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Does College Guarantee A Job?

The reason I am writing this post is because I was talking to a long time friend of mine who graduated from college with me four years ago and is looking for a job.  The question is does college guarantee a job?  Most of us who go to college want to have a guarantee job after graduating.  From my personal experience I have seen lots of friends of mine who are not working in the degree they went to school with.  For example, this long time friend of mine who went to school with me had a 3.6 GPA in all his classes.   Now as you are reading this post I don’t want you to think going to college is a bad idea as a matter of fact its a good idea because you are going to learn how to make better decisions in your life.  What I am saying is it will not guarantee you a job?

College Guarantee A Job Misconception?

If you ever thought of going four years of college is easy its not easy.  What happens is you have to work and also go to classes in the same time.  How hectic is it for some of us who go to college and after graduation we are stuck with a huge debt.  Several months ago I was talking to a lady name Emily and she went to school for international affairs and guess what she graduated and after she had a debt of $67,000 that had to be paid back.  Unbelievable to say but Emily was working at a retail store making $8.00 an hour.  Had to pay $800 a month which is crazy in my opinion.  College guaranteeing a job is a huge misconception today.  I believe the way things should be done is to have a plan B.

Learn To Have A Plan B When Attending College

The best way to have a Plan B is to start a business from home while attending college.  I believe if you work a home based business with as little as 2 hours a day you can literally turn $39 to $10,000 a month in residual income in less than 6 months.  The reason I recommend starting a business from home is because you are always going to have money coming into your bank account while attending college.  The best thing about working from home is you can set your own hours and spend time with your friends and family.  The worst  mistake you can do is invest $50,000 to $100,000 in a small business when you can start something for less than $40.  Not only that but you are going to also find other benefits that can help you save thousands of dollars in taxes yearly just for having a home based business. How would you like to get deductions on gas mileage, cell phones, education expenses, meals, car insurance, and even more… I can help you with everything I just mentioned with a simple system I have been using.  The most important thing here is for you to keep more money for yourself and in the same time for you to make more money.  Believe it or not I know there are so many people out there making thousands and thousands a  month helping other people make money from home.


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