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There are some job-seekers today who criticize network marketing as being a pyramid scheme.  If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning what mlm scam or not a scam is? What people still forget is Network marketing is a process its not an overnight success. Results come with time as long as you are consistent and work smart. To give a better understanding of what I mean by network marketing it’s a business that you run on your own. You are your own boss and the time you put into it is up to you. It provides people with real, product knowledge of what they are selling for a fair price to others. Now don’t get me wrong there has been many people who has gotten rich in network marketing and some have failed in it and because of that the bad conception has spreaded. It is important to understand this the benefits of being part of a network marketing company is you gain financial freedom with time. For instance, if you are 30 years old and you are working at a factory and you are supposed to retire at the age of 55 that means you have 25 years to work and make the same salary without any growth. Whereas with network marketing if you stay long enough for instance less than two years you will succeed. If you research and you are a person who likes to learn and invests time than by the time your 55 years old you will live a profitable lifestyle. Network marketing is all about effort and motivational mindset. As you are building a list of people who are joining your primary business you are building leverage and also you are helping others do the same. The way this economy is going with such a high unemployment rate, those who are victims of not being able to work for a year or so are the ones that are hurt the most.

Learn How To Get A Plan B By Not Accepting MLM Scam

Imagine refusing to work for a network marketing company when its an opportunity that you might have as a Plan B instead of accepting it as an MLM Scam.  An opportunity for you as a average person to come in the industry and dominate. Two weeks ago I was prospecting on the phone and suddenly I received a phone call from someone who wanted to inquire about the opportunity and suddenly when I told him it’s a network marketing company he got upset because he wanted salary. I told him this how long have you been unemployed and he said “8 months and I told him by joining this company in 8 months of you being with us you would gain a lot in your life. He asked me a question and said is this an mlm scam and I told him no its not. If this was a scam I would of not given you my personal cell phone number. One thing I can say is this whenever I’m prospecting, its important to build rapport. Rapport reduces resistance in anyone who is a customer or a prospect.  Make sure you find common ground before you pitch them with an opportunity. Its also important to consider this Network marketing is not to take advantage of other people its to help others progress in their life.

Why Is MLM Scam False?

Many of us who have job mentality, do not know the benefits of being part of a network marketing company.  If you look at a job the way its structure with the hours and the pay you would understand why so many network marketers do not believe in mlm scam.  They believe in financial freedom.  For instance in the company that I am with all I do is find out the prospects problem and help them by giving them a solution.  Always remember this, whenever you are being offered a business opportunity, learn about the companies’ compensation plan and the people who are running it. My best advice is always learn more and more. Put your weaknesses toward the side and work on the angles of the weaknesses. For example, 5 months ago, I was doing door to door sales for a company and I was always make contact with at least 12 people daily but only close 2 of them, but I had a problem. I sucked at closing the sale. Closing was one of the most difficult things for me to master. Now in network marketing the most difficult part is learning step by step on all the marketing tools. Now if you are good at prospecting in the phone. You be doing webinars to send your message out more quickly. Use the internet and write, write, and write about what you learn from others so you can become successful. Therefore, Network Marketing is not a scam it’s a business opportunity for you to grow and a person and always be on top of anything you use in life.

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