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I Don’t Have The Money Objection

In this post you are going to learn how to handle the money objection most people in the direct sales and network marketing industry receive on a daily basis. Its kind of hectic when you exposing your opportunity to someone else and that prospect tells you I don’t have the money. Whenever you receive this I don’t have the money objection that means that person has a vision problem. The prospects problem is they do not have the vision to picture themselves not having any financial problems. The question you ask yourself why in the world would someone tell you they do not have the money to something that’s going to change their financial life? By them saying to something that allows them to write their own paycheck, pick their own hours, and fire their boss it just does not make sense why they say that. The main reason why they said that to you its because they have been beat down and rejected by life that’s success is never near their for them. Confidence is not something that appears in their attitude. They do not believe in themselves enough to make it in life and because of that they are not able to take action.

What Do You Do If Someone Tells You The Money Objection?

Whenever someone tells you they do not have the money? Lets say I my car is worth $50,000 dollars and I tell you that I would be willing to sell it to you for $200 would you find the money to buy it from me? And again its not a money problem its a vision problem and that is a big problem today when someone tells you that type of objection. If the prospect knew their was a guaranteed if they would invest $200 they are going to make a $1000 in 30 days they would pond anything to get started. What I would do is ask friends and family to borrow money, I would sell things in craigslist, or even get a loan at a bank if I have to. The point is the money objection is not an objection its a vision problem of no confidence inside. The best way to find a solution is to think out of the box and figure it out.  If you are offered an opportunity that would be valuable to you than take it.  The question you have to ask yourself if you are running into a situation of you telling someone you do not have the money, think about it this way.  What if the opportunity you take does work and helps you accomplish everything you wished for?  Your life would have a big change.  Just take that step.  Watch video below

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