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Four Causes Of Financial Stress

Many of us want to retire without any financial stress. The reason why I am writing this post its because I have seen so many people who are going through lots of financial stress. The way I see things is we are going through one of the biggest causes of stress which is money. If you are currently working in a job your stress might be losing your job. Well guess what now we see people having two jobs to pay bills. Financial stress is one of the most common reason why divorces occur, illness, and more.

Four Causes Of Financial Stress

1.Being In Debt-Many of us are in debt because we were never taught in school on how to manage money. For instance, in the past banks we were having access to different lines of credit, credit cards, and mortgages and now because of the economy it has gotten harder for people to pay their debts.

2.Stock Market-If you look at how the stock market was functioning back in the 1990’s we were seeing a huge financial growth. Now ever since 2000-2012, our economy has worsen because of how the expenses are going. People are afraid of money being lost.

3.Real Estate-The housing market has gone down ever since the economy collapse. Because of the mortgage crisis, people are not getting approved to buy a home like they used to. Now its harder because of so many people with bad credits.

4.Educational System- Being in the educational system can be difficult because you might learn how to write and read but the lack of learning how to manage money is a big reason why so many of us are in debt and it causes financial stress. If you are doing well financial you might of had gain your knowledge of education through your friends and family.

The Solution To Financial Stress

The way to cure financial stress is through learning how to make money. Gaining good financial habits and being around the right people is the best way to becoming the best at what you want to be.

1.Read motivational books daily

2.Listen to self development audios

3.Eat healthy

4.Exercise daily

5.Learn Affirmations

Watch this Tony Robbins Video on financial freedom

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