jobs quicker because they know lots of people. Here are the two ways to building trust..

1. Make sure its all about them and not about you. The more you let them talk about them. The more likely they are going to trust you. The reason this is important to do its because if you focus on selling the person without them trusting you, they are not going to buy from you. You have to show that you care for them and they are going to feel so happy to buy from you.

2.Look for their needs before offering anything to your prospect. If you see someone that needs a health product make sure they need it and ask questions to build the value on the product. I know you have heard this phrase feature tell and benefits sell.

If you are going through a situation where you do not understand other peoples needs than continue reading. I am going to give you a list of things you need to know so it would be easier for you to build a relationship.

1.People want to feel important and special.
2.Make sure you honor people at all times.
3.They want to feel valuable.
4.People like to talk about them to feel important
5.People want to be heard more.

Another tip for you is this if you are struggling to build trust with others make sure you study communication. Its a great way for you to feel empowered with others. Make sure if you find value in this post share it with your team.

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Are You Too Busy To Move Forward In Your Business?

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning about how to move forward in your business. Time is one of the reasons why so many business developers do not move forward. Learning how to use your time wisely determines your income when running a business opportunity. This problem with being busy applies to anyone in life. Have you realize we live in a world full of busy-ness? We really do when you look at the big picture. Whenever you go outside and go to the city you would realize people buying groceries, shopping at home depot, going to doctors appointment, walking around the park, and more. Moreover, you would even find people in your work place, opening up their email from their phone. Does this lifestyle sound familiar to you? If you think about it we all tend to go through the same thing from morning to night.

Being Too Busy Can Be Eliminated

If you are part of a home based business and live a busy lifestyle make sure you have a list of task each day. This is why so many network marketers struggle because their number one excuse is not having enough time to build their business. Having a busy lifestyle isn’t always good, when taking a look at the big picture. Now do you believe its possible to cut your hours in your work week and still increase your income? Absolutely! If you are working a job that requires you to work 80 hours a week, there are many ways to work less and make more money. I have a business partner of mines who use to work 75 hours a week and what he did was start a home based business. Started working his business only 10 hours a week and what happen was he started making money with it. You do not have to be a slave to your job. Become free but do it wisely. Make sure you have a Plan B.

If you are a business owner make sure you understand one thing if you provide value to the market place, you are going to see lots of results. When I started my home based business, I was always asking myself who can I help get results today? The main point is if you are doing something in the workplace make sure you focus one hundred percent on important task instead of unimportant. Next make sure you develop your skills daily so you can be able to multi-task better. This is key here, if you are the type of person who has the desire to grow your business but all of the sudden you do not have time, make a list of all the unproductive activity that you do on a daily basis. You are going to be shock at what you are going to discover. If you do this today, you are going to learn how to have less stress, add income into your life, and spend more time with your family. I hope what you read helps you thanks for reading this post.

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The Worst Network Marketing Strategies

The Worst Network Marketing Strategies

I just read a post about the three most worst marketing strategies and I am about to contradict what I wrote. Just now I found out another blogger saying things that should not be said with how to market a business opportunity. I believe in marketing offline and online and if you are able to learn both you can build your business much quicker. There is no such worst network marketing strategies. I seen Avon distributors hang flyers on peoples doors offering their products and services and guess what they are getting sign ups. Think about it this way isn’t it better to make money fast or wait to someone shows up in your blog hoping for a lead. The best way to build your business is getting as many decisions on a daily basis. I will show you some ways to build your business successfully online and offline.

What Tends To Happen To Newbies In The Beginning?

Many newbies sign up with the intention of making money fast and the lottery mentality is going to lead to no success instead failure. If your mindset is to hit the lottery on the first day you sign up than think again. The best way to see yourself is by figuring out how much money you want to make a month afterwords take massive action by doing the impossible. What tends to happen is many network marketers who get started like everything the easy way instead of the hard way. I am also going to give you a list of successful former network marketers who use the strategy of offline marketing and still become very successful. What I hear all the time today is doing cold calling, prospecting to friends and family is a waste of time. This is incorrect, the problem is when you talk to your friends and family you are pitching them wrong. I honestly can tell you this when I started network marketing four years ago, I went to chase all my friends and family and did not get any results now that I learned from all my mistakes I have been able to recruit some of my family members in my business opportunity. In regards of newbies when they get started if they do not see results in three months or so they look for another company to make money. The newbies that get started use the wrong marketing strategy and because of that they are force to quit. This is the list of some of the ways to market your business offline

Handing flyers
Door hangers
prospecting face to face
Calling leads
Home meeting
knocking door to door

These are some of the ways to market online

Video marketing
Social media prospecting
Traffic exchange
Solo ads
PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
PPV (Pay-Per-View)

Now I am going to show you some successful network marketers that has done offline marketing and had success.

