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The Power Of Visualization

The Power Of Visualization

If you are in the direct sales or network marketing industry this post is for you. I am writing this post to help you understand the power of visualization. Visualization is something many of us do neglect when it comes to becoming successful. Success can happen to you if you understand the power of visualization. Have you ever thought of thinking at least once a day on what your dreams are. For example, as a network marketer you must have a reason why you joined your business opportunity and that might be to quit your job and to have more free time with your family. We are trapped into something many of us never realize and that is slavery within ourselves. Our minds are not conditioned to think deeply when it comes to accomplishing our goals. In this post I will teach you ways to visualize your goals and make it happen.

Stay Focus In Your Visualization Exercise

The best way to stay focus is whenever you are inside your car parked somewhere make sure you raise up your window and put your head back and close your eyes. Start to think about your goals and that would be whatever you wrote down on paper. Lets say you have a dream of a car and your goal is to drive that car make sure you visualize it as deep as seeing the color of car you are driving. The year and also the kind of seat you are seating in. Make sure you visualize yourself as you are driving and you see the streets and what time of the day it is. You can even go as deep as visualizing your dream vacation. For instance, think about you being in Hawaii walking down in the beach with your family while you are watching the sun go down. Make sure you even know whats the temperature of the day. I honestly can tell you this the reason why you have to stay focus in your visualization exercise is so your subconscious mind can get use to your dreams and it than can become a reality.

The Set Back Of Visualization

Many network marketers tend to write down their goals and never stay committed to making it happen.  I have spoken to so many network marketers that over promise themselves to visualizing their goals and never stay consistent on it.  Being consistent means everyday before waking up focus on your goals and before going to sleep visualize your goals and if you do this long enough you are going to see a shift inside your mind start to create results.  Most network marketers do not succeed is because they do not believe in themselves.  I asked a team member of mine whose been in the industry longer than me “do you believe you can make $10,000 in 6 months with your primary business and he told me yes.  Guess what when he told me this I told him ” I don’t think so.”  Now by me saying that to him does not mean I am being mean or anything its just the truth.  I told him to think about it and imagine it every single day that he is making $10,000 a month.  Until today he has not made $10,000, the reason why its because he has not taken enough action to do it.  I highly recommend to start this exercise daily and watch your success start happening.

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30 Day Formula For Network Marketers

30 Day Formula For Network Marketers

With most network marketers who get started with a home based business they miss out on the 30 day formula. If you are wondering what is the 30 day formula for network marketers you are going to continue reading to understand how it works. It has been proven that this formula has worked for many other network marketers. Whenever you recruit a newbie make sure you ask them questions on why they are deciding to start a home based business. Now starting a home based business is not only about making money its about helping other people succeed. If you do not understand the power of helping other people than you are leaving lots of money in the table. For example, when I got started with my first network marketing business, the only thing I had in mind was making money and not caring about others. I was not prepared for long term residual income. Everything that I thought was for me to make 10k in 90 days without having formula in place. My sponsor never told me any formula the only thing I was instructed was to make a list of all my friends and family and that is all.

What Is The 30 Day Network Marketing Formula?

If you are veteran network marketer you might of heard this formula before but never implemented into your business. Think about it this way if you take your mindset and strength it up you are going to get lots of results and your confidence is never going to drop. Confidence is the number one reason why so many network marketers do not do anything out of their comfort zone. Put in place your mindset by implementing three things into your 30 day formula and that is audio,reading, and blogging or doing a video daily. Now I am going to explain the formula in three different parts so you can have a better understanding on how it works.

You need to listen to 30 minutes of audio daily. I guarantee you if you do this daily you are going to think better and your confidence is going to become better. I recommend to listen to Jim Rohn, Jeffery Combs, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dani Johnson and more. If you go to YouTube you would find tons of audios.

You need to read daily for 30 minutes. Now many people do not like reading books and believe it or not this is something very powerful for you to learn one new idea to implement to your business. Now this is what you do whenever you learn one new idea teach your team how to do it. Whats going to happen now is you are going to grow a huge following with others looking up to you.

