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Network Marketing Residual Income Business

Network Marketing Residual Income Business

When people start with a Network Marketing business, they join it because of residual income. The beauty of having residual income in your business is you are able to get paid over and over again for something that was done once. If the concept of residual income was more understood behind jobs people would not be focusing getting paid hourly instead of residually. The power of having a network marketing residual income it can generate more income than your current job if you put enough work into it.

Are Their Secrets To Network Marketing Residual Income?

Every network Marketing company has different compensation plans that are design for you to make money through the power of duplication. According to Rob Fore’s blog he states

* One company offers a unique service costing only $31 per month. Distributors earn a 2-32% commission depending on where the volume falls within the compensation plan. Let’s say the “average” commission is 8%. This would mean you would have to have 40,4322 on your team to earn a $100,000 per year passive residual income.

* A well-known internet company pays ONE DOLLAR per month passive income on a $10 per month subscription. So to earn that same $100,000 per year… you will need to have a team of 100,000 active customers or distributors on autoship.

* Yet another 500+million dollar per year, publicly-traded health and wellness company pays charges an average of $240 per month to stay active. You can select from vitamins, skin care or weight loss products. Being a binary program, they pay a solid 20% commission on the WEAKEST LEG volume. This mean, in essence, you’ll earn on 50% of your efforts. To rake in $100,000 per year… you will need about 9000 active distributors… 4500 on the left leg and 4500 on the right leg.

Now the argument towards this is how can a network marketer make more than they get paid with their current job. I’ll tell you what if you think long term than its for you for instance, building your business 3 hours a day 15 hours a week would lead you to residual income in 6-8 months depending on your company. Watch video below

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How To Help People Grow Their Income Through Solavei

When I joined Solavei I felt it was the right decision to become part of it. If you look around your friends and family every single person needs a cell phone. And one of the things I thought about when I started this with this company was to help people grow their income through Solavei. The reason why its because their are too many people over paying for their cell phone service. Who would not want to make money and save money in the same time. I decided to join this company because it can be offered to the masses. The benefit of joining Solavei is you are able to offer it to more people than just a simple lotion and vitamins. Its long term and also as you sponsor people into your business you are going to have a lower retention rate.

People who are unemployed would benefit from using solavei. Lets say you are receiving unemployment of $150 a week and your cell phone bill is 80-90 dollars a month how would you like to receive it for free on top of that receive $650 as a bonus. This is insane to say! Solavei is going to be the next big thing in the next upcoming years I highly recommend you looking at the information to see how you get paid and watch the video below.

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Pay Your Credit Card Debt With A Cell Phone

Pay Your Credit Card Debt With A Cell Phone

If you are reading this post its because you might be in a situation where you are in credit card debt or you might know someone who is in credit card debt. I am going to be discussing in this post how to get out of credit card debt by using your cell phone. If you listen to the news or read the newspaper daily you will notice how businesses are closing down because of people not being able to spend.

Credit Card Debt Can Be Stressful

As you might have not noticed in the United States there are $800 billion dollars on credit cards not paid. Now does that mean its the consumers fault, absolutely not if you think about it lets say you are a father of three kids and suddenly you are working with a $20 per hour job and you are responsible to pay 75% of the bills in your household along with your wife. Now you lose your job and all of a sudden you have to go unemployed because now not only can you pay your debts but searching for a job is every difficult today to do. Many people who get into credit card debt is because they lose their current job and don’t have a choice but to stop paying their credit cards. We might end up reaching a trillion dollars by the end of 2013.
Watch Video To Learn How How Pay Your Credit Card Debt



I believe the best way to pay your credit card is with solavei and the reason why its because you have the potential to make $20,000 dollars a month thats $120,000 a year. Everyone uses cell phones today and who wouldn’t like to have their cell phone bill for free. We are talking about a life changing opportunity. An opportunity that would allow you to take the vacation trips you always dream of, buy the house of your dreams and also finance never being an issue for you. Click Here To Watch video

Ranking First Page Of Google In Less Than Ten Minutes

Have you ever thought about how websites are viewed by others.  Now the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO)is something alot of network marketers and business owners use to get their sites ranking first page of Google in less than ten minutes.  Now if you are a marketer I know every day you open up your computer you search for you website to see if its rank in the top of Google   There are lots of traditional SEO methods that would cause you to spend thousands of dollars in tools to get your ranking first page of Google in less than ten minutes and in all honesty I believe there are people out their that cannot afford in spending instead they prefer to get some sort of income in order to reinvest in their marketing.

Learning Powerful To Ranking The First Page Of Google In Less Than Ten Minutes

I am going to show you some of the strategies that I have been able to implement to ranking the first page of Google in less than ten minutes.  It has been shown that videos is the most powerful way to get more viewers to your information.  Remember one thing that’s important whenever you are creating a video you must provide value to the market place.  I understand one thing that its important is not to spam your content by selling selling selling, you must provide benefits first before you offer your service.  You must look at the industry of marketing online as a way to reach more people to your content. I do know there are some marketers online that are afraid of creating videos for themselves.  I am going to be honest I was very shy in the beginning when I start internet marketing.  I did not want to brand myself because I was afraid of exposure, my advice to you is take massive action in to marketing your business.  Do things that are uncomfortable for you to do.  If its putting videos of yourself on Facebook do it so you can learn and also others can see your content.  One thing I can tell you is this who ever criticizes you in video marketing delete them or block them and don’t give up in what you are doing.  Watch the video below to learn how to get your site ranking in the first page of Google in less than ten minutes.

