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I Don’t Have Time To Build My Business Excuse

When it comes to being in the industry of network marketing and direct sales, we run into people that tell you I don’t have time to make sales or build my business.  Excuses like this are not real excuses, the problem is their priorities are not straighten out.   In the past I have trained many network marketers by explaining what success is and how to get their.  When my team members say they are too busy and because of not having enough time they have not been able to recruit anybody into their business, I see it as an excuse.  I ask them lets work a schedule together so we can find time so you can succeed in your business.  This is one thing I can tell you when you run into this you must tell them their is 24 hours during the day and there are millions of ways to build your business lets work something out.  Now by me explaining this does not mean I am trying to run their life, I am only trying to help them become successful.

This is what one of my team mate Jeff Radke mentioned to me one time I don’t have time,” is a lame excuse. Everyone has the same amount of time. Therefore it’s not “time management,” it’s priority management.” Network marketers must become ruthless at prioritizing their business if not they are going to fall in the 95-97 percent failure rate.

Is It Time Management Or Priority Management That Causes Time Problems

Many network marketers understand what time management means the problem they are missing is priority management and this is something that needs to be addressed.  I had a team mate of mine who had three jobs and still was sponsoring people into his business. I asked him how are you doing this and he told me because he learned how to prioritize his time.  If we all learn how to prioritize our time success would not be a problem for us.  Many of us do things on a daily basis that’s unproductive. For example, checking your email every 15-20 minutes, going on Facebook looking for gossip news,  or watching negative news that would lead nowhere.  Make sure you understand one thing I don’t have time to build my business is not a real objection is just an excuse.

How To Handle The Objection I Don’t Have Time?

1.Other than the time is their anything else preventing you from building your team.

2.Other than the time is their anything else preventing you from prospecting.

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