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Success must be earned. People who are good with money are good with services and situations. Money is not something that would make you bad, it can make you good as long as you use it in good faith and not to harm others. One thing that destroys people when they have lots of money is when they go through an emotional breakthrough. For instance, if you are a person who does not give to the poor and you have a lot of money, they might say to themselves “since I worked hard and no one helped me why do I have to help others. One time I walked into a hospital and spoke to a doctor, who was making $200 in less than 30 minutes, I was surprised when I heard this. As I kept listening to him, I saw a patient who was severally sick who did have any money or insurance. The doctor refused to help him, every person’s situation is different. If you are going to give to the poor make sure it’s to the right person who needs it. Now many people are educated, gotten a career, and traded times for dollars and one thing is this many of you have not found it rewarding for you when you have accomplished something. One thing people miss out on is solving the problem to knowing how to grow your income in less time. You have to be in the right place and take opportunities that are going to lead you to residual income. Let’s say you are working in a hotel, and suddenly you are getting paid $20 an hour. Now many of you might say that’s a great pay, but what happens is this, if you get hurt and you become disabled you cannot continue to work because your doctors tell you. They would put you on disability, pay you $1500 monthly and from their you might not be able to cover all your bills especially if you are paying a mortgage for your home. Now what would have happened if before you got disabled you had a business opportunity and made some money that would help you cover for your expenses? The situation of being disabled would have not been that painful. But for one person to rely on a job for the rest of their lives it’s complicated to say how difficult it can be to become successful. Always have a plan B in case something happens with your primary job. Always look into gaining leverage in your life when it comes to generating income from your home. Try not to trade time for dollars. The main goal is to trade dollars for time. Always remember the law of money is changing more and more every year. With the way the economy is today, there are challenges gaining money because of emotional breakthrough. If you are depressed, stressed, low self esteem, than you are going to struggle. Becoming an average person is sometimes tough. If you are working in a job, sweating every hours of the day, putting all you can to make $300 dollars a week and suddenly you get fired or let go, emotional breakthroughs are going to kick in. If you are going through this situation try to gain momentum inside you by motivating yourself that you will succeed. Repeat the affirmative, “I will succeed, I am the best, I will become a better person today.” Say to yourself affirmations that are positive not negative. Make sure you have a daily,weekly,monthly, and yearly goal. Always remember if you are trying to accomplish something today that one thing that you are doing can be rewarding for you the next day. I recommend reading napoleon hill think and grow rich; this book changed my life because of the way the wording in the book was written. Thanks for reading this post.

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