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By  Anthony Win Kosner

Facebook Is Recycling Your Likes To Promote Stories You’ve Never Seen To All Your Friends

For those of you who use Facebook you must read this article its going to be in your interest to watch this video below

If Facebook‘s new Graph Search feature has you thinking a little harder about what you’ve “liked” for fear that an ironic dalliance in years past could come back to embarrass you, here’s one more thing to worry about. Facebook is now recycling users Likes and using them to promote “Related Posts” in the news feeds of the user’s friends. And one more thing, the users themselves have possibly never seen the story, liked the story or even know that it is being promoted in their name.

This was brought to my attention through a story by Minneapolis developer Craig Condon in which he accuses Facebook of “impersonating people without their consent.” See video above for his lucid documentation of the phenomenon, including the use of a fabricated account as a demonstration tool. In his own case, he had liked the irreverent media empire, VICE, and as a result, a rude post showed up on his mother’s timeline below a heading “Craig Condon likes VICE” and a divider with a slug that said “ RELATED POST.” His mother, of course, urged him to take the post down—but he couldn’t because he had never posted it!


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Why We Live Paycheck To Paycheck

Why We Live Paycheck To Paycheck

One of the most common problems today that most people living paycheck to paycheck face is they cannot switch to another job because of the time and also fear of losing where they are at. I ran to a young man who works three jobs that does not pay him well. I ask him why doesn’t he get a better job and he responds, “I don’t have a car.” With the response he told me he does not know how to escape out of his stressful life. Not only is he working three jobs but what he tells me he is also a computer programmer. As you are reading this article you might be noticing one thing in your mind. How can we get out from living paycheck to paycheck?
Best results comes in the mind and the attitude you put in yourself. If you always have a mindset of moving up the ladder you are going to gain lots of money in your life. OK lets say you are living paycheck to paycheck and you pay rent about $900 dollars a month, why don’t you live in a place where you can pay less. Also why don’t you cancel your cable bill and stay with a cell phone bill and internet if you have one. The most important things in your mind should be to reduce expenses. Now one of the worst situations to be in is when your car breaks down and you are left with nothing but no solution to fix it. Believe it or not but their will always be ways to get around situations.

Step 1 Take As Much Responsibility As Possible

The first thing you need to do is take resposiblity for you financial situation. You need to forget everything in the past that has been negative and not good to you. Whenever you make a mistake make sure you learn from them. If lets say you bought something that was no use to you that’s something you would learn from. For instance, I remember back when I was 18 years old, I was so irresponsible with money that all I did was spend spend and spend. I did not have any control over things. But after the years I learned from my mistakes.

Step 2 Spend Less

You need to cut costs in everything you spend. Lets say you buy a pie of pizza everyday you might be spending over $70 dollars a week when you can spend much less. Try to buy less expensive clothing, downgrade your cable bill, and finally change your eating habits as well. The most important thing you need to do is reduce the quality of life. One of the things I have notice is the people who live paycheck to paycheck most of the time they hate their job and hate their life. Make sure to keep in record of everything you spend through out the day. And when the end of the week comes up you go over your list and find out what you can knock off.

Why We Live Paycheck To Paycheck

Why We Live Paycheck To Paycheck

Why We Live Paycheck To Paycheck

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Happiness First Before Stress

Happiness First Before Stress

Most of us today who are working in a job that’s stressful end up being unhappy. The best way to create happiness first is by accepting your job, a relationship, and a positive lifestyle. If you live a stressful lifestyle you are going to be in a situation where things are not going to turn great for you. It could be possible that conditions in life might send you to stress yourself out over bank balance, paying your bills on time and other situations in life. I can tell you my honest opinion happiness comes first and many of us do not know how to develop that in ourselves. If you are a workaholic and love to work only because of the money instead of spending time with your family that you might lead yourself into a divorce or separation from your children. I was speaking a couple of weeks ago to a lady who is a doctor in the process of getting a divorce. As I was sitting down with this doctor she explains the reasons why and its because her husband is an attorney and the both of them never spend time they both feel that money and their job is more important than their relationship. The mistake married couple did was rely only on money instead of happiness being first.

