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Is Your Success A Mystery

Is Your Success A Mystery

Many of us today today who are in a position of being stuck in life with struggles and failure do not believe in success.  Is your success a mystery? It is not a mystery we see it as a mystery because we do not believe in ourselves.  We all have a talent inside of us to do so much to progress in life.  Having success inside you can be discovered by doing one thing and that is looking at your current situation and find out are you happy with what you are doing.  Ask yourself these questions

Do I like my job?

Do I like the pay I am receiving?

Do I spend enough time with my family?

Can I buy everything I want?

Do I have full control of my life or do I have to depend on others?

and more….

Do You Still believe Is Your Success A Mystery

As you are still reading I can tell you this when I started looking for success when I was 15 years old, I was always reading magazines of other successful people and all I did day in and day out think about my current situation when I am in my 30’s or 40’s.  Guess what some of us do not have any goals at all to knowing what we want in life all we think about is staying with our job and never look ahead of us.  If you are looking for solutions to your problems make sure you write them down and think about 5 years from now do you believe you are going to be in the same situation.  I can tell you this if your mind tells you negative things about yourself than its going to happen.  You have to stick to the positive things inside you.  If you have a goal to quit your job in five years make sure you find out how and what do you attempt doing it.  I can tell you this from experience I have seen millionaires become in less than three years.  How is it that someone who is homeless becomes all of a sudden rich after three years of working from home?  Do you believe he had a job and he made it through?  NOPE, he took massive action and believed in his success years ahead.  He believed that in five years he was going to create lots of wealth.  With just one simple idea his life changed.  Now believe this, he did not take his idea and used it one day he worked very hard for the first 6 months and he knew with him doing this for long term success would not be a mystery.

Don’t Quit Before Trying

Do me a favor do not quit before trying something for a while.  I can tell you this from experience I have seen so many people with lots of potential in growth quit before they even see a penny in their bank account.  They are in the peak of turning one penny into thousands and all of a sudden they fall into the pit of not noticing their success. I will give you the best advice, if you are in a job and it requires you to do lots of different things that can be painful, ask yourself this question am I worth $8.25 hourly or am I worth more?  Now we all make mistakes and we do not know what the benefit of being successful is in life but if you really want to find out how you can become successful feel free click here….

Is Network Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Network Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

Many of us when we pitch someone else about network marketing, you might of gotten responses of “is it a pyramid scheme? Whats crazy to say is many people who are working in the job industry do not know they are part of a pyramid scheme as well. I can tell you this by you reading this post you are going to learn what is a real pyramid scheme. There are very good news network marketing companies who offer a product and service are not a pyramid scheme. The only way a company can be a pyramid scheme its only if there is no product involve and the only way for you to make money with them is by bring other people in without offering any product. Today if you visit and click on the tab where it says companies that dropped out it might of been because the FTC might of shut them down or maybe they were not making any money.

Are Pyramid Scheme scaring people away from network marketing?

When you ask someone about starting a business opportunity and they see the compensation plan, what might scare them is how levels are made and how the person on top is making more money than the person in the bottom. Lets start by saying this jobs today are worst because you can be in a job for 30 years and still make the same amount without any growth at all. Not only the growth sucks in a job but the person higher than you has leverage over you and you are never able to gain leverage. Check out the diagram below

The reality is if we shut down anything that relates to pyramid than the economy would not go anywhere. We need experts and teachers and CEO. The problem is we see network marketing as a easy money scheme. Network marketing is not an easy business to start first you have to train yourself to be motivated and learn about why residual income would be beneficial for you.

“A pyramid scheme can be defined as a fraudulent money-making scheme that is based on a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme without a legitimate product or service being delivered. Eventually the number of new recruits fails to sustain the payment structure and the scheme collapses with most people losing the money they paid in.”

Network Marketing Benefits

Becoming part of a network marketing business you are able to get paid like professions do. Not only that instead of going to college for years and not get paid for it you can make a fortune becoming part of a home based business. The distribution model that network marketing companies have are to help the economy grow. If a distributor takes a product and sells it to someone else he/she would receive a commission for their effort. Main benefits are leverage and residual income. If you are a person who works 70 hours a week and only gets paid for the hours you put into a job than you are losing out the opportunity of only working 20 hours a week to replace your current income.

