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How To Find Your Clue To Success

Many of us who are in the network marketing industry do not know how to find a clue to success. If you are reading this post its because you might of been in a situation where you thought the clue to success was right in you but was not there. I had a distributor who was struggling because of fear. Her biggest worry was talking to people on the phone and I told her the more you do it the better you are going to get at it. Creating a habit of everything you feel uncomfortable doing that’s going to be beneficial is the best way to find your clue to success. Success leads tracks of foot steps when you feel it inside you. If you have a goal for example to by a new car and you visualize it daily than that means your subconscious mind is telling you to do something about it. I have seen distributors receive great advice but never took it serious by not understanding that one lesson is worth more than ten thousand words. Regardless of having issues with recruiting other people you need to understand the only way to make it is by expanding your comfortable zone.

Secret Steps To Finding Clues To Success

Did you know if you do everything other network marketers are doing online by promoting their business on Facebook, the likely hood of you getting results will be low. Why do you believe its low well lets say David Wood tells all his empower network members to post status on Facebook at 8 am guess what because everybody is doing it nobody is going to get results. You must do things that are difficult for distributors to do. For example, if you never made phones call before than make sure you start doing it because believe it or not this is something many network marketers are not doing because its something that requires effort and dedication in your part. One of the best ways to help your downline grow is by giving them a specific task that would not take time to do. For instance, make sure you tell them to write a list of 50 people they know so you can call them in their part. Believe it or not I created a video on YouTube teaching on grow your team like never before. After you call or their leads they are going to discover how easy it is to do it.

Now if you take a look at the beginning when I mentioned about the clues of success not being there now its their. You must make sure you teach your downline basics that are a step process of them discovering how easy it is. When it comes to completing tasks that you never thought before it takes minimum of 20-30 minutes to get started. If you fear talking on the phone make sure you call 30 phone calls daily. As you grow and get more comfortable increase it. You are going to begin to discover something you never thought before. That is success! Doing the things that are out of your comfort zone must be done on a repetitive bases. I remember when I first started doing videos on YouTube I had so much fear to do it and trust me I was super shy and didn’t know what to say and now when I speak on YouTube its so easy that I got so addicted to it that I can lead by example.

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