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Why We Live Paycheck To Paycheck

One of the most common problems today that most people living paycheck to paycheck face is they cannot switch to another job because of the time and also fear of losing where they are at. I ran to a young man who works three jobs that does not pay him well. I ask him why doesn’t he get a better job and he responds, “I don’t have a car.” With the response he told me he does not know how to escape out of his stressful life. Not only is he working three jobs but what he tells me he is also a computer programmer. As you are reading this article you might be noticing one thing in your mind. How can we get out from living paycheck to paycheck?
Best results comes in the mind and the attitude you put in yourself. If you always have a mindset of moving up the ladder you are going to gain lots of money in your life. OK lets say you are living paycheck to paycheck and you pay rent about $900 dollars a month, why don’t you live in a place where you can pay less. Also why don’t you cancel your cable bill and stay with a cell phone bill and internet if you have one. The most important things in your mind should be to reduce expenses. Now one of the worst situations to be in is when your car breaks down and you are left with nothing but no solution to fix it. Believe it or not but their will always be ways to get around situations.

Step 1 Take As Much Responsibility As Possible

The first thing you need to do is take resposiblity for you financial situation. You need to forget everything in the past that has been negative and not good to you. Whenever you make a mistake make sure you learn from them. If lets say you bought something that was no use to you that’s something you would learn from. For instance, I remember back when I was 18 years old, I was so irresponsible with money that all I did was spend spend and spend. I did not have any control over things. But after the years I learned from my mistakes.

Step 2 Spend Less

You need to cut costs in everything you spend. Lets say you buy a pie of pizza everyday you might be spending over $70 dollars a week when you can spend much less. Try to buy less expensive clothing, downgrade your cable bill, and finally change your eating habits as well. The most important thing you need to do is reduce the quality of life. One of the things I have notice is the people who live paycheck to paycheck most of the time they hate their job and hate their life. Make sure to keep in record of everything you spend through out the day. And when the end of the week comes up you go over your list and find out what you can knock off.

Why We Live Paycheck To Paycheck

Why We Live Paycheck To Paycheck

Why We Live Paycheck To Paycheck

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