You need to blog or create a video daily 30 minutes and believe it or not when you do this you are going to notice something about your you and that is are going to feel more comfortable about what you are doing. Watch Video below

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Does Multiple Streams Of Income Benefit Network Marketers

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning about does multiple streams of income benefit network marketers. Its debatable and the reason I say this is because we have network marketers who are lazy and do not take action in their business, whereas we have other network marketers who do take action and build a team quickly. If you are working two jobs and have a home based business than obviously you should not try to run to network marketing business. Whenever you start a business TIME is very important. If you do not put time into your business than you are not going to make any money. Now multiple streams of income can benefit you in many ways and that is financially if you know how to choose your companies well enough. For example, as in for me I am part of a health and wellness company that gives me the opportunity to market the business to target audience and I use pure leverage and GVO to help me with the marketing. Now if you count that is three companies I am part of. The reason I did this is because with Pure Leverage I am able to create my own capture page for my business and help my team do the same thing to create leverage. Now GVO in the other hand, I chose it because it hosts my website and also gives me autoresponder which works excellent.

Business Model And Focus When It Come To Multiple Streams Of Income

Whenever you choose a company make sure you pick a business model by focusing on results and not failure. Now if you start building your business and lets say its a health and wellness company that has been in business for many years and you start promoting it, but do not get any results. We are talking about posting ads, Facebook marketing, videos and all the things you can think of and did not make any money. Question that my lead to you is this what do I do next? If this is your case make sure you look at your companies marketing tools and understand this if its not persuasive than that is why you are not signing anybody up. Another problem that happens is sometimes the company is limited on the products that can be offered to the general products. I highly recommend you to look for a company that has multiple products that way you don’t have to worry about a certain group of people to market to. The best way to build a business model is by mapping out your plan of action and write down what are you going to do to get your business on top.


Learn How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

Now when it comes to building your business you need to make sure you have the proper tools in hand to make your business grow. For instance, if your company is a health and nutritional company you need to figure out for yourself are the marketing tools persuasive. I can tell you my honest opinion company sales tools sometimes do not work as effective as making your own marketing tools. I explained in the video about making sure you have your own autoresponder and that is a way for you to email your leads information. Now the other advice I give you when it comes to creating multiple streams of income is when you send your prospects to your website you do not want your website to be about one thing you want to give your prospects options. Lets say your website is about health only what would happen if your prospects do not want a weight loss product and leaves your website, now what about if you had a weight loss product and and affiliate product that would benefit your prospect how great would that be for you. IT WOULD BE GREAT!

Creating multiple streams of income can be very powerful if you understand how it works. I am going to give you an example, lets say your company has a autoresponder and its only health product but all of a sudden you have 200 leads and none of them sign up but all of a sudden you changed the offer from health to affiliate and you make 3 sales out of 200? How much money do you think you have in your pocket? BINGO! This is very important this is why I joined a company which offers 11 products because now I do not have to keep my eyes on one basket now I can have multiple ways to promote it. Its important to understand how multiple streams of income works in order to make money today. I hope I explained the pros and cons of multiple streams of income.

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Network Marketing Formula Part 2

Network Marketing Formula Part 2

If you are reading this post its because you want to continue on learning about my network marketing formula on how to utilize your blog. Many of us who work from home do not have a blog and in the previous my previous blog on network marketing formula part 1, I show you where to go to create a free blog. If you are on a limited budget its recommended to start off using Furthermore, I am going to show you in this blog post how to share your content on social sites like Facebook. Now this is not the only strategy that I am going to show you as the days go by, I am going to show you other free strategies to build your business.

STOP Spamming And Use This Network Marketing Formula

One thing I have noticed every single time I log in to Facebook is spamming. Do you honestly think I am going to waste one hour posting on other groups repetitive status about my opportunity. NO! I used to do that and I almost got my account shut down not only that but I was not receiving no results and now that I have been using this network marketing formula, I have been able to recruit 3-5 people a week and also receive 10-20 leads daily which is great for anyone who has a home based business. Whats important to remember is this in this business you need leads and lots of leads you should not be relying on talking to one person a day. This is why a blog is so important because if you think about it lets say you send your prospects to your site via Facebook by using certain strategies that I implement you are going to see lots of results. I highly recommend not to post repetitive post over your groups because too many people are doing it and it can cause you to shut your Facebook down. I am going to be making another video to avoid any Facebook jail.

Strategies To Implement In Facebook

Make sure you take good notes of what I am about to tell you as you know many Facebookers have jobs and are not always on Facebook. The prime time is in the morning, evening, and night time. Make sure you update your status three times a day. Now when it comes to posting many of you as you are reading you might be asking what should I post?

