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How To Grow Your Business For The Long-Term

Many network marketers think short-term instead of long term. As a result many fail because of the lottery mentality. When it comes to a regular 9-5 job that’s paying you well you might be thinking about long term instead of short-term. In this post I am going to be covering on how to not fail instead grow your business long term. I remember when I started marketing online I was wasting time getting on Facebook doing nothing and also opening my emails every our. When you are in this business you need to manage your time well. The number one thing to remember when it comes to running a business is you need to focus on high end activities.

A Few Examples Of High End Activities

-Create a blog
-Writing daily
-Learn how to use autoresponder
-Writing sales copy
-Do videos daily
-Connect with people daily
-and more

As you are learning all of this you share it with your list or the people you connect with. Like Jim Rohn states, “learn, practice, and teach others and you will find success.” Make sure you are always building a good relationship with your connections that way you are building a list. Now I will tell you this as you might of read the above task you might notice they all take time to develop because its a skill set to learn. The main thing you should do is learn one task at a time for example, if you want to learn email marketing what you should do is create a folder in your email accounts and name it email marketing. Once you do this you are going to go and search for successful businesses or people that are doing well and make sure you subscribe to their list to receive emails from them. Read their emails and study it and you will discover their is a power behind email marketing that creates long-term relationship with your customers.

Low End Activities

Low end activities means when you are doing things that are low productive but can lead to results. For example, connecting with people on facebook, twitter, and in other social sites.

-wasting too much time doing technical s things in your blog.
-Checking your emails every hour
-Buying courses after courses without implementing it your self.
-Talking on the phone with people that are not going to lead you to anything

Mistakes Not To Do When Growing A Business

If you are the type of person who loves your company make sure you create your own autoresponder the reason why its because if that company shuts down all your contacts are gone and you are without any list. The list you are building can be used for many ways and that is to offer whatever you are offering. I was talking to a gentlemen whose been in the industry for a long time and he uses lots of old school marketing. I told him about list building, he disagrees with it. I told him this is the best way to take your list to offer them whatever you want. If this your company shuts down you are going to have no list and that is what I was pointing out. Therefore, make sure you are building a list as you are in this industry.

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