I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts”
– John Paul Getty (American Billionaire)

Therefore network marketing is not a pyramid scheme. Whenever you go to your job look at your current situation and ask your boss how much money is he getting paid for his efforts and after you find out ask “how much is the owner making?” You are going to learn they are making more money than you are and they probably been working with you less years and they make more money of you. Make sure you look at the hours you work and the effort you are putting in your job. Think ten years ahead and think about how your current situation is going to be. Not only that but what would happen if your job lets you go and finds someone else that is willing to get paid less than you are? Think about the problems you might gain if you lose your job.

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Are we working too hard with our jobs.  I have found out so many people today that are working more than one job just to pay their bills.  What many do not know about being in the job field is why in the heck do people rely on increases on hourly when the prices of gas and food keep going up.  It doesn’t make any different if our hourly wage goes up because we are still going to be in the same position.  In this post I will show you ways to prevent yourself working too hard instead make your life easier for yourself.

Odds are that you feel like this guy too. Big gains in productivity are a sign that workers are stretched too thin. Companies need to start hiring more.

In viewing the image on top if you want to read the completely article about working too hard click here 


First thing first if you are working two jobs right now and you have a family to support I completely understand that.  The problem with working two jobs it can burn you out with time.  For instance, if you are working a day job and an evening job 7 days a week and lets say you make with both jobs a combine weekly based of $500 dollars a week, you are looking in making $2,000 monthly, yearly thats $24,000.  Do you think its right for you to go through this process for 10-20 years without moving forward with your life.  I can tell you this I have done a survey for six months and I have asked hundreds of families whats the most difficult part of a relationship and its finance.   Being financially down can break you up with your wife and kids.  For instance, you are not spending enough time with your family because of the two jobs you are with.  Believe it or not but their are ways around that.  And the previous posts I have written check this PLAN B FORMULA.  Create a free account and check out the back office if you need more information feel free to email me personally at  Make sure to put your phone number in the email and I promise to get back to you in less than 48 hours that way we can discuss on how to stop working too hard.


I suggest you to start using a plan B like I have mentioned in the previous posts.  Don’t get burned out by working a job that’s going to pay you less than you are worth.  Lets say you are working 80 hours a week for 10 years that would kill you internally.  I believe in free enterprise.  Many people with job mentality do not understand how to get financially free.   There are school that do not teach the concept of how to become financially free instead they teach you on how to become a slave of someone else and make them rich instead of making you rich.  Stop Working To hard become a free member by clicking here

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There are some job-seekers today who criticize network marketing as being a pyramid scheme.  If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning what mlm scam or not a scam is? What people still forget is Network marketing is a process its not an overnight success. Results come with time as long as you are consistent and work smart. To give a better understanding of what I mean by network marketing it’s a business that you run on your own. You are your own boss and the time you put into it is up to you. It provides people with real, product knowledge of what they are selling for a fair price to others. Now don’t get me wrong there has been many people who has gotten rich in network marketing and some have failed in it and because of that the bad conception has spreaded. It is important to understand this the benefits of being part of a network marketing company is you gain financial freedom with time. For instance, if you are 30 years old and you are working at a factory and you are supposed to retire at the age of 55 that means you have 25 years to work and make the same salary without any growth. Whereas with network marketing if you stay long enough for instance less than two years you will succeed. If you research and you are a person who likes to learn and invests time than by the time your 55 years old you will live a profitable lifestyle. Network marketing is all about effort and motivational mindset. As you are building a list of people who are joining your primary business you are building leverage and also you are helping others do the same. The way this economy is going with such a high unemployment rate, those who are victims of not being able to work for a year or so are the ones that are hurt the most.

