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There are so many people who are mislead with a JOB or a 9-5. There are so many contradictory against it when it comes to progression. Some of us today think by having a job mentality is the solution for financial freedom. As the days go by there is always going to be a bill on your mailbox that you have to pay for. If you don’t pay for it, than it could lead to your phone bill getting cut of, not being able to live in a home, and much more. The truth of the matter is many people with job mentality do not want to become entrepreneurs. They do not know the meaning of it. In the past right before the 1930’s, there was so many people who had their own business and when you look at now people depend on others for jobs. For instance, whenever you see a network marketing company or a business opportunity its all about progression in life. If you can get started right away and not wait for an interview what is it better to get paid daily or biweekly according to your work efforts. I ran to a company call Empower Network which gets you paid daily a 100% percent commission and residual on top of that. Many are taking advantage of the company today. We have close to 500 members joining daily. Now the question why they are joining daily is because of the benefits you would be getting with this company. If you have a support system, a way to generate income from your home, being able to still keep your primary job, and having the potential of making 100k annually wouldn’t that make sense to someone who is looking for a 9-5 job where there is no guarantee for growth in your life. Now this might be a post that many might look at and say “does it make sense or not. I believe that every single person who has a 9-5 job has the potential for growth. We all hold inside us entrepreneurial hearts. Whenever we give away a business opportunity that leads to progression, we are giving away a dream. If you are thinking of vacationing when you want and where you want, having a job is not going to allow you to have that kind of freedom. If you are thinking of buying a home and you have to borrow money from the banks than having a job is going to take forever to buy a home in less you get a bank to loan you the money but then you are going to be in debt for 15-30 years. What happens if you lose your job and you cannot pay your mortgage? The consequence are going to be you have to go back and rent a place or just sleep over other people’s houses. I just want to give this advice to everyone who has a job mentality always have a plan B, have something on the side in case something happens to your job. Get involved in a business opportunity that has a good compensation plan that is going to lead to financial freedom in the long run. Join Empower Network with me if you are thinking of progressing and succeeding in life.

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