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MLM Help | Why MLM In Economic Recession (Part 1)

What Is An Economic Recession?

When Americans got hit with the economic recession we suffer lots of job lost. Americans are less confident to invest now more than ever because of how the economy is going. So many bankruptcy, wages being cut of and consumers buying less stuff, we are facing a disaster now. For those that are still employed they have one thing in mind and that is fear of losing their job. Now for those that have lost their job because of companies shutting down on them are looking for other ways to make money. There has to be an understanding of what recession requires and that is low-cost of an investment to becoming entrepreneurship. This is the reason many people are joining mlm companies because of the growth and financial freedom. How would you like to pass by Macy’s or JC Penny’s and buy anything you want without a worry of spending.

How Has Growth In MLM Happen During Economic Recession

According to the press release from Herbalife during economic recession in 2008

Herbalife Experiencing Stellar Sales Despite Slumping Economy

3 November 2008 – Herbalife, the global multi-level/network marketing (MLM) giant reported its 19thconsecutive quarter of double digit sales growth, according to a recent earnings report. The company grew sales 13.7% to $602 million in the third quarter.

The sales gains were attributed to the company’s global growth, including double digit sales gains globally. Profit margins were reported at 14.7%. Herbalife also has $33 million in capital expenditures, primarily in technology investments for distributors.

North American sales were up 23% over third quarter 2007, despite a worsening economy domestically. “In these turbulent economic times, we believe we’re in a fortunate position at the intersection of health and wealth,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Johnson. Herbalife’s products are sold in more than 69 countries with more than 1.9 million independent distributors.

When during economic recession that we had back in 1973-75, there was an explosive growth in the network marketing industry.

To Be Continued

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Start Your Home Based Business In the Right Track

Start Your Home Based Business In the Right Track

Learning how to start your home based business in the right track can take some time.  The reason why I say this its because if you do not have any guidance and you never experienced anything with a network marketing company it tends to be difficult.  Lets say you start a company and they tell inform you about their compensation plan of making $1000 a sale and residual, now the problem is what happens if you don’t make any sales for three months?  You end up dropping out because of not being able to make any sales.  I can tell you this what normally happens with a newbie is they have these short term goals…

that end up not happening for them they do not understand the concept of starting a home based business being a long term plan.   Watch video below



Don’t Fail In Starting Your Home Based Business

I will assure you as you are reading this post that you understand some of the ways to build your business that way you start in the right track with your home based business.  First thing is you need to build a social media connection with others and a presence.  Attraction marketing is so powerful when it comes to starting of your home based business.  I honestly believe you should create as many social media accounts as possible and make as many friends as possible that way you can start getting people to sign up in your business by seeing what you are doing.

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Benefits Of Business Owners Using Online Marketing Strategies

If you are a business owner and do not know how to market your business online you are in the right place. What I’m about to show you is strategies on how to get more income into your pocket. I can tell you this a couple of months ago, I was talking to a real estate agent and he was telling me about his trouble of not being able to reach out to enough people, I told him about online marketing. He thought it was a joke and its useless to market your business online. I explained to him the benefits of business owners using online marketing strategies. When I was done with him he was so interested that he wanted to pay me to help him with it. I told him I am not going to charge him. What I told him I want him to be in my team and from their I was going to help him promote his business online.

Online Marketing Strategies Can Very Useful For Business Owners

Online marketing strategies can help you create an team like you never before thought of. I can tell you this the best way to implement online marketing strategies is through learning daily on new strategies and teaching others how to do it.

Jim Rohn Quotes and as Jim would say… Study, Practice and Teach!

I learned the hard way when I started network marketing. I was going to friends and family and the responses I was getting  “is that a pyramid scheme.” I was not getting results at all. Read the rest of this entry

Learn How To Get Your Phone Service For Free With Solavei

Many of us today are getting overcharged using our cell phones. I can tell you from experience before I joined Solavei, I was paying a $130 with AT&T. I did not have UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT, and WEB, I had limits. I was locked into a TWO YEAR CONTRACT. It really sucked for me because not only was I getting overcharged, but I was trying to save money in some way. So a friend introduced me to Solavei a Social Commerce company that allows you to get your cell phone for free and also make money. Now don’t get me wrong some people are comfortable paying $111 a month on their mobile service and some are not. I have spoken to numerous amounts of people about this situation in regards of the overcharges with their current provider and most of them wish to have their cell phone service for free. If you join Solavei today you are going to pay only $49 a month for UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT, and WEB .

Phone Service For Free With Solavei

Solavei did a pre launch in July 2012 and they started something called the lane where individuals would sign up and become part of a lane until it would officially launch. The launch officially started September 21, 2012. To go further in explaining why I joined solavei, I really felt financial freedom was a need for me. I got tired of working for someone else, not being able to spend time with my family, not being able to go on vacations wherever I want, I just got tired. So I began to share Solavei through social media and word of mouth using offline marketing strategies. I can tell you this before you join make sure you have a vision in mind and write your goals down that way you are able to aim towards it. Once you start you are only going to pay $49 per month unlimited Talk, Data, Text and save money monthly. Now you necessarily don’t have to recruit others if you don’t want you can just pay your monthly payments. But in order for you to become financially free you need to tell others about the Solavei Opportunity.  Solavei has changed my life watch video to learn more about Solavei.

