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Learn To Change Bad Habits into Good Habits

If you are reading this post its because you are interesting in learning how to change your bad habits into good habits. In this post you are going to learn from a video that I just recently made for you to understand how the mind works. We are conditioned to think in ways that can harm us financially an emotionally. What occurs today when we get used to doing bad habits it tends to be comfortable for us and we might not notice how it can harm us. I am going to give you some examples that are bad habits and can harm you. If you are the type of person who is part of a home based business and you been in it for years and never had results than something is wrong. Could it be possible you might be watching too much T.V. or maybe playing videos games all day without it helping you? It various from person to person. We are conditioned from babies to learn certain habits that are in place for us to become accustomed to. The problem with these habits is they are very easy to implement rather than not implement. If you are chosen to watch unlimited movies everyday for free and someone told you what would you prefer Movies or reading as many books as you want, people would lean towards movies. Its crazy how the human mindset tends to fall in place when we do not realize what good habits can produce for us.

Watch video below


I am going to show you ways to create good habits instead of bad habits. Now before we continue bad habits tends to be difficult to change to good habits because everything we do are in our comfort zone. Whenever you are doing something that is unproductive for example, lets say you talk on the phone with your friends all the time on a daily basis start thinking about your time and is this productive for me or not. What you do is everything you do in life do it for 30 days straight if you do not like to read than what you do is read daily for 30 days and you will find out how your mind is going to shift of it being comfortable for you. Another thing that you might want to do is do things with your family that you thought of doing but couldn’t do it because it was uncomfortable for you to do. For example, if you hate dancing and your wife loves dancing than learn how to dance and practice until you learn it. What I am trying to say here is if you can turn whatever you are uncomfortable doing into comfortable all it takes is you must do it for 30 days straight. I remember when I was going to college and I hated this math class that I was going because it was so difficult for me and all of a sudden I started practicing at home until it become fun for me. I started like math after that. Therefore, make sure you think about what you can change into bad habits to good habits.

List of Things You Can Change From Bad Habits To Good Habits

Stop Thinking Negative <->start thinking positive

Stop Over eating <-> Start balancing your eating

Eat junk food <-> Eat healthy food

Over sleep <-> Balance your sleep

Watch lots of T.V. <->Watch Documentary (history channel and more…

Don’t Read <->Read 30-45 daily

Don’t spend time with family <->Spend more time with family

Smoke Daily <-> Quit smoking

I can continue on and on giving you information on how to change bad habits to good habits

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