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Do You Still Have Fear Doing Offline Marketing?

Many Network Marketers fear offline marketing.  Reason’s why its because they are uncomfortable talking to people face to face.  One of the main reasons why many network marketers fail in their business is because they do not take massive action.  If you are not talking to enough people on a daily basis you have no business.  I have notice over the past few years more network marketers who are getting started in a business are leaning towards online marketing because its easier for them.  Guess what you are doing passive marketing and what I mean by passive marketing is you are hoping for prospects to find your information without having a direct connection with them.  Now I am not going to tell you that online marketing does not work, the problem with it is it takes time to see results.   In this post I am going to show you how to overcome the fear of doing offline marketing.

Take New Initiative With Offline Marketing

When you wake up in the morning how do you feel about your business?  Do you work it or not?  Do you think about the people you must talk to or not?  It might not be the case for you and because of that you need to take new Initiative in your business.  If you see your upline being successful his business, why can’t you be successful in your business?  I can tell you this some network marketers have more money than others and because of that you have a head start.  You might have enough money to do paid advertising and some that get started have no money for paid advertising.  If you take your business and feel that excitement towards it you are going to find out how great it is to make money and fire your boss.  We all had or have jobs when we get started in a network marketing business.  Our main goal is to quit our jobs to spend more time with the family, but that might not be the case with you.  Your WHY might be a different reason.    So whenever you start a business make sure you understand your why before taking action.  This is what you do to start your new initiative with doing offline marketing, you need to talk to people on a daily basis and ask a question that’s going to lead to a response  Watch video to learn more


If you finished watching the video I believe you learned how to not fear offline marketing. Offline marketing is one of the fastest ways to build your business and the reason why its because of that direct connection with your prospect.  If you do online marketing and you sign someone through it make sure you connect with that person within 24-48 hours that way you can help that person.  If the person you signup is not getting support they are going to quit your business.  The key is to always introduce your business to someone new.  If you sponsor 2 people a day and you have your team doing the same thing you are looking at 300,000 people in your team in one year.    Make sure you listen to audios on a daily basis to get your mind stronger.  Fear is a imagination its not real.

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