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3 Reasons Solavei Is A Great Business Opportunity

How many times have you came across a network marketing company? There is a good chance of a lot of hype in the beginning. For instance, with fast start bonus, chasing your friends and family, and more. The reason I wrote this post is to show you the 3 reasons solavei is a great business opportunity. I also want to explain what to look at a company before joining.

A Great Business Opportunity Now With Solavei

Make sure you look at your ROI (Return On Investment). Many of us when we sign up with a business do not see how much money we spend in the beginning. Whenever you join a business you should look at if you are going to get your returns fast. You should make sure you turn your investment into a profit and not a lost of money.

One of the reason solavei is a great business opportunity its because you can start signing people up. I don’t want you to think network marketing is easy its not it takes work and dedication to become successful. If you recently joined Solavei you should have a goal to enroll ten people and help your down-line do the same thing. The reason why I tell you to enroll as many people as possible its so you can get your cell phone for free and also make your investment back. The key is to contact as many people as you can and tell them the benefit of Solavei. Many will not understand because in their mind it might seem like a pyramid scheme. But I will guarantee you this once you become successful with solavei you are going to see a huge turn around on those people who rejected you.

Make Sure The Business Opportunity Is A Low Cost

When I got into the network marketing industry three years ago, I remember I started of with $500. I can tell you this if the price is high to start than its going to be difficult for you to enroll others. The benefit of Solavei its a low start up cost. In joining Solavei you only pay $49 Dollars a month for Unlimited Talk, Text, and 4G Data. Not only that there are lots of people that love Solavei because you are able to promote your business and make money on top of that. What company pays you to promote something and on top of that its something you are paying for in this moment.

Solavei Offers Training

Marketing training is very important in a business. Most people today who join a network marketing company do not look at the training that the company provides. If they do offer the training they are going to try to sell you another product to train. The great thing about Solavei it offers training that you are not going to learn from other companies. Now if you join my team I will provide you with special training that I have been able to learn over the years. I will call you personally and help you build this Solavei business.

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Why I joined Solavei | The Best Phone Plan

Why I joined Solavei | The Best Phone Plan

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning why I joined Solavei? In order to become successful in life you need to have a vision. I have been in the network marketing industry for almost three years right now and it was difficult for me in the beginning because I was clueless with what I was getting into. Once a friend of mine introduced me to the concept of residual income. I learned about residual income in a way like never before. Getting paid over and over again just like big companies that sell stuff to the general public. If you think about it don’t you thin the owners of Walmart, Home Depot, and Best Buy make residual income? Off course they do they make hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly income. I can tell you this if these big companies are making this kind of money through leverage why can’t regular people start a business from home? The reason I joined Solavei is because they provide the best phone plan for consumers.

Is Solavei The Best Phone Plan

The reason I joined solavei is because they have the best phone plan in the U.S. The main reason why I joined solavei is because I am able to tell others about it with no problem. It is easy to start a conversation with others about their current cell phone service. I also like the fact that I am getting paid for telling others on how to make money through word of mouth.

Why Solavei Will Work For You

If you have seen generation through generation the mobile industry has increased massively. Every single person you speak to has a cell phone service. I mostly ask people about how much they are paying for their cell phone service and most of the time they tell me its over $70 and over. Think about it this way whenever you leave your house to work, you always think about three things to not forget which is your cell phone, keys, and purse/wallet.

At this point in time, according to 85% of people use cell phones and by 2012 most online searches will be done by a mobile phone.

My understanding is cell phones are going to be the next thing and its the next thing right now.  For instance, I used to sell cable door to door and most of the time what I used to run into was people telling me they are not interested in land-line phone service. They tell me they have a cell phone already why do they need land-line phone service. I couldn’t sell triple plays instead I was selling mostly double plays which were internet and T.V. services. Not only was I having problem with T.V. service but I was also running into people telling me about them only interested in internet because of streaming movies to their T.V. Therefore, I joined Solavei because it can be offered to the masses.

Watch Video Below


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5 Reasons Why Online Marketers Fail

5 Reasons Why Online Marketers Fail

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in finding out how to not fail in your network marketing business. As you know there are so many online marketers that fail today and we don’t know why? Is it because of the overwhelming of information being done or is it because of the money not being easily deposited into their account? You are shortly about to find out in less than a minutes on why so many fail.

5 Reason Why Internet Marketers Fail

1) Reason 1 They quit too early and its because of the time and money being invested. I can tell you from experience, I have heard so many successful online marketers succeed by investing thousands of dollars a month and I completely understand we all cannot spend thousand of dollars on marketing our business, but at least if you are able to spend your money wisely it is possible for you to make six figures with a low budget.

