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MLM Help | Why MLM In Economic Recession (Part 1)

What Is An Economic Recession?

When Americans got hit with the economic recession we suffer lots of job lost. Americans are less confident to invest now more than ever because of how the economy is going. So many bankruptcy, wages being cut of and consumers buying less stuff, we are facing a disaster now. For those that are still employed they have one thing in mind and that is fear of losing their job. Now for those that have lost their job because of companies shutting down on them are looking for other ways to make money. There has to be an understanding of what recession requires and that is low-cost of an investment to becoming entrepreneurship. This is the reason many people are joining mlm companies because of the growth and financial freedom. How would you like to pass by Macy’s or JC Penny’s and buy anything you want without a worry of spending.

How Has Growth In MLM Happen During Economic Recession

According to the press release from Herbalife during economic recession in 2008

Herbalife Experiencing Stellar Sales Despite Slumping Economy

3 November 2008 – Herbalife, the global multi-level/network marketing (MLM) giant reported its 19thconsecutive quarter of double digit sales growth, according to a recent earnings report. The company grew sales 13.7% to $602 million in the third quarter.

The sales gains were attributed to the company’s global growth, including double digit sales gains globally. Profit margins were reported at 14.7%. Herbalife also has $33 million in capital expenditures, primarily in technology investments for distributors.

North American sales were up 23% over third quarter 2007, despite a worsening economy domestically. “In these turbulent economic times, we believe we’re in a fortunate position at the intersection of health and wealth,” said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Johnson. Herbalife’s products are sold in more than 69 countries with more than 1.9 million independent distributors.

When during economic recession that we had back in 1973-75, there was an explosive growth in the network marketing industry.

To Be Continued

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