Learn How To Get A Plan B By Not Accepting MLM Scam

Imagine refusing to work for a network marketing company when its an opportunity that you might have as a Plan B instead of accepting it as an MLM Scam.  An opportunity for you as a average person to come in the industry and dominate. Two weeks ago I was prospecting on the phone and suddenly I received a phone call from someone who wanted to inquire about the opportunity and suddenly when I told him it’s a network marketing company he got upset because he wanted salary. I told him this how long have you been unemployed and he said “8 months and I told him by joining this company in 8 months of you being with us you would gain a lot in your life. He asked me a question and said is this an mlm scam and I told him no its not. If this was a scam I would of not given you my personal cell phone number. One thing I can say is this whenever I’m prospecting, its important to build rapport. Rapport reduces resistance in anyone who is a customer or a prospect.  Make sure you find common ground before you pitch them with an opportunity. Its also important to consider this Network marketing is not to take advantage of other people its to help others progress in their life.

Why Is MLM Scam False?

Many of us who have job mentality, do not know the benefits of being part of a network marketing company.  If you look at a job the way its structure with the hours and the pay you would understand why so many network marketers do not believe in mlm scam.  They believe in financial freedom.  For instance in the company that I am with all I do is find out the prospects problem and help them by giving them a solution.  Always remember this, whenever you are being offered a business opportunity, learn about the companies’ compensation plan and the people who are running it. My best advice is always learn more and more. Put your weaknesses toward the side and work on the angles of the weaknesses. For example, 5 months ago, I was doing door to door sales for a company and I was always make contact with at least 12 people daily but only close 2 of them, but I had a problem. I sucked at closing the sale. Closing was one of the most difficult things for me to master. Now in network marketing the most difficult part is learning step by step on all the marketing tools. Now if you are good at prospecting in the phone. You be doing webinars to send your message out more quickly. Use the internet and write, write, and write about what you learn from others so you can become successful. Therefore, Network Marketing is not a scam it’s a business opportunity for you to grow and a person and always be on top of anything you use in life.

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How To Prevent 7 Money Mistakes

How To Prevent 7 Money Mistakes

Many of us who handle money always make mistakes. If you look at your wallet their might of been a time when you made money mistakes. The reason I am writing this post is to help others prevent 7 money mistakes. Every morning before going to work you might not cook for yourself instead you spend it in a restaurant close by your job. You might be the one who doesn’t pay credit cards bills on time or any other bills. How would you like to save money to take a vacation once a year or have money coming to you in a residual basis. Now if you are paying your credit cards on time, cooking from your home and taking it to your job than you might be in a good financial stand. Now as you might have been noticing over the last few years the economy has gotten worse and many people still make money mistakes.


7 Money Mistake That Some People Do Today

1)If you are not saving for retirement than you are going to be screwed up. The reason I say this is because social security is not going to help you live on a daily basis. Make sure if you are making lets say $300-$400 weekly save $80 dollars a month.

2)No Game Plan on Getting Out Of Debt. You should have a game plan on how to deal with debt. If you have a credit card make sure you use it wisely and do not overspend in less you are a hundred percent sure you are going to pay them. For instance, if you use a credit card for gas that is a good thing. If you are the kind of person who is always saying I will pay my debt whenever I want it should not work that way. What you should do is not spend more than what you make in your job. If you are making more than $300 a week and you have left over $100 thats $400 a month that you have left over. Pay $100 a month and stick to it and believe it or not but once you are out of debt you are going to feel so good about yourself.

3)Student Loan Mistakes-If you have taken out a student loan and you are given lets say $65,000 you should ask them whats the interest rate and how long do you have to pay for that after you graduate. If you think about it if your interest is 6.8% make sure you find out how much is the monthly payment. I highly encourage you to do your research because what happens if you graduate and suddenly you cannot find a job.

4)Living paycheck to paycheck can drive you insane. If you are limited on your spending than you are going to always be unhappy. You must have a way out of paycheck to paycheck because if lets say your hours are cut than you are going to be in serious problems. For example, have you ever been in a situation where you do not have money to repair your car or pay medical bills? Obviously!! Make sure save as much as possible. If you are spending in restaurants make sure you add everything you are spending and cut back on it. Start cooking at home which is a big savings or search for a second job.

