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Learn How Not To Take Rejections Personally

When it comes to direct sales and network marketing its important to not take rejections personally. Rejection is number one reason why people are afraid to do face to face interaction with strangers. I can honestly tell you from experience if you learn how to overcome objections and master it you would discover sales increase. I been in the sales industry for more than four years right now and one thing I have learned is not to take rejections personally. Once you take rejections personally you are going to quit. It does not matter if its network marketing or direct sales, I can honestly tell you this the best way to overcome it is by getting used to objections from others. I ran through a situation a while ago when I was doing cold calling on business opportunity seekers and all of a sudden I ran into a gentleman whose been in network marketing for more than 20 years he told me “why are you doing cold calling, whoever showed you this is leading you to failure, let me show you the correct way to doing it and that is online marketing only.” Its funny to say but I replied to him back and told him I do online marketing as well I do not put all my baskets in only doing online marketing because failures can be much quicker.

Rejections Can Be Beneficial To You

As I was having this conversation with this so called guru on the phone, he was explaining to me online marketing is the best way to go. I can honestly tell you this if you are still reading this I made a blog post a while back about passive marketing versus active marketing. If you do not know the difference between both I am going to explain. Passive marketing means when you are relying only on no interaction with prospects by just waiting for them to sign up via video marketing and blog posting. Active marketing means when you are doing face to face interaction and contacting your prospects through the phone. With the experiences of being rejected so many times I found that active marketing works better when done properly. The reason why its because its free and you do not have to pay anything out of pocket. Not only that but lets say your company requires you to hand samples to people imagine you handing your prospects 100’s of samples monthly guess what you will be following up with them and the sales are going to come in. Whereas doing passive marketing can take time. When it comes to passive marketing you must learn lots of technical stuff and trust me it takes time to learn how to effectively market online. Therefore the best way to be a master recruiter make sure you start to handle rejections properly. Do not let your anger defeat you. Trust me if you are in the position of quitting do not. Reason why its because you are going to go to phase one and never see success. I honestly can tell you this one of the best way to master the art of recruiting by practicing it and do it every day. Once you do this daily when it comes to rejections its not going to be an issue.  You are going to feel better and everything you do is going to be in your favor.  Make sure you watch video below to learn more.

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