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The Power Of Compounding Effect

Many of us do not know what compounding effect means? If you are in the sales industry and you have a customer line which you talk to and leave information for them to get back to you, they will get back to you in the next few months. I will give you another example, lets say you knock doors and its a hundred you knock. You are receiving 100 no’s this means the universal owes you a 100 yes. In the next few months whats going to happen you are going to get customers calling you back. The power of compounding effect is it works. Lets say someone gives you $3 million upfront or one cent that doubles everyday for a months, which would be your best choice for you to pick? Most people would choose $3 million.

Lets start to think like investors do when they start a business. Whenever you think about investing you think about growing your money as fast a possible. The main goal is to think long term and not short term.

“In this example we see why consistency over time is so important. On day twenty-nine, you’ve got your $3 million; your friend has around $2.7 million. It isn’t until day thirty that your friend pulls ahead, with $5.3 million and it isn’t until the very last day of this month long ultra marathon that your friend blows you out of the water; they end up with $10,737,418.24 to your $3 million. (‘The Compound Effect’, Darren Hardy, Success Media, 2010. P 10-11)

What Did You Learn About The Power Of The Compound Effect?

By now you should have an idea on how to invest and why so many rich people make money and its because they understand what compound effect means. Its a money driving force that can take you to places in your mind like you never been before. Network marketers and direct sales people understand this concept very well. The main goal is to stay consistent with whatever you are doing.

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