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One thing that’s important to consider is when you are part of network marketing or sales company, the word quit comes up in mind. To be a quitter when you are trying to achieve something and think of never being able to accomplish it is something we as human beings go through. Pursue your goal and dreams and don’t let your mind throw you down. If you are working door to door sales and you are not making any sales its because you need to learn from your mistake. The word quit is contagious whenever you are around people who don’t like to succeed in life. The temptation of quitting and giving up grows so much when a person does not get any results in their efforts. You question yourself is the outcome worth pursuing. Now the question does failure stand when you try to accomplish something and it does not work out? I have seen so many people work hard in what they want to accomplish and give up before even trying. I been in network marketing for a year now and I been learning more and more every day as I continue on with a goal in my mind. If you think overnight success exist it does for some, but like napoleon hill mentions in think and grow rich, “you have to work hard to become successful in life. You have to be able to visualize your dream. If you stay consistent with what you want to accomplish, it’s going to pay off in the long run. As I mentioned in previous articles, create a dream board and make sure you think about it every day. Now consider visualizing or thinking about this, in today’s world many people have a job mentality where they like people to tell them what to do. For instance, you are working in a fast food restaurant, your manager tells you when to use the restroom, when to eat, and when you are getting paid. If you don’t work than your fired. How horrible does that sound when many do give up sometimes, they hate their jobs, and curse at their bosses inside their mind. It can be disappointing when you work hard and you don’t get paid for what your worth. You don’t get treated the right way. It’s like when you are working out at a gym, and your goal is to lose weight but all of a sudden you are not losing weight instead you are gaining. What happens now, you quit because you are getting nowhere. In this moment your mindset is losing faith. Remember life is a roller coast, we all have our up and downs. There are so many things we try to do and fail. One thing you always need to keep in mind is don’t let go, give up, and quit. Think about what that task would do for you in the long run. Remember success happens when you stick to it long enough. Learn more……

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