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EPX Thrive Energy Versus Red Bull

Many of us who drink energy drinks on a daily bases but some of us  prefer the most popular one. If you are reading this post its because you want to see the difference between epx thrive energy versus red bull. To tell you the truth I prefer epx thrive energy drink and its because its more natural. According to Fiona Macrae researcher states that “just one can of Red Bull could raise the risk of heart attack or stroke, even in young people.” What drinking red bull causes your blood to thicken more which could result in blood clogs, strokes, and heart disease. In order for your blood circulation to be perfect you need it to be thin. I would not recommend anyone who has heart or circulatory problems to drink red bull because of the caffeine loaded. If you are one of those people who works a lot of hours and needs to stay awake I recommend leaning towards a more natural energy drink.

Why EPX Thrive Energy Drink Is Better Than Red Bull?

The reason I recommend Thrive energy drink its because its more natural the flavor is much better than red bull. Not only that but I will be showing you some testimonials from people who love thrive energy drink. The ingredients that it contains are very beneficial to your body.

Guarana-Berry- that is rich in natural occurring caffeine and increases alertness and energy.

L-Arginine-its an amino acid that promotes cardiovascular health and boosts the immune system.

Beta Alanine-Amino acid that increases aerobic endurance and decreases muscle fatigue.

L-Citrulline-Amino acid that reduces mental and physical fatigue and increases endurance.

Niacinamide-natural form of vitamin B3 that increases endurance and reduces feelings of stress.

Pyridoxine HCL: Natural form of vitamin B6 that promotes cardio health and the immune system.

Methylcobalamin-Natural form of vitamin B12 that plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

EPX Thrive Is Less Expensive

I also chose epx thrive energy drink because its less expensive than red bull. If you are the type of person who guys red bull every day you are spending about $2.50 per can x 30 days=$75 dollars you are spending on a monthly bases. If you would get Epx Thrive you have a money back guarantee and not only that but you are saving 35 dollars a month if you take epx thrive. Now I want to warn you this energy drink is not only to just consume it you can also promote it and get paid for it so lets say you refer others to it your product is free. Visit this website for more information on EPX Thrive energy drink

Watch These Two videos below

The first video is a testimonial of thrive energy.  His name is Jeff Radke, he used to drink two red bulls a day and now ever since he started taking thrive energy he is feeling more energetic and also he is saving more money on it.  He explains about the taste comparison to other energy drinks.

Epx Body Thrive Energy Drink | Review Taste Test Testimonial


Second Video is about how I explain where the site is to get started and also the benefit of EPX Thrive Energy drink

Healthiest Energy Drink (Thrive)


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