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How To Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Build Self-Confidence

If you are in a situation that you want to succeed but all of a sudden something is not letting you become who you want to become than you need to move out of your comfort zone and build self-confidence. Whenever a person fails in a task its because they do not believe in themselves of being someone they always wanted. If you are not good with prospecting, communicating, and doing a presentation than you are in the right place. I can tell you from experience I have ran into many people who wanted to succeed and they are not able because of the lack of comfort zone and self-confidence. First thing you need to do in order to build your self-confidence is believe in yourself.

Building Self-Confidence By Believing In Yourself

A couple of years ago I had a problem when I was selling Cable door to door and that was fear of getting rejected by people. I hated the job and all of a sudden I had to make a change for myself because if I did not do it than I would have not been able to survive. It was tough for me because I could not sleep at night thinking about the amount of doors I had to knock in the cold. Now the problem that I had was I was afraid and all of a sudden I had spoken to a family member who told me that if I don’t do it than I will never become successful. So what did I do I took massive action and started to say affirmations everyday until I started to believe in myself.

Push Away Your inner resistance Of Comfort Zone

If you are going through the problem of inner resistance of comfort zone your best bet is to start in tiny pieces by doing things a step at a time. For example lets say your biggest fear is knocking doors start knocking 10 doors daily and increase it every week.   The result that you are going to get is going to be that your mindset is going to shift which is going to allow you to make more sales.

Pull Away From Feeling Low About Yourself

What I mean by this is I have seen so many people feel inferior to others. I have seen so many people feel inferior towards other people who have more money than they do and also have better education. Lets say you are talking to friend and all of a sudden you tell them you are going to make a hundred thousand a year like another guy who is making hundred thousand a year and your friend tells you that you are not going to accomplish that how do you think you are going to feel? You are going to feel inferior and low because of what they think about you. Your confidence drops and in order to recover it you need to learn how to develop your self-confidence and achieve your goals.

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