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Legal Shield Review | Untold Story Revealed

In the last 6 months there has been lots of talk about Legal Shield.  Before joining Legal Shield, I highly recommend for you to continue reading this Legal Shield Review.  By reading this Legal Shield Review, you are going to be able to make a good decision whether to join or not.   Watch Video

Legal Shield Review|The Company

I want to start of by saying if you are planning in joining this company I will provide you with some background info.  As you might have heard Legal Shield (which was known as Prepaid Legal Services) is an MLM Company that offers legal protection to other people.  They do not sell a product they offer a service.  This company has been around for more than 40 years now and its main office is in Oklahoma.  In this moment they have more than 1.5 million customers in U.S. and Canada. It was in September 10th, 2011 that Prepaid Legal changed their name to Legal Shield.  One of the reasons they changed their name is because they had a change of hand meaning a new CEO Rip Mason.  They also wanted to re-brand the company and build a better credibility.

Legal Shield Review | Compensation Plan

As you continue reading about Legal Shield the Comp plan works like this they pay their distributors in 3 ways.

1)Personal Commissions-which means you can make money by offering it to your personal clientele.

2)Residual Income-Whenever a member in your team pays a monthly auto-ship service you get money for that.

3)Override-This means whenever someone in your team makes a sale you get a profit out of it.

They also give other incentives to their distributors based on performance which is vacations.  So far the comp plan is very good and if you are planning to join because of the comp plan than this is for you.

Legal Shield Review | Business Opportunity

In concluding this Legal Shield Review, I approve the company and to me its a good opportunity to join.  The company has been for a long time and has lots of experience when it comes to dealing with their distributors.  Now the company is good but the only problem is if you join what marketing strategy will you be using. One thing I can tell you is this if you don’t know how to market your business you are not going to become successful in this industry.  Watch Video


P.S. Learn more secrets to build your Legal Shield team by being a using a strategy that’s going to help you enroll heavy hitters into your enterprise.

Also if you need more ways to market and training tips make sure you click on the top menu tab where it says YouTube to get the most updated training.

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