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Home Business Tip Are We Selling Or Networking

Selling Versus NetworkingIf you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning about are we selling or networking? In this home business tip you are going to learn why so many network marketers fail in their business. When I got started three and half years ago I was SELLING SELLING SELLING my opportunity to my friends and family getting no result. After a while I ran out of my list, therefore I was forced to go into my cold market and started online marketing. Afterwards, I learned how to turn a no into a yes. One of the main problems with home business owners today is when they get started in a business they are taught to do hard selling instead of building relationship. In this post I am going to explain to you why this does not work when you go into hard selling your prospect instead of providing value.

Hard Selling Sucks

Hard selling can be your worst enemy if you are in the sales industry. Even as a network marketer this can cause you to fail numerous times in your business. Before I was in network marketing I was a door to door sales man for a cable company. I didn’t have success in the beginning because I was hard selling and I was still learning. But after a while, I learned something nobody likes to be sold if you don’t show care. I found after several differences in my approach results started to come in for me. I realized building rapport was key for me. Therefore, its important to build rapport with your prospect no matter what you do.

Networking Is The Best Route

If you are the type of person who believe its all about selling than you are going to have to reach out to more people to get one yes. I tested this out a couple of months ago when I was calling leads and all I did was do a 30 second pitch without no relationship or anything just straight selling. After I tested this out, I found out people don’t buy in less they no you care. I created an introductory video on home business tip which is one of my first videos explaining why so many fail in the network marketing business.

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