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Is Hurricane Sandy Creating A Sense Of Urgency?

Its crazy to say how nature can take us to a level where we just do not know what to do.  Hurricane Sandy has caused people to spend so much money on their homes and also on food in case of an emergency.  For instance, I was in Home Depot and the reports show from one store they made in one day over 200,000.  What does that tell you about how we spend money?  It means that when we are going through a tough moment we would do whatever it is to find a solution.  The reason I wrote this article is because I wanted to indicate how people think in regards of their spending.  Lets say you are marketing a home based business and you are speaking to a person who just lost his job and has a two kids and also a wife to maintain, guess what happens I ask him to start a business from home to make money to create a better lifestyle for himself and his family.  He ignores my request and I explain to him this is something he should always consider to have a Plan B.   Now the point I am trying to get across here is people are willing to spend on things that are needed but not on things that are really needed.  Watch video below on hurricane sandy

Do you think Solavei is the solution to hurricane problems or when you lose your job?  Remember this you are spending on something you need and its a cell phone bill that can be for free based on how many people you refer to.  More information click here


Solavei Success | Learn How To Overcome Fear

Solavei Success | Learn How To Overcome Fear

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning how to overcome fear with solavei or mlm company.  Solavei success comes into play when you do things you never done before which is to tell others about your opportunity.  In order for you to learn how to overcome fear you need to do things that its uncomfortable for you which is cold calling if you have to and also marketing yourself online.  Now there are ways to market yourself and that is branding.  Watch this Solavei success video.

Solavei Success On How to Overcome Fear

The biggest problem that most network marketers face is the fear of getting in front of an audience.  Lets say you are given the opportunity to talk in front of 200 people and its a one hour presentation would you do it?  Some will and that is if you are hungry enough to do it. I can tell you this by you speaking in front of an audience you are going to get lots of sign ups especially if you show yourself as a leader.  Overcoming fear can be learned when you are trying to accomplish solavei success. There is nothing wrong with having fear in your life and trust me you are not the only one who is going through this.  I went through it in the beginning and now that I have learned how to overcome fear I am ahead of the game in regards of solavei recruiting with power.     Its all in the mindset when it comes to overcoming fear with solavei success.  Reading your prospects mind in regards of understand their concerns on telling them how is solavei going to benefit them is going to be key for you to recruit with power.  Watch video below

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Solavei Recruit With Power

Solavei Recruit With Power

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning how to solavei recruit with power.  Its not as difficult as it might seem its as simple as possible to just tell others about the benefit of solavei.  We have everything we need in our disposal to market solavei.  Especially when you sign up not only are you going to be paying for a service that you already have also you are going to have your own website to check out the latest information about solavei.  Watch video below

Check Out Solavei Recruit With Power Video


Power Recruiting With Solavei

Power Recruiting with solavei might take some skills to do and its all about mastering your fear.  Many network marketers the biggest problem they encounter is fear of talking to people.  Fear is the number one reason why so many fail and do not pursue to gain financial freedom.  In order to make it in this business you need to take baby steps day in and day out.  Everyday is a learning curve and one of the best way to build yourself against fear is by creating a dream board of everything you want to do.  Watch Video Below

Create A Solavei Dream Board

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Learn how to create wealth with your Network Marketing business by joining my team.

Benefit of Joining Solavei

Benefit Of Joining Solavei

  • The benefit of joining solavei are the unlimited cell phone plan that many individuals are gaining. Instead of you overpaying for your cell phone service 70 dollars or higher you are only paying $49 for talk, text, and data.
  • Its a low cost to start with solavei compare to paying $200 including an autoship monthly with this company you are not going to have to worry about that.
  • The other benefit is once you refer 9 people it eliminates your monthly cell phone bill forever.
  • What solavei offers is a service thats for the masses meaning anyone can join at a low cost and the reasons why its because their are more cell phone users than ever today.
  • Solavei also has a great team with lots of experience and because of that its going to grow rapidly more and more.
  • Refer 12 and make $650 as a fast start bonus

 Watch this Solavei Video 

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Solavei Success | Learn The Power Of Duplication

Solavei Success | Learn The Power Of Duplication

Today I woke up and when I turned on my laptop I received a email from a friend asking me what is solavei? I explained to him the power of duplication of solavei success.  I told him the difference between solavei and other network marketing companies.  I want to inform that I did not bash other network marketing companies all I was doing was showing how inexpensive it is to join this company.   Solavei deals with a referral based compensation plan that leads to extraordinarily income.  Some might see mlm as a scam and its not its a business opportunity for you to become successful in life.  Solavei success is something that many see the next big thing in the upcoming years and its because of how its being endorsed.  Watch the video Below


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