Happiness First Before Being Prosperous

Most of us want to be prosperous in our life. If we take the time to analyze how to deal with situations when it comes with money, we need to understand how to build happiness in our life. I can tell you this if you work hard and you make lots of money always treat yourself on a weekly bases. For instance, lets say you go to the gym and you set a goal for yourself of losing 2 pounds a week make sure you do something enjoyable. Now one thing I can tell you most of us grew up with the mindset of being employed in a good job and also going to school to get a great education, the problem that occurs is when things do not turn out the way we expected we get stressed out and are unhappy. The best solution to things is to prepare your mind with as much positive things. If you take your attitude lets say and never put yourself down you are going to be on top of things. In order to gain prosperity you need to put happiness first.  Watch Video

Happiness First Before Stress

Happiness First Before Stress

Happiness First Before Stress

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5 Tips For College Students

5 Tips For College Students

After writing numerous articles about tips on how to make money, I decided to write this article about 10 tips for college students to take the right path towards their goals. When I was twenty six years Old I went back to school and one thing I found out is many students go to school because they are forced to go because of their parents. I think if a child wants to go to college they should have a why in their mind also they need to know what their goals are. I am going to share with you ten tips on how to create a prosperous college experience.

Tip 1: “Why Am I Going To College?”

If you are still reading you might be asking yourself why am I going to college and one thing you need to understand is this, is it because of the money or is it because you want to become a better person in life. I have seen student come out of high school with straight A’s and all of a sudden they go to college and mess up. Why does that happen? It might be because children are forced to go because their parents want them to be better than them. Your goal should be much different than other peoples experience. You must ask yourself what is it that you want to be and how you are going to gain that experience.

Tip 2: Think About Your College Experience Ahead

Before you start college you must have a vision of where you are going to be 5 years from the time you start. Trust me if you do this you are going to see huge results because once you accomplish your dream of what you wanted to be your income is going to grow and also you are going to become a better person. Whenever you get a chance read this magazine and its an article about (Having A Plan B page 27) You should describe it in details on how successful you are going to be once you go through your college experience. The power of having a vision and thinking about your goals in college experience is you are able to fix your mistakes before they come up. Therefore, make sure you create a vision for yourself.

Tip 3:Set goals Up For Each Class

If you are in college in this moment you might be going through some classes that you dislike. I can tell you this you must set a goal for yourself. These are the goals you should set:

1.Try getting letters of recommendation from teachers.
2.Make sure you have a perfect attendance in each class.
3.Make sure you master the material

Tip 4: Always get An Early Start

What I mean by this is make sure you have an early start each day. The reason I say this is because if you wait to the last minute to do your term papers its not going to be a good one. You are going to be rushing all the time, stress is going to come out of you, and more. For example, this is my routine, I wake up at 5 am everyday and I go to the gym to exercise after that I get on the computer and write articles. After that I continue on with my day to day thing. Therefore its important to get things done early.

Tip 5: Learn Memory Techniques

Memory techniques is a very powerful tool to always have in hand. I use a home page that allows you to receive all the memory training that you would wish for that would help you with your college.

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How To Generate 25 Leads A Day Using Offline Marketing

Last night I went to a network marketing meeting and I ran to a friend who I started three years ago, he asked me how can he generate leads everyday using offline marketing. I told him there is a way that you can generate 25 leads a day using offline marketing. Now lets be honest networking with others in a meeting is alot better than using the phones to recruit people into your business. The reason meetings are better is because you get to help each other with ideas.

Prevent These Mistakes Using Offline Marketing

Most network marketers who get started in a business, are told to talk to their friends, family and co-workers, the problem is they are not taught anything about target market. If you focus on talking to big thinkers instead of small thinkers you are going to generate 25 leads a day using offline marketing. What I always liked about being in the free enterprise industry is the way we develop ourselves. Most of us grow up and just stay in one place for the rest of their lives. We get a job and just keep working there until we retired. Guess what do you think the way things are going today with the economy that retirement pensions are going to get better absolutely not. Your best choice is to have a Plan B and start building a business from the comfort of your home. Whenever you are prospecting to others always remember to write down your mistakes and also the objections you are getting from people. One of the most common objections that you will get when trying to generate 25 leads is:

“I dont have the money.”
“I dont have the time.”
“Is this a another of those pyramid scheme.”
“Are you selling me anything.”

Important Tip to remember about generating 25 leads if you hand out business cards to 30 people a day, I guarantee you are going to have success in your business. How about this if you cold call 100 people a day? Now lets say you cold call for 7 days and all of a sudden you are not getting any responses, whats going to happen is the more you do it the more results you are going to see.

