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Learn How To Build More Relationships By Networking

Last week I had a discussion with someone about networking with others which led to a debate because of the misunderstanding. In this post I am going to teach you how to build more relationships by networking. Continuing on with the debate I had with this person, what happen was I told this person in order to grow a business you must have a good network of people. This person answered that they do not need to have any friends or anything to grow a business. I started to answer with all the benefits of building a network and knowing lots of people. I have been self employed for more than three years now and before I used to not have a big enough network which created to no doors opening for me. I began to learn by reading lots of self developing books and listening to audios which made me understand how to network with other people. Have you have heard of the phrase “relationship first, and business follows.” This is something that many sales people learn in the beginning and that is to build rapport with their prospect before trying to sell them. If you learn how to build a relationship with other by providing value than you are going to see your income increase like you never thought before.

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This is why so many online marketers are using autoresponders differently now than before. Now its all about building relationships with your prospects instead of selling them without no relationship building. If you opt in to any subscription you would notice how different things have been changing now in the online world. If you are a network marketer have you ever notice how other network marketers that are rookies market? They might be taught to spam their family with their offer without being properly trained on how to prospect which leads to failure. The best way to prospect your warm market is by having a conversation first and trying to identify their problem before offering the solution. This is a skill that sometimes takes time to develop.

Benefits Of Building A Relationship With Others

Many people do not understand the power of building a relationship to increase your network. The bigger your network is the more easier it is for you to find a job, make money, and become more successful. One of the best ways to build relationship with someone who is a stranger is by smiling and try to find a common ground. This works best when you are with the prospect and you are trying to lower their resistance. The prospect in the beginning tends to have a high resistance and your mission is to lower the wall. You must offer value and solution. Once you discover and learn this strategy you are going to be able to have your address book full of people you created a relationship with. If you find this information valuable make sure you share this with your family, friends, and teammate.

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