5)Not Caring About building credit-Not having any credit can cause you many problems. If you want to buy a house banks would not loan you any money. If you want to start a business you are not going to have any money either. If you have a credit card use 10% to 30%. Make sure you check your credit score 3 times a year.

6)Car Payment Mistakes- If you are going to buy a car and pay monthly payments on it make sure you can afford it. Do not accept payments that are more than $300 and up in-less you have money saved up and you are getting paid more than $2,000 a month. Get a fuel-efficient car that saves you gas.

7)Not Having A Will-Make sure you have a will regardless of age. The reason I say this is if you die you do not want the state to decide what goes to who.

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Are College Graduates Underemployed or “Overeducated”

Many of us whose gone to college have been through tough moments getting a job. Question you might have to ask yourself are college graduates underemployed or overeducated? Some of us might believe if you go to college for certain amount of years you are more qualified to find a job. The truth is this I have ran into many college graduates looking for jobs and not being able to find anything. How difficult is it for anyone to go to school for more than eight years and still struggle to pay their bills. Is it fair or unfair to be underemployed? According to Annalyn Kurtz reporter at “some Americans are becoming overeducated for the jobs that are available to them, as data shows more college educated workers are taking low-skill jobs that are clearly below their qualifications.”


Are College Graduates Getting Good Jobs?

Are college graduates getting the jobs in their field and the answer is no? I have seen college graduates work in a minimum wage job and not being able to find anything else. Not only that but some also go back to school to start a new field. I wrote a post about mastering your skills to make money click here to read more. I believe in the next upcoming years getting a job in the field your go to college for is going to get harder. If you are in a situation of being underemployed with a college degree make sure you do want thing and that is master your skill. Many of us do not know how to accomplish that. For instance, if you graduated with a degree of social worker try looking for a voluteer job and also try to add one idea daily into your agenda so that way you are able to find a solution to being underemployed.

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Make Money With Your Skills

Make Money With Your Skills

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning how you can make money with your skills. Some of us who are in the work field do not know what our gifts are. We all have a set of skills that we never discover unless their is something that’s pushing us to really make money. Making money can be done by developing one skill a day. I can tell you this remember when you started the first grade back in elementary school and you did not know how to write or read and guess what by the time you finished up with your school year you knew how to read and write. Therefore, since you learned these two skills you are able to use these skills to make money. Regardless if you are employed or unemployed you have a skill that you have not discovered yet. I have ran into so many people who had skills and gave it all away. For example, I was working in a job and all of a sudden he told me quit because of the competition. I can tell you this there are so many people who quit before they even try.

Make Money with Your Skills By Developing A New Idea

One of the ways to develop a new skill is by adding a new idea daily. If you let the world smash you with conflicts and never learn how to overcome your worst enemy which is fear. Fear is the cause of people not being able to develop their skills. When you look at how many people with skills are having a difficult time find a job, they start to lean towards becoming their own boss. The wonderful thing about today’s world is their is a better way to make money with your skills and that is by starting your own business for a small investment. Think about it this way if you provide a service to others and teach them how to gain prosperity in their lives, they are going to become the person they always wanted to be. They are going to be able to pay their bills and take the vacations they always wanted. If you have a skill and you are really good at it make sure you master it until you become number one and teach others by doing the same and believe it or not but once you accomplish that you are going to see your bank account go over the roof.

Master Your Skills To Make Money

If you are going to school and you are learning a new field make sure you learn as much as possible. For instance, do your own research about the topic you are learning about do not always follow what your text books always say. Always follow what your heart and mind tells you to. watch the video below

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Are Excuses Acceptable For not Succeeding In life?

Are Excuses Acceptable For not Succeeding In life?

Most of us look for angles to succeed in life. I have ran into several people who told me they want to be this and that and they are never able to succeed in whatever they wanted to. If you say to yourself that you want to be something why not become it? Whats stopping us from accomplishing our goals is it our thought process or is it the way we are raised? Do you believe in the impossible? By you reading this post you are going to learn thats not impossible to be something you want to be. I am going to give you a list of 25 people who have been able to succeed in life by not allowing obstacles to get in their way.