Mistake Number 2 Using Offline Marketing

Do not try to do presentations from your home because if you invite people to the presentations its not going to be a good thing. The best way to invite others is through events. If you have a business and you want your friends and family or even prospects to sign up in your business you need to hand them information that’s going to lead to curiosity.

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Helpful Network Marketing Information You Can Use Now

The more educated you are about network marketing the more money you are going to make. If you ask anyone about network marketing today they might respond “oh your into that pyramid scheme.” Guess what who ever tells you that have not done enough research to about MLM information that can be used now. This post is going to help you with whatever you need to become a leader in whatever business you are in.

Helpful MLM Information Tip 1

If you surf the net all the time you should be able to have enough time to go through network marketing forums. The reason why its great its because it can help you learn new strategies to build your business. The best part of a network marketing forum is you are able to share information with everyone as well as others doing the same. Not only that but you are able to find a business partner that might help you with things you might be weak at. Your goal should be to put as much mlm effort as possible to become successful. Joining different discussion boards and social communities is going to lead you to the right track.

Helpful MLM Information Tip 2

Have a business plan in order to achieve success. Being in the network marketing industry you need to have a goal set up aside that is going to build you more and more. As you are looking at you business plan you need to jot down all the things that need to be done within yourself. If you invested three hundred dollars you better off making sure that money is going to be coming back. The way you do that is by prospecting daily. Not only that but also make sure once you create your business plan to get everyone in your primary business to participate and be communicative with you.

Helpful MLM Information Tip 3

I have sponsored many reps and some make it and some don’t. The onces that do not make it end up making excuses of not having time. How can that be if we have 24 hours in a day, we surely have time and if we have time to talk to friends and family we certainly have time to build your business. Believe it or not but lets say you are told that if you talk to 25 people a day about your business and by the end of 90 days you are going to make a million dollars, I guarantee most people would take the attempt in accomplishing it. Now if you are prospecting and lets say you spend 45 minutes on one person trying to explain the opportunity that is not a good thing because that is time wasting.

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Overcoming Difficult Obstacles

Overcoming Difficult Obstacles

Many of us who are in a situation of trying to progress in life sometimes their might be something in our mindset that does not allow us to accomplish our dreams. Whether your dream is to become a movie star, singer, or a millionaire there will always be something trying to stop us from succeeding. Why is it overcoming obstacles is so difficult to break down. I will be explaining to you everything you need to know on how to break down the mental blockness of negativeness.

Step 1 Overcoming Obstacles

You first need to control your inner thought by becoming more and more positive about yourself. If you are the kind of person who is always being negative about yourself you are never going to be successful in your life. I learned from experience that the best way to becoming successful is through having a strong mindset.

“By releasing control over circumstances, you gain more control over your life.”
—Kyle Maynard

Its important to read the quote by Kyle Maynard when it comes to overcoming obstacles. Always ask yourself what can I improve in daily. Believe it or not if you have something you want to accomplish you need to build yourself one step at a time. Learning how to overcome your obstacles can be accomplishable.

Step 2 Overcoming Obstacles

If you are one of does that never asks questions than you are never going to learn from your mistakes. Nobody is perfect! You must build value in yourself. If you are really good at exercising why not become an expert in it and teach it to others. Guess what you have built value in yourself. You must feel important at all time no matter what stage you are in.

Step 3 Overcoming Obstacles

Always try to reach new levels in your life. I have been in situations where my sales have been down in my job and what I did was ask myself what was I doing wrong? I can tell you one thing that worked for me was affirmations and educating myself to learn more and more about what I need to do to become a better person. If you are faced with a really difficult task you must continue moving by focusing on the task.

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Four Causes Of Financial Stress

Four Causes Of Financial Stress

Many of us want to retire without any financial stress. The reason why I am writing this post its because I have seen so many people who are going through lots of financial stress. The way I see things is we are going through one of the biggest causes of stress which is money. If you are currently working in a job your stress might be losing your job. Well guess what now we see people having two jobs to pay bills. Financial stress is one of the most common reason why divorces occur, illness, and more.

Four Causes Of Financial Stress

1.Being In Debt-Many of us are in debt because we were never taught in school on how to manage money. For instance, in the past banks we were having access to different lines of credit, credit cards, and mortgages and now because of the economy it has gotten harder for people to pay their debts.

