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The Real Reason Why So Many People Are Unemployed

History has been told we been through a Great Depression, and people are unemployed
the reason so many people are unemployed is because of the
banks and the increases of taxes with our awful government.
Now in reality the excuse for the unemployment being so high
is because of business going out of business. This article is
going to be about why so many people are unemployed. Now as
you thought about it we all would want to always have money in
our pocket. I want you to think for a minute what would
happen if we would run out of money? How difficult would it
be to make a living. How many single mothers are out there
trying to making a living without anyone looking out for their
children? In thinking about this economy is not allowing us
to work its because so many people are afraid to spend money.
What most families do today is take their money a save it
wisely instead of spending on everything they see.

People Are Unemployed Because Of Green Paper!

The real economy paints green papers that spread around where
everyone could go and pick it up and spread it out. As its
spreading out everyone starts to get anxious. Lets say you go
for a job interview and suddenly they tell you that you are
over qualified, and suddendly someone else come in and they
hire that other person because they are willing to pay them
less its kind of unfair in reality but that is how it works
today. Another issue that has occurred is lets say you are a
contractor and you build houses and suddenly you have a
customer who wants you to do a job for them but suddenly they
tell you they are not going to do it because of financial
reasons that contractor could end up unemployed because there
is no money to be spent. This is why its becoming more
difficult for people to find jobs and to retain a business.

Whose Responsible For Our Lost

If we understand who really is in power today its obviously
the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). They are
responsible for how many jobs go to the people. Alot of us
dont know how bad it is to keep printing money, what happens
is since the government printed out so much money it has been
taken away and now the banks choose people to run the Federal
Reserve which are part of (FOMC). Its awful to say but how can
regular people like us run our country and be responsible for
how many jobs we get? I might sound crazy in this article but
if you dont believe me ask an economist or ask Mike Dillard,
or Paul Krugman.

I’ll tell you what back 30 years ago the main focus for the
government was to bring alot of jobs, buying energy, and
productions. One thing I can tell you there are some people
that believe the Federal Reserve has done whatever possible
for people to start working again, but in reality its not
true. If you research Ben Bernanke who is the chairman of
Federal Reserve, he would tell you with his that “he would
accept 10% or greater unemployment and the resulting economic
and political fall-out in order to avoid that risk.” This is
the reason why the topic of inflation is predictable. The
truth is the more money you print out the less of value it
has. Alot of people today do not understand this concept of
the government printing out money. Its crazy to say but the
members of the Federal Reserve in this moment are millionaires
while the unemployment rate continues to grow.

Are We Still Clueless Why So Many People Are Unemployed?

many people unemployedNobody has any idea of how our system is being ran today,
especially when you see our country being owned by private
investors. This is something the media do not cover because
of certain reasons. But one thing I can guarantee is if
voters would be aware of what would be going on you would
witness a riot in the U.S. I hope this information that I have provided you with is helpful for you to understand its difficult today to keep a job and also to find a job. One advise I give people is to have a plan B in case something happens. I will be honest with you there are so many Network Marketers who are making 6-7 figures today in a bad economy because they realized that a job is not going to make them successful. Watch Video Below


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