1.John Lennon was abandoned by his parents and still made it to the top how did he do that?

2.John Milton became an English poet and he was blind. Have you ever ran to a situation when you thought you couldn’t do something because of some sort of problem you had?

3.Alexander the Great was a hunchback and still was able to become successful in whatever he was doing.

4.Beethoven was deaf and still was able to write. How can someone be able to become successful in writing when they cannot even hear their own voice.

5.JFK had very severe back problems always was injured and he still made it to the top by becoming president.

6.Walt Disney was let go by a newspaper publisher because he was not creative and look at his brand now. Do you think he’s creative?

7.Albert Einstein did not start to speak until the age of 4 and he was a genius.

8.Henry Ford went bankrupt 5 times and look at now where is the Ford Brand.

If you are still reading you should be already convince that yes it is possible to become successful in anything you want to do in life. Success can be achievable.

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How To Be At Peace With Money

How To Be At Peace With Money

Most of us do not know how to manage money and we are not happy with money. I can tell you this money is just paper which allows us to buy things we need and want. If you are able to learn how to manage money well and be able to let go all of the wrong things you have done with money than you are going to become prosperous  The reason I wrote this post is because I was listening to a CD yesterday about how to become at peace with money by Jeffery Combs.

Peace With Money Can Be Challenging

Many of us do not know how to be at peace with money. It can be challenging to spend money when its necessary and one thing I have learned from listening to this audio by Jeffery Combs is how to release your inner thoughts about money when its negative towards you. For example, I have seen people afraid to get credit cards because they are afraid of being overcharged or even overspending. I can tell you this if you are afraid of letting go of money it can damage you severely because if you are not happy with money you are never going to be successful in life. Have you ever been in a situation where debt collectors are calling you at 8 am everyday? What about in situations where the IRS has taken out everything from you because of not being able to pay taxes? I guess yes. Now I am going to show you four steps to become at peace with money according to Jeffery Combs.

Step 1- Make sure you look back at everything you have done wrong and regret with money. Make sure you create a list of 10

Step 2-Make sure you make a list of the greatest things you have done with money. Create a list of 10

Step 3-This is a little tricky but it works and its going to help you. Make sure you share it with a friend or someone in the self help industry that is not going to critique you or criticize you. I highly advice you not to share this with a spouse or a family member because then you might be criticized. Share only Step 2 with them.

Step 4-Write down for four weeks a review weekly on everything you have done wrong with money and do it every seven days so that way you can learn not to do and do.

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How To Overcome Phone Fear In Network Marketing

How To Overcome Phone Fear In Network Marketing

Many network marketers have phone fear on recruiting people. If you want to have success in network marketing you must overcome phone fear. All of the great network marketers are master prospectors and have learn how to overcome phone fear. The reason why I wrote this post is to help network marketers who are struggling recruiting in their business. Questions you must ask yourself is how can I overcome phone fear? Well their are two things you need to know and that is practice and knowledge.

1.Always stay positive inside your mind.
-You must eliminate words like I Can’t, If, Impossible,m I hate it, I wish, I’ll never.

2.Educate yourself as much as you can when it comes to cold calling. I highly encourage you to take notes of the objections you receive over the phone that way you practice it.

3.Make sure you learn how to understand people through words and this is key. If you ever want to learn about how to deal with different personalities visit

How To Get Started On Overcoming Phone Fear

-Put together a list of people you might know and also people you don’t know (cold market)

-Make Calls Daily at least 2 minutes per call)

-Learn how to prospect through training with Todd Falcone or Ray Higdon.

-Decide Your Ready For a Residual Income

-Keep Your Script Simple (The purpose of a script is to give your prospect information its kind of like a blueprint). Its important to understand this prospecting is a skill that can be developed through lots of hard work which pays off. You should stop saying to yourself stop trying and take action now. Take action by rehearsing what you will say, decide to make the calls and don’t fall into the trap of not doing it because of stupid excuses. All you have to do is pick up the phone and start dialing.

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