2.Stock Market-If you look at how the stock market was functioning back in the 1990’s we were seeing a huge financial growth. Now ever since 2000-2012, our economy has worsen because of how the expenses are going. People are afraid of money being lost.

3.Real Estate-The housing market has gone down ever since the economy collapse. Because of the mortgage crisis, people are not getting approved to buy a home like they used to. Now its harder because of so many people with bad credits.

4.Educational System- Being in the educational system can be difficult because you might learn how to write and read but the lack of learning how to manage money is a big reason why so many of us are in debt and it causes financial stress. If you are doing well financial you might of had gain your knowledge of education through your friends and family.

The Solution To Financial Stress

The way to cure financial stress is through learning how to make money. Gaining good financial habits and being around the right people is the best way to becoming the best at what you want to be.

1.Read motivational books daily

2.Listen to self development audios

3.Eat healthy

4.Exercise daily

5.Learn Affirmations

Watch this Tony Robbins Video on financial freedom

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8 Reasons Why Network Marketing Is Preferable Than Any Job

Imagine you being in a job and all of a sudden you come home and tell your wife that you have received a ONE DAY NOTICE of being let go. How horrible is that for someone who comes to work and has bills to pay and all of a sudden no money to survive. The reason why I am telling you this is because I have seen over the years friends and family lose their job over nuance. I have seen friends of mine graduate from college and not being able to find jobs. How horrible is that to say? The best solution to not getting into a situation where you lose your job is Network marketing. I highly recommend and never put down any network marketing company because what it does is it helps you make money and gain financial freedom.

Now lets go to the 8 Reasons Why Network Marketing Is Way Better Than Any Job

1)Low Investment-Many people today pay thousands and thousands of dollars to get a good education and not be able to find a job. Also to start a small business many people prefer to pay 50-100 thousand dollars to start and than end up going out of business. Being part of the network marketing industry you are able to leverage and become part of a business with less than a $800.

2)Fire Your Boss-The best part is being your own boss and not having a 9-5 job. Being free and making your own paycheck weekly is the best thing to become part of.

3)Providing Service-You are going to sell or provide a service to the general public that is going to be beneficial to them. With a Job you are working paycheck to paycheck without taking care of the customer. Network Marketing company allows you to help customers better and also enroll them into making money as well.

4)Tax Savings-Starting a home based business can be very beneficial for you when it comes to taxes. Many small business pay very high taxes and end up closing down.

5)No Restrictions or Regulations- No clocking in or clocking out, waiting for your boss to tell you when to go on break and when you could go on a bathroom break. You are able to set your own time and make money.

6)Diversity-Network Marketing does not discriminate against anybody. The best part is you have the ability to make more money than a doctor if you put all your heart into it.

7)Training/Support-If you pay 50-100 to start a small business there is no training in how to run that business. With network marketing you are part of a team. Everybody helps everyone else make money and motivate each other.

8)Income Available- You are able to make immediate income both full time and part time. If you are long enough in this industry you can retire at a young age.


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The Power Of Compounding Effect

The Power Of Compounding Effect

Many of us do not know what compounding effect means? If you are in the sales industry and you have a customer line which you talk to and leave information for them to get back to you, they will get back to you in the next few months. I will give you another example, lets say you knock doors and its a hundred you knock. You are receiving 100 no’s this means the universal owes you a 100 yes. In the next few months whats going to happen you are going to get customers calling you back. The power of compounding effect is it works. Lets say someone gives you $3 million upfront or one cent that doubles everyday for a months, which would be your best choice for you to pick? Most people would choose $3 million.

Lets start to think like investors do when they start a business. Whenever you think about investing you think about growing your money as fast a possible. The main goal is to think long term and not short term.

“In this example we see why consistency over time is so important. On day twenty-nine, you’ve got your $3 million; your friend has around $2.7 million. It isn’t until day thirty that your friend pulls ahead, with $5.3 million and it isn’t until the very last day of this month long ultra marathon that your friend blows you out of the water; they end up with $10,737,418.24 to your $3 million. (‘The Compound Effect’, Darren Hardy, Success Media, 2010. P 10-11)

What Did You Learn About The Power Of The Compound Effect?

By now you should have an idea on how to invest and why so many rich people make money and its because they understand what compound effect means. Its a money driving force that can take you to places in your mind like you never been before. Network marketers and direct sales people understand this concept very well. The main goal is to stay consistent with whatever you are doing.

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