Dani Johnson
Eric Worre
Jerry Clark
Jeffery Combs
Jim Rohn
Ann Sieg

They are made millions using offline marketing, whereas some network marketers are saying if you do offline maketing your leading yourself to failure. I believe that is not true only if you are trained correctly.

Worst Network Marketing Strategies #1 Belly To Belly

Belly to belly means the 3 foot rule which is face to face prospecting. If you are doing this today that means you are prospecting and if you do this long enough you are going to be more successful. Many online marketers who got involved in attraction marketing believe in not prospecting face to face and because of that the turn out rate of network marketers has gotten more difficult. Network marketers today have gotten more lazier and the reason why its because they focus on passive marketing rather than active marketing. I am not saying to eliminate passive marketing you can still do that on the back end by always do both.

Worst Network Marketing Strategies #2-Phone Calling

If you are doing cold calling you are leading yourself to success. I believe this is the best way to build your team. The reason why if you speak to 50 people daily you are looking at signing up 3-5 reps a week.

Worst Network Marketing Strategies #3-Knocking Doors

Knocking doors can be effective the only problem is you have to distribute brochures to others. Depending on the product you are offering is what leads you to have success in door to door knocking.

Make sure you implement as many strategies as possible to succeed in your business.   I hope you found this post valuable.  If you did make sure you share it with your team. …

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Objection Handling Its A Pyramid Scheme

Objection Handling Its A Pyramid Scheme

If you are in the network marketing industry you might of gotten this objection, its a pyramid scheme that’s why don’t like to get involve in your business opportunity.”  When you run into this objection its because you might of not given enough value to them.  Explaining your business opportunity is something many newbies start off with when their company tells them to chase their friends and family.  I can honestly tell you this if you been watching some of my videos that I have done in the past their is a formula that you need to implement to get the results you need in your business.  The question is what do you do when someone tells you this objection?  Just tell them “I would not get involve in a pyramid scheme, why would I tell you to get involve in one.”  Now the definition of a pyramid scheme is a company that collects money from people and not given a legitimate product.  Ponzi Schemes close down they do not last long and that is why the government get’s involve to prevent that from happening.

Pyramid Scheme Misconception

The misconception of a pyramid scheme has been prospects thinking a network marketing being scheme when it offers a product. Like I mentioned before as long as that company offers a product and services to the general public its not considered a pyramid scheme.  Network marketing companies have been around for a long time and because of that people get involved in it on a daily basis.  The problem with most network marketing company is when someone gets involved in it they expect results immediately and it does not work that way.  It takes time depending on the business you are in, for instance, if your company has a high start up fee than its going to take longer for you to grow your business, if the company has a low start up rate than it might be easier for you to grow your business.  Network marketing is a business where everyone helps each other become successful.   Before joining a network marketing make sure the products are legitimate and find out if their is a website of it to make sure it works.  I honestly can tell you this is why health and wellness network marketing companies have the highest commission available and that is because people consume the products and get results.   The misconception starts from the point of view of the prospect looking at a network marketing company as a pyramid and because its design that way people see it as a ponzi scheme.  This is the bottom line every company you worked for or seen are designed as a pyramid if you start to deeply think about it and research it.  Their is always going to be higher people than you in whatever jobs you are involved.   Many of us do not see it but when we work in a job we are part of a legal pyramid.

The objection is this a pyramid scheme, should be responded this way.

1. No John this is not a pyramid scheme is that what you are looking for?

2. Another response is “John have you ever been involved in one before.” ( Now the reason why this is an important question is because you need to dig deep why they mentioned this to you)

Watch Video Below


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I Don’t Have Time To Build My Business Excuse

When it comes to being in the industry of network marketing and direct sales, we run into people that tell you I don’t have time to make sales or build my business.  Excuses like this are not real excuses, the problem is their priorities are not straighten out.   In the past I have trained many network marketers by explaining what success is and how to get their.  When my team members say they are too busy and because of not having enough time they have not been able to recruit anybody into their business, I see it as an excuse.  I ask them lets work a schedule together so we can find time so you can succeed in your business.  This is one thing I can tell you when you run into this you must tell them their is 24 hours during the day and there are millions of ways to build your business lets work something out.  Now by me explaining this does not mean I am trying to run their life, I am only trying to help them become successful.

This is what one of my team mate Jeff Radke mentioned to me one time I don’t have time,” is a lame excuse. Everyone has the same amount of time. Therefore it’s not “time management,” it’s priority management.” Network marketers must become ruthless at prioritizing their business if not they are going to fall in the 95-97 percent failure rate.

Is It Time Management Or Priority Management That Causes Time Problems

Many network marketers understand what time management means the problem they are missing is priority management and this is something that needs to be addressed.  I had a team mate of mine who had three jobs and still was sponsoring people into his business. I asked him how are you doing this and he told me because he learned how to prioritize his time.  If we all learn how to prioritize our time success would not be a problem for us.  Many of us do things on a daily basis that’s unproductive. For example, checking your email every 15-20 minutes, going on Facebook looking for gossip news,  or watching negative news that would lead nowhere.  Make sure you understand one thing I don’t have time to build my business is not a real objection is just an excuse.