First you post in the morning,evening, and night time whatever you wrote in your blog or if its a video.

Second if you have a video and a post on your blog, you can divide it into two parts.

Third if you have a quote or a picture make sure its a message to your readers, now with this strategy you are going to have to on top of the image put your opportunity link so you can send them to your site or opportunity website.

Watch this Video I made for you…

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EPX Immune | Learn What Works Today

EPX Immune-Learn What Works Today

If you are reading this post its because you are interesting in learning about epx immune. EPX immune is a new product that is exclusively by epx body. If you are not part of epx body I highly recommend you to click here to learn more about the company. If you are the type of person who is always getting sick and has a weak immune system you are going to learn why this product can benefit you. First thing first have you ever heard of something that can eliminate 300 bacteria out of your body? Probably and how much would it cost. Using the EPX Immune has protect you internally by preventing future diseases from transmitting to you. If you understand how people get sick than you would not be getting sick. But unfortunately germs and virus are spreading more and more yearly. We live in a contaminated world which is full of pollution in certain areas and more. Germs and virus are always going to be unseen and that is why so many people are getting sick.

EPX Immune-Can Save You Money

Have you ever been in the hospital for being sick or stayed home. I can tell you this every single person today gets sick because of germs and its kind of tough because whenever a person is not feeling well they tend to stay out of work for a couple of days. Now imagine your bodies immune system being stronger than ever and not getting sick? How about your children not getting sick how different would your life be. Absolutely different and for many of us who hate getting sick with the flu we rely on medications that sometimes does not work well for us. How would you like to save money on not visiting your doctor? We have found out that many people who do get sick stays home and not go to work and that is not a good thing. How about when your child has to stay home and miss school? It horrible to go through it. When people get sick it tends to cost the economy huge sums of money in lost working days.

Did You Know?

The average public transport seat is home to about 3 million bacteria of at least 70 different species. Therefore, protect your kids on the school bus.

Most people when they touch any surface often then touch their nose or hair or cheeks and this can transfer infection very easily.

Across the world approximetely 2 billion people are infected with dormant infectious disease which can be spread by coughing.

Here Is How EPX Body Immune Can Benefit You….

-EPX Body Immune can defend you from getting sick
-Reduce lots of symptoms that can harm you
-It can help you not have re-infections
-It can save huge saving for the economy
-This product can help other areas of the immune system
-It can increase your white cells which protects you from different diseases.
-Less Allergies
-Reduces Cholesterol
-If you have digestion problems it improves it as well
-If you suffer from arthritis it can help your tissue damage from developing
-Improves hair, skin, nails

EPX Body Immune is a natural, safe and effective product that would help your health. If you would like more information feel free to Visit Here

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Learn Strategies To Succeed In A Network Marketing Company

Building a network marketing business should be treated like a business instead of a hobby. When a newbie joins a business, what happens is in the first three months the momentum is on but after three months all of a sudden the time and training is gone. This is why 97% of network marketers fail. Its not that hard to learn the strategies and duplication formula to build this business. The goal is to discover different way to market your business. For example if your company offer ten products your goal is to learn as much as possible to promote your product to your target audience. Many network marketers make the mistake and offer weight loss products to someone who does not need to loss weight. That is not the correct way to promote your product. Lets say if you have a product can be promoted to gyms, what you should do is promote it in different ways to gyms.

Strategy To Succeed With Your Network Marketing Team

Many companies today train their downlines wrong and that is by telling them to go and make a list of friends and family and from their they do not give you any script to tell them at all you are thrown into the woods without being properly trained. The power of duplication is the key to succeeding. For example if you tell your team focus on recruiting four people and depending on the company you are with make sure every single person you recruit does this.

1)Create a list of the benefits of the companies products.

2)Create a list of the benefits of the opportunity.

When you understand on how to explain the benefits to your prospect make sure you do not fill them out with facts about your company because its not giving the prospect the benefits. Three years ago when I joined my first network marketing company I did not know how to prospect and every single time I used to pitch my prospects I only used to talk about the features and facts about my products. Benefits is what sells not the features. If you want to really study how to sell something watch how infomercials promote on television.

