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Day 1 Review | What’s The Hype

If you are reading this Day 1 review is because you are
looking for information about this company before making an
intelligent decision. As you might have notice a couple of
days ago I wrote a blog post about one24 review and the
founder of it is the same as Day 1. Mark Seyforth has created
another company which has been growing successfully. Mark has
written books and also has helped other network marketing
companies with their compensation plan. His main goal is for
his company to not have 97% of distributors drop out. watch video


The way the business model is structure for Day 1 is through
linear plan. The way it works is through sharing revenue with
each other. In order for you to qualify with day 1 you need
to have a new distributor or gain a new customer to buy a
product of yours. Also you get paid for every person you refer
to the company which is $2 a month and also you get paid $2 on
your downline all the way until 15 levels down. This kind of
compensation plan is rare in other companies.

Day 1 also deals with charity by donating 10% monthly to other
companies in matching your donation. So what this means you
can pick a church or any group that you would like to donate.
The beauty of this company is you can talk to other people who
deal with charity.

In concluding this review this c0mpany has a great compensation plan.  The question that should be asked is can you succeed with it.  Now you can join but the only problem is what would happen if you don’t know how to market it.  Marketing and connecting with other people is the most important in the network marketing industry.  This is one of my advice if you are able to follow the training in your back office and also implement what I have for you after this article you are going to become successful.  What I want you to do is follow these steps in the video below.

Watch video



 P.S. Learn more secrets to build your Day1 team by being a using a strategy that’s going to help you enroll heavy hitters into your enterprise.

Also if you need more ways to market and training tips make sure you click on the top menu tab where it says YouTube to get the most updated training.

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