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Are You Going To Make It In MLM?

Over the past three years, I have heard tons of stories of network marketers failing and quitting like never before. The question is why are they quitting to go back to their 9-5 job? Is it because they want to be part of the 97 percent unsuccess stories or is it because their vision has been forgotten? Success will always leave clues whenever you do not push it or try to get their. In this post I will be going over the major problems you might have not identified as a marketer to become successful. There are three reasons why some many network marketers fail:

1)Are You Fooling Around With Your Goals?

Many marketers do not take their business seriously and the reason its because of the poverty mentality that’s in them. If your goal is to make 10k-20k in the next 60 days and you are fooling around with your business you are going to go nowhere. Instead of focusing on watching T.V. shows and sports games start to focus on creating a business plan daily so you can quit your job and have the financial freedom that you want.

2)Weak Mind

Marketers that quit this industry tend to have a weak mind and its because their vision has not gone deep enough. Their why is just not their. I remember one time when I was talking to a prospect on the phone and his objection was “I don’t have the money,” “I responded if your car broke down right now would you fix it if you had to pay $600? He responded yes. Therefore, if you want to have a strong mindset make sure you are feeding your mind with motivational audios daily so you can build yourself and not fall into the 97 percent.

3)Money First Forget People

When I first started selling cable three years ago I had a problem and that was I was only focusing on just selling the customer and not helping or showing care. One of the biggest problems network marketers face today is whenever they sign someone up they forget about the individual and care only about their pocket. Make sure you do not commit this mistake. You must show care for you team mates and members so you can always have a huge following.

Video On MLM

Did this video help you? If so make sure you implement these changing of mindset training and share it with your team so they can also get results.



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