2)Reason 2 its because of lack of dedication which causes failure in your business. I highly advice you to be consistent with your online marketing business.

3)Reason 3 its because the lack of promoting your business online which means you only rely on copy and pasting which is not a good way to build your business. I highly suggest you to prospect to others that way you can help them with the information you are providing them. Make sure you are not spamming all you need to do is give them something for free for them to look at your information instead of selling them your products and services.

4)Reason 4 online marketers do not use the right tools to build their business. If you are using tons of tools to build your business than you might be overwhelmed because of not being able to see results. I highly recommend you to stick to two or three tools until you master it and than move on but don’t get overwhelmed because than you are going to get frustrated.

5)Reason 5 online marketers fail because they do not set a goal for themselves. I can tell you this from experience goal setting is so important in anything you do in life. Make sure you write down your daily goal and annual goal. Make a list of HUNDRED goals you want to reach.

Watch video Below on Why Online Marketers Fail

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Solavei Success | Financial Freedom Today

Solavei Success | Financial Freedom Today

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning how to gain financial freedom today with solavei success. In order to reach solavei success you need to learn different methods of marketing. You need to master one thing at a time and not get overwhelmed by putting yourself with too much information.


Why Is there Solavei Success Today (Must Join)

Solavei is a new type of network marketing company that offers financial freedom through saving and making money with something you are already using. Solavei success today can be a simple process of signing up and changing your mobile phone with a cheaper rate that would allow you to have financial freedom with a cell phone service for free. Who wouldn’t want free cell phone service and make money on top of that. By joining Solavei you are paying $49 a month talk, text, and 4G unlimited everything.

Watch This AMAZING Video

Financial Freedom Today Is the Real Reason Solavei Success Is occuring

The referral system through social commerce has been a big reason why so many people are joining solavei. Think about it this way you are able to get your mobile service for free. For instance, AT&T, Verizon, and other companies all offer contracts and also they overcharge alot of people. Saving money seems to be the reason why so many people are joining Solavei. The benefit of this referral problem its helping lots of people achieve Solavei success. One important thing to remember, Solavei is the worlds first social commerce network that’s giving the people to become a walking billboard. Watch video below

What Is Solavei?

If you are interested in learning how to get your cell phone for free click here


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Network Marketing Success (Read Before Joining)

Network Marketing Success

Before you join a network marketing company you need to read this blog post to understand how it works.  As we all know network marketing is an industry to gain financial freedom.  If you don’t know how to network with other people than you should not become a network marketer.  I wrote this blog was to show you how to gain network marketing success.  I am tired of seeing network marketers quit before six months of them being in it.  Most of the time its because of not being able to evaluate the company they are in.  I highly recommend you to watch the video below to prevent failure in network marketing.

Join this Company!!!!

How Stop Network Marketing Failure

Stopping Network marketing failure tends to be difficult because the ones that quit end up talking bad about network marketing companies.  I can tell you this if lets say you have your up line making twenty thousand dollars and all he is doing is cold calling and he tells you to do so you can make the same amount, it might be possible you might not do it because of the rejections being received.  The solution to stop network marketing failure is by expanding your comfort zone to a limit where you are able to master it.  If marketing online is your weakness learn how to do it and believe it or not you are going to be more valuable to your company once you learn how to do it.   Watch video below


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If you want to learn how to recruit with power you need to take your mind into another level. Many network marketers today do not have the confidence to talk to people offline. For instance, when I started in the network marketing industry I did not know how to recruit with power. I was afraid to make videos and talk about myself. Now if you visit my you tube page Click here you would notice I have close to a hundred videos. I will give you this advice if you do not have an attitude that would make you more powerful within yourself, you are not going to go any where in your business. For instance, watch this video below which talks about how to recruit with power.





You have to learn how to overcome your fear. If you feel that in order to make money you need to go out and talk to people do it. I will guarantee you if you go out lets say you go to the gym and you tell people about your business its going to get easier the more you do it day by day. For instance, when I started cold calling on the phone I was calling over three hundred people daily and I was so afraid in the beginning that I could not pick up the phone, but suddenly whenever I would look at a magazine that I had about dream homes and cars I would just do it. Believe it or not if you take a picture of your dream home always look at it daily so you can always have that in mind. Your number one goal should be buying that home as soon as possible. Everyone has a breakthrough in their life. If you put yourself in the area of being unsuccessful ask yourself why are you. Make sure you add one new idea daily into your routine. I would highly recommend taking notes daily of what you are currently doing so that way you can work on your mistakes.

I made the video above so you can understand how to overcome fear.  This is the number one reason why people do not succeed in their business because of fear.  Fear would shut you down completely in your life.  This is why I wrote this blog post because I am tired of seeing so many network marketers not being able to recruit with power.


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