How To Handle The Objection I Don’t Have Time?

1.Other than the time is their anything else preventing you from building your team.

2.Other than the time is their anything else preventing you from prospecting.

Watch Video Below


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Don’t Let Anybody Steal Your Dream

Don’t Let Anybody Steal Your Dream

If you are the type of person who wants to achieve a success and you are always listening to dream stealers stay away from does people. The purpose of this post is to help you how to not quit your business because a dream stealer is trying to stop you from succeeding. What normally happens is a lot of times when we try to get ahead in life, it could be something that you never done before like build your business by working for yourself and your family member and friends might tend to put your down and tell you negative things about what you are doing. They are going to tell you not to break the cycle of insanity which means doing things over and over again for 40/40/40 (work 40 hours, 40 years, $40,000) saying. Most of the time their mindset might be towards you that its impossible for you to become rich because they are not. Here is the distinctions that I have learned today I have seen people buying brand new cars that are worth over $50,000 and be happy. Whereas, when it comes to poor people talking bad things about the rich. Rich people are not bad I have met a ton of people who are rich and the difference between some rich people and poor people is they think differently.

Differences between Dream Stealers And The Rich

Usually what happens is dream stealers think negative about themselves all the time. They feel they are never going to make it in life. If you are financially in debt take a look at your surroundings and count how many people are making more than 6 figures. Believe it or not you might be surprise of what you might discover. You must create your lifestyle by staying positive. Rich people always think positive.

Walk away from the 97% crowd. Don’t use their excuses. Take charge of your own life. Jim Rohn

I am about to share with you some ways to stop your dreams from being stolen.

1.Make sure you write down your dream and visualize it.

2.Make sure to share your dreams with people who are positive and are goal getters.

3.Always stay sharing your success story with others and never say negative story.

4.Make sure to never give up in whatever you are doing. Whenever you fall down in tears make sure to get back up.

5.Find a mentor who you can listen to or talk to about your dreams.

Whats important about the above video is dream stealers do exist today. Unfortunately if you have given up your dream someone stole it from you.  Remember stay positive and don’t give up.

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Do You Believe Network Marketing Is Hard?

Do You Believe Network Marketing Is Hard?

Many network marketers who quit believe if they do not make money its because the company sucks and its too hard. I look at it this way if you are part of a company and you feel that you have the potential of making six figures, why quit if others do it why can’t you do it. Now I will tell you this, in order to become successful with your network marketing company you must believe in the product in order to see success. Have you ever been in a position of working hours and hours every day and no results in your business? Probably yes! Are the efforts that you are putting into your business opportunity worth risking for six months or is it worth working for a JOB?  There is one simple truth about network marketing and that if you work with the right mindset you can succeed in this business.

Network Marketing Made Easy

You must make it easy and fun in order to see results in your primary business. Many network marketers make it difficult for themselves by just thinking of the sale rather than helping other people become successful. You need to add value to what you do as a business owner. For example, when I started this business I was just thinking about making sales and not thinking about helping other people. I was getting rejections back and forth without anybody joining my business. I was working hard, training, doing everything I need to for my business to grow. And now finally it has clicked to me on how to get more sign ups and build a big organization. One major tip for you to use is make sure you master every single way of marketing that way if you have a team member who is getting started you show him all the different options available. For example, you might run into someone who is interested in paid advertising rather than free advertising and if you understand the difference between both marketing strategies, you would be able to help your team mates better.

Make Sure Its Easy Or Else They Leave

In the network marketing industry there is a high turn over rate and its because marketers find it difficult to make money. Network marketing is a business to learn how to take risks. What I mean by this if you never done any cold calling and you are given the tools and training available to do it why not do it? Believe it or not but most network marketers fail because they do not like to do anything that’s uncomfortable. Make sure everything you do in your business is uncomfortable and you will notice as you do it every day you are going to get use to it. The best way to make it work for you is by talking to people online or offline and doing it smart. Build your skill set and once you practice you are going to be a master prospector.

On a daily basis you need to ask yourself “am I being productive with my business.” Many network marketers are not productive with their business. In the beginning when they join they are highly motivated and all of a sudden after a couple of weeks of not recruiting anybody they tend to fall off the pit. I hate it with all my guts when I see network marketers quit before they try. Why not stick to doing it long term instead of over night? I was in your position and I did the same to. When I started network marketing I thought it was an overnight success and it was not like that. It took me three years to realize its all about building a skill set and gaining experience. I am going to tell you the number one secret and that is consistency. If you are able to be consistent you are going to make it in this business. Network marketing is going to be so easy like you never thought before.

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