Make Sure To Create Goals

Many of in a network marketing do not write down goals. Create a 90 day blitz with outlines of everything you are going to do in your daily routine to accomplish it. Something that really helped me out was making a list of a 100 goals for myself. If your goal is to buy a new car make sure you know the make and model of it. If your goal is take go on vacation make sure you know the place where you want to go and visit. I know it sounds a little bit crazy but it works if you want to make $5,000 a month make sure you feel it and imagine it actually happening to you. Many network marketing companies do not show this explanation to their downline so make sure you are taking notes on this.

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Learn How To Find Your Vision To Success

Learn How To Find Your Vision To Success

Reading this post is going to teach you how to find your vision to success. Many of us who read books and train ourselves in being successful miss one thing within ourselves and that is the lack of vision to success. If you want to make money in the network marketing industry you need to work hard for it. Many network marketers who join a business believe its an overnight success and that is not true its take time to make it. Now if you market on a consistent basis you are going to get results. Alot of network marketers number one excuse is I dont have the time to build my business? The purpose of me writing this post is to help struggling network marketers to continue on building their business without quitting. I hate it when I hear someone quitting because they were not able to recruit anyone. The difference with people who create results and the people who do not create results is the people who get results write down their goals and ask yourself what do you really want is it money, time, or more? Make sure you write down what you really want to make in 90 days. The difference between with someone who wants to be successful in 90 days you need to have a clear mind of the view where you want to go. You must believe in yourself and never put anything into a negative approach. To make it more simple to understand you need to make sure to have the picture of you having that new car, new home, and making $10,000 a month.

Missing Vision To Success

Missing your vision to success can be a problem when you are pursuing your goals. Many of us sometimes think of making it in life and always break ourselves down because of failure and fear. Fear is the number one reason why people fail. You need to have that vision to success up to date and never erase it because of someone else s failure.

1)Think about in your life when a magic happened to you.

2)Think ahead of everything you have down.

3)You have to decide to take massive action before your vision to success happens.

You must get started before everything happens to you. The moment you notice the shift happening make sure you put more and more effort. If you are a network marketer and never had success than its because you do not believe in yourself. Make sure you have a clear outcome so you can really see your goals in mind. I was listening to a webinar with a gentle name E-Money and he is right now making 4k a month and what he said is next year February he will be making 1.2 million dollars a month.  I want to tell you my honest opinion about your vision to success.  The only way you are going to make it is if you want to succeed as bad as you see it.  That is the only way to accomplish things.


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Learn The Secret To Succeeding In A Home Based Business?

Many of us who get started in a home based business do not know the secret in the start. Question is does your up-line and company know this information? If you learned it already than great? In order to succeed in your business you need to understand you need to take massive action in the first 90 days. Usually what happens today is when a newbie joins a network marketing business, it can be kind of hard in the beginning because of the new process of making money is not hourly instead its based on performance. Before I continue I want to make sure I tell you this tip, DO NOT QUIT!! The longer you stay with your company the more results you are going to see in the long run. What happens today is we quit before we try. Do not quit give it all you got and remember success is a process. If your thoughts are to make a hundred thousand dollars over night don’t get started it takes time for that to develop. Instead of going to school for 8 years and not make any money why not take your time to make residual income.

Being in the network marketing industry in the beginning your sponsor might tell you to run around to chase your friends and family and ask them to join your business and after that when you run out of your list usually what happens the distributor quits. Make sure you train yourself to not commit that mistake. I am going to share with you some of the best ways to learn how to tell others about your opportunity. This is my honest opinion when it comes to approaching your friends and family and also making phone calls, its all about how you pitch them.

I can tell you from experience, I used to be one of those lazy network marketers only relying on passive marketing instead of active marketing and didn’t make a cent. The moment you get started master every technique before approaching your friends and family. For example, if you learn the benefits of why your prospect should join you than you are going to have lot’s of success in your business. Do not go and pitch information only focus on how is it going to benefit your prospect.

Secret Tips To Putting Together The Benefits Of Joining Your Opportunity

First tip-I am going to continue on telling you a great tip what you can do is this if your company has three products to offer people make sure you create a word doc on your computer and write one page for each product.

Second tip-If your company has audios or videos on the product make sure you listen to them and only write down the benefits not the information about the product. What is the product going to do for you.

Third tip-When you write down the benefits for each product, lets say you have made a list of ten for each product. Make sure you take three of the most important benefits for each product and put it in one separate page.

Forth tip-After you are done making your list try creating a separate page instead of product now its about your opportunity. What are the benefits of joining your opportunity.

