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EPX Body Thrive Versus Monster Energy Drink

In today’s world we have noticed numerous information about how the function of energy drinks work in our body. Do you believe monster energy drink can cause death and hospitalizations or is it better to keep it natural with EPX thrive energy drink? The purpose of you reading this post is because you want to learn about EPX Body Thrive versus Monster energy drink. The truth of the matter is EPX Body Thrive is much healthy and better for your health. It does not contain any chemicals that can harm the body. Whereas, Monster according to Lawersandsettlement.com states that Monster, caused the death of a 14-year old girl. I am going to be honest I have known many people who have drank monster and are OK today. The problem is it contains lots of chemicals that can harm your body in the long run. It has been tracked over 8 years that their has been 18 hospitalizations due to monster energy drink. My biggest recommendation is try not to drink monster accessibly.

Monster Outcomes Versus EPX Body Thrive

Many of us do not know the monster outcome. When we look at caffeine, it can cause you to prevent sleep, make your blood pressure go up and many more. The ingredients to be careful are taurine and other ingredients added to it. If you are a coffee drinker and feel that monster is a better option for you think again because the truth is monster energy drink has a lot more caffeine inside them.

Caffeine can be a major problem in energy drinks especially when you see how much is in it. Here are some of the problems caffeine can cause to the physical body, and that is heart palpitations, rapid heart rate, nausea, vomiting, and chest pains. Another problem that Monster energy drinks contain is creatine which is an ingredient used to increase energy. The problem with creatine is it causes muscle cramps, dehydration which means you are going to have to drink lots of water, gastronintestinal distress, electrolyte imbalance.

What Is The Worst Thing That Can Happen?

We all think about the outcome of consuming monster energy drinks and the causes of serious injury and deaths.

-Heart damage in your body and to be honest we all need to take care of our heart day in and day out. Caffeine overdose is the major contributor to heart damage.

-Caffeine and Taurine-When you combine the both of them according to researchers from the University of Wisconsin it can increase blood pressure and seizures.

Take A Look At Thrive Energy Drink

Taking Thrive Energy Drink Can help you in many ways. Are you tired of running on empty and sacrificing your health just to stay awake? Life’s too short to wither away! Wake your brain and fuel your body with Thrive… a stimulating, power-punched energy drink blend that naturally boosts energy and mental focus.  If you want to learn why EPX Body Thrive is the healthiest energy drink read more..

Thrive energy drink

Even when you are thinking about spending $2.50 daily on energy drinks make sure you understand one thing when you take thrive energy drink you are not only saving money but you are consuming something that’s healthy for you.

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