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Happiness First Before Stress

Most of us today who are working in a job that’s stressful end up being unhappy. The best way to create happiness first is by accepting your job, a relationship, and a positive lifestyle. If you live a stressful lifestyle you are going to be in a situation where things are not going to turn great for you. It could be possible that conditions in life might send you to stress yourself out over bank balance, paying your bills on time and other situations in life. I can tell you my honest opinion happiness comes first and many of us do not know how to develop that in ourselves. If you are a workaholic and love to work only because of the money instead of spending time with your family that you might lead yourself into a divorce or separation from your children. I was speaking a couple of weeks ago to a lady who is a doctor in the process of getting a divorce. As I was sitting down with this doctor she explains the reasons why and its because her husband is an attorney and the both of them never spend time they both feel that money and their job is more important than their relationship. The mistake married couple did was rely only on money instead of happiness being first.

Happiness First Before Being Prosperous

Most of us want to be prosperous in our life. If we take the time to analyze how to deal with situations when it comes with money, we need to understand how to build happiness in our life. I can tell you this if you work hard and you make lots of money always treat yourself on a weekly bases. For instance, lets say you go to the gym and you set a goal for yourself of losing 2 pounds a week make sure you do something enjoyable. Now one thing I can tell you most of us grew up with the mindset of being employed in a good job and also going to school to get a great education, the problem that occurs is when things do not turn out the way we expected we get stressed out and are unhappy. The best solution to things is to prepare your mind with as much positive things. If you take your attitude lets say and never put yourself down you are going to be on top of things. In order to gain prosperity you need to put happiness first.  Watch Video

Happiness First Before Stress

Happiness First Before Stress

Happiness First Before Stress

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