Fifth tip-when you are finish with all your list try to record yourself saying it. Guess why I say this its because its going to help you remember the benefits of your company.

If you would like to learn more about marketing feel free to click here.

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Tax Benefits Of Starting A Home Based Business

One of the biggest problems today for many people is dealing with taxes. What many people do not know about tax benefits of starting a home based business is you are able to cut your taxes by thousands of dollars every year. I can tell you this many home based business owners do not know this but whenever they go to attend an event they can write off their event and use it for tax purpose. I am going to provide you a tool that is helping lots of people become tax educated with a home based business. Now tax benefits do not necessarily mean you have to be a home based business owner you can also have a small business to get these tax benefits.

Why Are So Many People Starting A Home Based Business?

Over the past few years starting a home based business has been on the rise. The reason for that is if you work from home you are able to spend more time with your children and also doing more things for yourself. If you think about it this way their are hundreds of benefits of being part of a home based business. If you are thinking about the benefits of being financially free than think twice because its happening to many successful business owners. First thing before joining a business you need to understand one thing their certain things you need to know before starting a home based business correctly and that is education and proper training. I have discovered that if you start a home based business without no education and just get started what normally happens is you might be spending over thousand dollars on tools and training. I have discovered a tool that would only cost you $20 dollars a month and it includes everything you need to build your business the right way from marketing in the internet to talking to people about your opportunity.  For more information Click here..

Tax Benefits Undiscovered By Home Based Business Owners

1)Home Office Deduction


3)Gas mileage


And more…

Start A Home Based Business Today With EPX One80

If you start your home based business you are going to have tons of benefits in your hand. More freedom, tax advantage, and being able to spend more time with your family. Think about it this way if you take your time and look at how much hours a week you are working with your current job you are going to discovered that you are getting paid what the job tells you are worth. If you work from home depending on the time you put into it is the amount of money you are going to be making in your business. Feel Free to learn more information by click here

If you have always wanted to be the boss but never had the opportunity now is your chance. For less than $20/ month, I’m confident any business owner, manager, affiliate, or employee that takes a close look at this product package will either make or save at least 10 times your monthly cost within 90 days or we will refund your money. All we ask is that you give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Why EPX One80 Is The Perfect Fit For Your Business


If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning Why EPX One80 is the perfect fit for your business. If you are in the network marketing industry and have been in it for so many years might not have kept tracked of how much money you are spending on training and tools. For example, I have spent over ten thousand dollars over the last three years being in the network marketing industry. Have you ever been in a situation stuck because something did not work for you and than you spent on it and never got any results? Well guess what it is possible that today with the way things are going with the economy many of us try everything in our power to become successful. Right now with the use of EPX one80 you are going to be able to snap pictures of a receipt and never worry about losing what you spended on. Now you are able to go on vacation and claim it as a business expenses. How would you like to write off more than ever before and keep more instead of paying more yearly on taxes.

EPX One80 Claim More…

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to do in home meeting or presentations at other peoples homes and never got paid for it? I believe we all have been in a situation where we never tracked our mileage with a GPS. There is no longer going to be a paper mileage log anymore. Using EPX One80, you are able to use your phone as a GPS. Did you know by having a home based business you are able to go grocery shopping and use it as a business expense and the reason I say that is lets say you carry business cards and all of a sudden you met with someone in the supermarket, just because you gave him information about your business opportunity you are able to claim your mileage. See many of us do not know this information and that is why I chose EPX One80 because I benefit it can do to other people who have their own business.

Is EPX One80 Reliable

With all the information I gave you it might sound crazy but if you feel or think we are not friendly to the IRS than think again. I can tell you this everything EPX One80 offers has been proven to be IRS friendly. Everything being done with EPX One80 is IRS approved. I know you have heard of people who have been audited by the IRS because of not being able to have proof of their business expenses. Now with everything being stored for you in a cloud with bank level 256 bit encryption. Not only that but lets say your computer goes does or your phone goes down everything is backed up into different clouds so you do not have to worry about your information disappearing.

Is EPX One80 Valuable To You

Now if you ever spent thousands on books and audios guess what? Now you are going to have access to lots of educational training by former CPA, tax attorney and IRS trainer Sandy Botkin. Therefore, if you are thinking of joining EPX One80 start today….watch video  below

New EPX One80 Marketing System


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